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Kuchenjaeger 139 points

I... I have no words. You guys are insane.

The worst part is that this is technically low-effort content, which means we should remove it, but something tells me that I can turn a blind eye this time.

roosterteeth 92 points

Would it help if we hand draw it?

roosterteeth 24 points
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damnsam13 2 points

To Miles or Joe:

When writing for RvB (or anything really), what do you write on or with? Pen and paper? Computer? If so, do you use notes, Microsoft Word, or an actual program for writing scripts and such? Thanks!

roosterteeth 4 points

This changes all the time. Sometimes I just sit with Final Draft and write it all out. Sometimes I act out a scene in my living room until it feels right and then jot it down with a pen and paper, and later translate it to Final Draft. Sometimes I wrote in Google Docs until it's almost a script and then copy and paste into Final Draft. Sometimes I stay up late drinking rum on my porch and write dialogue on my iPhone.


infernal_llamas 4 points

Late to the party but fuck it, do you find Machinima or traditional animation easier as a director for getting the shots you want?

roosterteeth 4 points

Well it depends on what the shot is. Obviously the animation gives you pretty much infinite control over how people move but it's difficult to get it to match the headbob style of animation when people start talking. I would say both have their advantages and disadvantages.


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rangerofharmony 4 points

In a time in which anti-semitism is on the rise, particularly here in the U.S. and over in Europe, why do you guys think it's funny to make anti-semitic jokes such as the entire episode last season, and the gas chamber jokes this year? As someone who is Jewish, I don't find it funny especially given that most of the people who DO find it funny are anti-semitic.

roosterteeth 14 points

All: We appreciate your point of view and definitely try to take these thoughts into consideration whenever we approach any piece of content. We'd rather acknowledge the darker parts of the world than ignore them and let them fester. We don't think that any jokes are presented in a way that condones any type of hate. We're not trying to normalize the outrageous but sometimes we'll use the outrageous to demonstrate how ridiculous a character's thinking or motivations are. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to address concerns such as these.

maverickmak 2 points

How has moving into your own building changed the department? Do you miss being in the thick of everything at the main RT building?

roosterteeth 7 points

MT: I feel like it's made the department grow a lot closer. But it does make maintaining the inter-departmental relationships more difficult. Plus I hate having to go to the other building all the time for meetings.

AL: We still have our own mini-fridge, so that's a plus.

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Kuchenjaeger 13 points

I kinda need the full artwork of Yang.

Edit: Also, ready for action gets my vote.

Edit2: Shouldn't the ready for action poster also feature the new artwork of Yang? Since that's the one where she has the robo arm and is actually ready for action?

Neidron 10 points

I kinda need the full artwork of Yang.

Yeah, that'd be nice. I'd say the same for JNR.

roosterteeth 3 points
roosterteeth 3 points
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jkphantom9 2 points

No Sun? My boi did good this season!

roosterteeth 4 points

Like a Sun/Blake romance movie poster?

Fourteen_of_Twelve 6 points

The Marvelous.

BTW, have you guys released the full art of v4 Yang, Jaune, Nora, and Ren by themselves before? I only recall seeing the poses for the Ready for Action one.

roosterteeth 4 points
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The_RTV 5 points

LMAO yes! That is how you advertise for his shirts from now on. No lame call outs in vids, just play this exact clip!

roosterteeth 9 points

Or we ambush him in his sleep and throw his shirts at him, then put that on the internet.

The_RTV 2 points

Nah, too easy. Get him real drunk and get the shirt(s) on him while he's asleep. Tape the process and the morning after, now we have a video!

roosterteeth 4 points

Sounds kind of like and Immersion episode we made...

Blackfire2013 1 point

Caboose is probably my favorite, next to Tex amd Sister.

roosterteeth 2 points

Check out the RvB Facebook at 4pm Central if you like Sister.

TheDutchTank 2 points

What is the song in the background?

roosterteeth 3 points

Steady Ride by Trocadero

TheJuda2112 2 points

The last episode of Season 6, it was my first season I watched and I was near crying at caboose jumping off the cliff with epsilon and then was shocked when The Director signed off as Leonard Church

roosterteeth 1 point

Season 6 was such a great season. Did you go back and watch the Blood Gulch Chronicles?

MNcomicGeek 7 points

Well its a three way tie between episode 18 of season 8 with sarge speach before facing the meta, then there is episode 20 of season 8 where they defeat the meta which is an awesome episode with all the fights and callbacks to previous episodes, then there is episode 21 of season 10 with the fight against all of the tex robots. I seriously can't decide between any of the three to be my number 1.

roosterteeth 1 point

His lines about Caboose were on point.

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