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Hey look! Delaware is finally making the news!

Not that this isn’t awesome, but why is this a thing?

TIL how they build bridges. Who would have thought it’s all thanks to Lego’s

OP and others, how would you suggest a service member better gauge their worth when separating? Also how would they gain the experience that’s equivalent to being on the outside?

I think you got it right. Personally, I think the problem comes from seeing how you essentially need to substitute a lot of your staples like flour, sweeteners and the works. It looks like a bigger cost up front than if you were to just keep maintaining stock of what you already have.

I love this idea, and your minimalist style. I don’t have the talent or patience to create beautiful handcrafted spreads, although stickers are my friends. The simplicity and practicality of your landing page really appeal to me.

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Original Poster3 points · 2 months ago

Thank you! I’m lucky enough to get a straight line with a ruler so this is about as creative as I get haha. I can appreciate the work that folks put into their journals but it defeats the purpose for me personally.

What does "update OS" mean? Do you check all your devices for software updates on a regular basis?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Yeah, I enjoy messing around with Linux so I just try and update pretty regularly to help me better pinpoint if any issues come from an update.

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Cute, but slightly terrifying.

4.9k points · 5 months ago

Oh sure you remember every other little indentation but forget international falls of Minnesota. #NotMyWaterColorer

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And here I am just happy they remembered Delaware lol.

This is a whole lot of subreddits coming together. Nice!

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I was thinking the same thing, it’s like a multireddit created from my subscribed subs!

Depending on how you learn I've see a lot of high quality write ups on Digital Ocean's and Linode's website. I think some of the Linode stuff is actually hosted on GitHub.

Original Poster2 points · 1 year ago

Aha what are the odds! It's not every day you see somebody else from Delaware

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I'm from Delaware too!

35 points · 1 year ago

Wawa....Royal Farms....sheetz!?!?

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I feel like people who aren't from PA and DELMARVA will never understand the amazingness of Wawa.

Which of their coffees do you like? When I tried them a week or so ago I was a bit let down.

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Lately I've liked the Cuban blend (can't tell you why I like it but I do lol). For full disclosure I'm very utilitarian when it comes to coffee and I have a soft spot for Wawa since I grew up in Delaware. But for being so damn convenient and having everything else I need in the store it's worth it to me lol. There are plenty of different types there that you could try though.

I just did it recently through UMUC. I don't know your personal situation but I work 40-60 hours a week with a young family. I personally couldn't have done it without a supportive wife who was willing to step up and hold it down when I had homework or a test or whatever. It takes time and discipline, but if it's getting you to where you want to be then it's only a temporary inconvenience assuming you aren't sacrificing too much.

I was in the same boat a /u/the-packet-thrower where I had most of my classes knocked out that were for my degree specific but I still had a lot of the general classes that I needed to do.

I did UMUC too. Just taking my last class for the BA in cybersecurity. What did you major in? And any plans to go through their masters program? I'm debating right now if I should get a masters or not. I'm leaning towards just getting my first CCIE, kinda burnt out from writing so many papers...

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I had the same major, along with a minor in comp science. I think after working in this field for about 6 years it was hard for me to focus on things I couldn't apply directly to my job or help me further in it. At least with the general classes. If I finish my BS I might entertain the idea of a Masters but for not right now lol. I think the interesting thing about this field that I've personally seen has been experience and certifications are almost just as important, if not more than a degree. At least for technical levels which is fine for me.

Cheap option for ultra-portable CW would be an MTR-3B

The more feature-filled option would be a KX2

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I love the MTR-3B. There's also the MTR-5B from LNR as well. If OP wants more information there are a few good videos about the MTR-3B on YouTube.

Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

Quick question. What additional features does MTR-5B have for the additional $100 from MTR-3B?

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To be completly honest I'm not to sure of the internal differences. From a user perspective though it has 5 bands instead of 3. The MTR-3B has 20,30 and 40 while the MTR-5B has those 3 bands with 15 and 17 added. Also the 3B has a single digit display which doesn't bother me although sometimes I would prefer the display to always read the frequency just to glance down.

Other than those two another difference is the antenna jack. The MTR-3B has a RCA jack so you'll need a connector most likely to use your antenna while the 5B has a BNC.

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I had issues as well with trying to run it on XFCE. After digging around I just installed it with wine. It works great now that I did that.

15 points · 1 year ago

All my servers are LAN-local. MediaWiki is rather hefty and a temptation to fiddle with formatting; I'm more inclined to use UseMod Wiki in flatfile (no SQL db) mode because I can plop a new instance into place anywhere I want to accrete data wiki-style (lab reports, network diagrams, bringup notes, etc). It's in Perl, but Perl's baked into debian-based stuff. Since it's LAN-locked I can get away with minimum-security settings, so I can use embedded HTML.

Unusual stuff on my servers:

  • an IRC server + services so people in the house at their consoles can chat (currently a Skype chat handles this but the IRC stuff is sitting there running for if/when needed :)

  • once every 2 hours according to cron, a script fetches in a thick page or two of weather stuff, chops it down to just a 5-day and 10-day forecast, and generates a static page browsable on the LAN. Older such pages get renamed rather than overwritten so I can go back over the day to see what got forecast when.

  • currently there are three webcomix we watch (egs, misfile, sinfest). Every morning at 05:45, cron-driven scripting fetches in the latest panel of each so it's readable no matter what our Net connection is doing, and so we can read-at-leisure through the story arcs. I wrote a minimal cgi-bin wrapper for viewing a directory full of images one at a time with prior/next links and no adjustment needed as pages are added.

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Mind sharing what your script/cron for the weather? I've been meaning to set something up myself but haven't had time to sit down and think it through yet.

You might also want to check out the Zebra 701. You can modify it with the clicker from a 401 (I believe) and have a full metal pen. It'll take zebra refills and I know people also retrofit it for fisher space pen refills if that meets yours needs as well.

Looks like a pretty common thing looking at some of the comments. I used to distro hop about once a month, landed on Debian for a few months but something still didn't feel right. Switched to Fedora a few months back and haven't even looked for another distro. I think I'm here to stay. Also there are so many resources to learn about Fedora if you ever get stuck.

Another website suggestion if you're able to access websites is if you're interested in the webdev side of the house. If you're wanting to read docs there's another website which seems to aggregate docs from all of the major programming languages onto one website.

I just want to say thanks for this post. It's things like this that make Reddit such an awesome resource.

My mentality for when I feel a little self conscious about my pace is "I'm running faster than the person who didn't get off of the couch today."

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