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Each port on the switch is its own collision domain, not all the ports on the switch itself. When you refer to each switch being a collision domain, you are referring to a hub. Hubs place all the ports in a single collision domain which is why half duplex is used when hubs are in play.

The ports on the switch and the workstation all support full duplex. This means they can transmit and receive data at the same time, therefore no collisions occur. Additionally, VoIP phones have an internal switch that allows it to connect to the access layer switch and your workstation at the same time. Each of these connections is essentially a separate collision domain (i.e. network to phone and phone to workstation).

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So usually VOIP is a separate VLAN. Would that switchport have to be set to trunk then for that setup?

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In the old days, yes the port would have to trunk the data vlan and the voice vlan. Nowadays that is not necessary. You can specify both the access (data) vlan and the voice vlan while the port operates in access mode. This can be done with the command switchport voice vlan x where x is the voice vlan number.

I struggled with it myself. I found it easier to skip reading it in the OCG and watch videos. After practicing hard for a few weeks, more and more of the details (i.e. how it looks in binary and other underlying details) just started to click.


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I would recommend making flash cards and using those to quiz yourself. Seriously, it helps.

And look into getting the boson exams a few weeks/month before you plan on taking the exam.

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This. The OCG by Odom also has software that comes with it which includes some practice questions and exams. It’s good for review but no where near as good as Boson.

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Looks like the person who wrote this question wrote it incorrectly. In the correct answer, you could indeed use the network statement: network area 0. However, keeping the current network statement: network area 0 would still work. Unless I'm missing something that isn't obvious, the answer you chose should be correct.

Have the same tank running at 100 watts but I see your airflow almost closed up. How many watts you running it at ?

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Less than that. I’m running it at like 45 until I get the hang of it.

What kind of tank is that?

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The tank is a Valyrian from Uwell.

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Congrats! Sure feels good doesn't it?

The more the merrier. I was able to get by with just Odom's book and videos.



Needed an 811 to pass and earned an 880. That exam was by far one of the most difficult tasks I have ever undertaken. The wording is so obscure on some questions and the time crunch didn’t help. I thought I was done for half way through the test but I made it to the end and and passed! I’m still in disbelief and on a crazy high from passing.

As far as resources go, I have one year of previous experience working in a large environment (3-tier architecture). Used Odom’s OCG, some videos on YouTube, GNS3 and the Boson practice exams. Including reviewing my ICND1 material, I spent about 3 months preparing.

My advice, don’t skip on Boson, it made a world of difference and helped me close some gaps. Also, don’t be fooled by your own feelings during the test. If you know your stuff you’ll be fine!


Congratulations and well done my friend!

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Thank you!

Thanks! Were there any questions, that in your opinion, were beyond the scope of ICND2?

Only asking cos when I did ICND1 a few months back some ICND2 content came up.

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Anytime! And yes, there were some that I felt were out of scope.

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I did the same thing. I read the current ICND1 OCG to catch up on all the new material that was introduced in the current version while reviewing what I already knew (just to be complete) since I tested for the previous version of the CCENT. Once I did that, I began studying for ICND2.

Congrats! Just finished reading Odom's book this week and am planning to test for ICND2 next week.

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Good luck man!

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A pass is a pass! Congrats!

Lack of social skills has never stopped a network engineer from doing their jobs. If you can pass the test do so. You'll have many more opportunities and options than if you don't.

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This times one hundred.

Congratz! Did the OCG covered all the exam topics?

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I was curious about this same thing. Was considering going down the collaboration path after CCNA R&S.

Congrats by the way!

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Congratulations! I'm testing in early to mid March for ICND2 myself.


First off, I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct subreddit, so please correct me if I did not.

I am currently in pursuit of my CCNA (looking to test sometime next month) and am struggling to find entry level networking jobs in my area. I currently have one year of network experience under my belt (primarily in layer 2) and I currently work in the Cyber Security space. However, I feel like my experience in Cyber Security is not helping me land a networking type of job because I primarily work in Incident Response and not the actual network security side of things. I am wondering if a tier 1/deskside role will help me gain the experience I need to break back into the networking world as tomorrow I have a phone interview for such a job and taking such a job will involve a fairly large pay cut.

Any thoughts?

As always, thanks for all your help! This subreddit has saved my behind plenty of times throughout the course of my studies.

EDIT: I don't know if this makes a difference, but I am currently at a point in my life where I can still afford a paycut/career change.

EDIT2: Extended IR to Incident Response.


I am not sure what IR is .... ?

Cyber Security is more likely to land a networking gig than helpdesk. Even if that role is in compliance or assurance. Knowledge of security is a desired trait in networking.

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Thanks for the insight. I think I’ll just stick it out until I find a networking job.

I was in the same boat back in the day. I was an IT Security Analyst.. sounded cool but it was bs and didn’t really even do anything technical. And this was my first real job in “IT”.. I studied and got a cert. That job, my degree and cert all on my resume helped me get a job in networking.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the insight!

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It all depends on you. I personally prefer switch between doing both.

Congrats! Are you going for ICND2?

Awesome! Congrats!

I have taken classes that use both curriculums and am currently re-reading ICND2 now to write my CCNA and I believe the ICND1 is more memorization-based since it’s more conceptual in nature while ICND2 builds off of what was memorized. That’s not to say there isn’t anything to memorize for ICND2.


Congrats! Glad to see that you didn’t give up!

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