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Murilo's voice seemingly gets deeper and deeper as time goes on.

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This video doesn't have it, but go on YouTube and look for Tyson's walkout to this fight. Instead of coming out to a hype song, it's just this ominous low rumbling noise, with the occasional sound of chains clanging together. Also, he comes out with no robe or fight gear or anything - just shorts, gloves, and a sweat already worked up.

It's simultaneously the most badass and terrifying entrance ever.

Wasn't this the one where he was pounding on the walls and frightening Spinks from his dressing room?

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I haven't heard that story but I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. Mike had the art of intimidation down to a science.

I really wish Ralek could've kept his shit together, Metamoris was my favorite grappling competition to watch.

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The first two metamoris (metamori?) had really good matchups. But I think a lot of other organizations have stepped up and filled their shoes like EBI, Polaris, etc. With the ability to live stream via social media, even smaller-size organizations like Show The Art and Sapateiro are able to put on awesome matches and invitationals.

Great, I am now simultaneously self-conscious of both my poor jiu-jitsu decisions as well as my poor financial decisions.

First time posting here but I just felt the need to rant. I dealt with my first racist comment in a while last night. I moved to Detroit from Seattle about a year ago with my girlfriend. Neither of us have ever lived in the midwest and we are slowly adjusting and getting more and more familiar with midwest culture.

Last night, my girl and I are walking home from the bar and these four group of white kids, probably somewhere around 20-21 years old, walk by us and go "ching chong!"

I immediately confront them and go "what the fuck did you say to me?" I think this caught them off guard because none of them are looking at me as they continued walking. I take a couple steps towards them and yell "Which one of you said that? Say that to my face. I dare you. Step up and say it again." A few of them turn back and said something, but they continue to walk away as they're doing it. Realizing they weren't going to stick around, I turn back to my girlfriend and we continue home.

On the way home, my girlfriend and I discuss what went down. She ended up becoming really bothered by the whole event and broke down crying. She was born and raised in Hawaii and as a Japanese-American, has always been in the majority. We met and lived in Seattle for a while, which has a large Asian-American population and is a fairly progressive city. I think this legitimately might have been one of the few times that she has experienced a blatant racist comment. Me, growing up on the east coast in a rural area right outside of NYC, has put up with this shit all my life and I tried to explain that this was nothing new. That made her even more depressed.

Not sure where I'm going with this rant. Part of me wish I physically confronted those guys; the last time I got into a street fight was over the exact same thing, when a bunch of frat guys told me to go back to China. I didn't exactly win the fight, but I walked away feeling like I stood up for myself and my identity. Last night left a really bad taste in my mouth and makes me feel like a coward, to be honest. On the other hand, part of me knows at 30 years old, I should know better than getting into a fight with a bunch of skinny 21 year olds. The whole event has been so frustrating.

Fuck those kids. But you handled that extremely well.

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Appreciate the kind words :)

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Ryan Hall fights like Dr. Bosconovich from Tekken 3

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upvote for an amazing reference. That dude gave me absolute fits. I nearly cried when I finally unlocked him.

Very cool! I'm always looking for independent bookstores to check out in the area. Will be following this for sure.

I did my Ph.D. at the University of Washington. I loved taking friends who were visiting to this room. This picture doesn't do the room justice - the ceilings are reallyyyyy high.

It was also pretty quiet, considering the fact that it was a tourist destination. I wrote most of my Master's thesis in this room.

"Ed Ruth's Takedowns at Pans were absurd"

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The crazy thing is he lost in the finals via armbar to someone who trains out of Art of Jiu Jitsu. Speaks volumes to the skill level that some blue belts are at nowadays.

I smoke regularly but I've only smoked and trained once. It was interesting. I noticed that I felt much more "aware" as in I recognized more sweep/pass options from various positions. I also felt my pace increase; my brain was basically ignoring my gas tank and I felt like I could go go go.

However, the downside of that was that my muscles basically completely burned out after 3-4 rolls. I wasn't even in pain, but I remember trying to post my arm out while coming up for a sweep and having it collapse under my weight, like a wet noodle.

Overall, it was an interesting experience but I'll probably keep the bjj and smoking parts of my life separate.

Aldo is one of the greats, but I feel his legacy will always be marked by his most recent losses, simply because they were very devastating defeats. If his losses to Mcgregor and Holloway were by split or unanimous decision, there's a good chance his GOAT-ness wouldn't be questioned nearly as hard as it is now. But that flash KO by McGregor and that beatdown in the second Holloway fight really affected peoples' perception of him.


(Before you ask, yes I’ve already scheduled a doctor’s appointment.)

For the past month or so, I have been dealing with more and more ingrown hairs that go on to get infected. I’ve been training for nearly 7 years now so I’m no stranger to the occasional ingrown hair. However, ever since around Memorial Day, I see them forming mostly on my legs and they don’t go away without a fight. Even with immediate post-training showers and tea tree oil, they still tend to get inflamed and painful, much more than the typical ingrown hair. One of them got so bad I had to go on antibiotics. I’m currently dealing with two on my right leg that hurt so bad it’s hard to put weight on it.

Sorry if this is coming off like a rant, but I’m just frustrated. I’m curious if anyone dealt with a similar issue not at the beginning of their Jiu-Jitsu training, but later on. Also, I’d love to hear any suggestions you have for combating ingrown hairs. I’m already using a tea tree oil based body wash, but I’ve also heard using Selsun Blue helps.


Do you wear spats?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

No spats, but like I mentioned in another response,I definitely have been doing a lot more no-gi recently. That may be a cause.

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Thanks!!! I’ll look into this.

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Keep up the great work! I know exactly the tired feeling you're talking about; there's a sense of fulfillment you get from being tired after training as compared to the tiredness from working all day.

Make sure to get some stretches in as you are watching Netflix. That's what I do nowadays. Consistent stretching as a white belt ensures that you'll be able to train for a long time!

I know you said you don't want to compete due to factors like paying a lot of money for a few matches/worthless medals, but do you think focusing on a competition might be beneficial because it'll give your training a bit more purpose? All the things that come with competition preparation - repetitive drilling, building strength/cardio, the nerves - may help break up the monotony of training just for the sake of training.

In some ways, after almost 7 years of training I am definitely starting to feel the years as well, but mainly because I can tell my body is starting to wear down. I just turned 30 this March, but I have had to deal with more injuries this year than any past year.

Can't help with any further details, but I just saw him today! Traffic was pretty backed up so I'm sure he had an audience. I think the whole thing's pretty interesting.

So this begs the question, what is the best throw/takedown against a larger opponent? Single/double didn't seem to work for him, but the drop shoulder throw did (but he ended up on bottom anyway). What's the best thing to go for against someone bigger/stronger?

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From my experience, an arm drag down to the mat then coming up to a single leg has been effective against bigger guys. Watch some Marcelo Garcia videos; he hits this takedown a lot.

No questions, just wanted to say congrats.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Thank you!

Actually on second thought i do have a couple questions. Did you have any bad students? Not in as they did poorly in the class, but as in they were rude or something along the sorts. And any crazy stories?

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Nah I’ve been lucky. All students I’ve ever had have been respectful. There’s always students that fall asleep in class, but I’m not too bothered by that. Other than that, no one has ever snapped or yelled at me. However, I definitely have heard horror stories of students acting out from my colleagues when we were in grad school.

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Yeah, it's totally different, In game store you get to play to game and see if you like it and wanna buy it. Here you don't get to test the clothes on the mat LOL. It's like massage parlours advertising massages, but of course the men who go there do so to get hand jobs.
It's stupid, no one will go to a store to practice bjj

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

If you look at some of the comments in this thread, you’ll see that your last statement is incorrect and that a lot of people DO frequent the shop to practice jiu jitsu.

Hey brotha, this is Jeff! It was great meeting you on Sunday. Thank you for the kind post!

Dude! Fun rolls and your English class sounds super fascinating. Hope you can make it back again before you leave town!


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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Jeff! Great meeting you and thanks for the roll. You have a beautiful project going here. I’ll definitely be back before I leave!

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More interesting clothing too.

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Really? I feel like this style is what's "in" nowadays, especially with hipsters; crop top, slightly baggy/mom jeans, glasses with big lenses. I see girls dressed like this at summer festivals all the time.

Can I be part of the committee if I know nothing? I can bring baked goods. Im working on cheese danish lately.

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In all seriousness, my department stipulated that all PhD defenses needed to have a university representative present who was not part of the department. The representative didn’t have to read the dissertation or ask the candidate any questions; their only job on the committee was to sit there and make sure nothing “nefarious” was going on, like the committee wasn’t verbally abusing the candidate or the candidate wasn’t bribing anyone to pass them.

I would’ve loved if my representative had brought cheese danish to my defense, haha.

Brought tears to my eyes reliving my dissertation completion experience through reading yours.

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Glad to help! What did you do your dissertation on? And how was your experience?

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