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Spyder is the closest thing to a scientific computing IDE (a la MATLAB) but it's still missing a lot (e.g. a well integrated debugger). Rodeo is similar but even more limited (and unstable last I tried).

Jupyter Notebook IMHO is good for exploratory work and presenting results, but lacks a lot of editing functionality (which is to be expected).

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Clearly you've never met someone who had a tragic boating accident.

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It's a microphone array, originally designed for the Playstation. Cheaper than dirt. $6. Includes bonus camera.

Kind of big.

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Good deal, but the ALSA driver has issues (you have to manually plug it in from time to time).

Would be nice for the Pi Zero W if it is supported.

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A read only mode would be nice too.

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I'd like to see more comprehensive support for async throughout the standard library, though I'm not a fan of asyncio. curio is closer to what is like to see but I see the advantage of maintaining that separately.


RIP Bill :(

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I believe he does in one or both of the books.

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Looks really handy. I think you should rewrite this in Python (with Tkinter or PyQt) and see if the Jupyter folks would be interested in integrating it.

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You can also accomplish this with a router running OpenWrt (or LEDE).

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Could definitely use a revamp, but my CSS and graphic design skills are limited :(

Any offers of help would be appreciated!

What do you need?

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New graphics and CSS would be great.

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Did you try making this work with just an ESP (and a microphone, etc.)?

Better yet, using MicroPython on the ESP?

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