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Forgot to mention earlier that when you do the practice tests that come with the OCG, it helps tremendously to disable to timer and go through the process of elimination for each question, explaining to yourself why those wrong answers are wrong and why the correct one is correct and then reference the book for anything you get wrong or don't explain correctly. It takes more time to complete practice exams like this (took me 2 hrs to do one practice test), but it is helping you in tying together all the concepts and recall previously studied information.

DrunkAutopilot 3 points

Everyone's different (duh) but here's what I did.

I used Odom's guide and created notes as I went. When I got to the end of a chapter in I went back and did a quick review of my notes. Satisfied I understood them, I would create a packet tracer lab demonstrating I knew how to use the knowledge I had learned.

Once that was good I created a separate document with instructions to recreate the lab but without the actual steps. So for example, my notes would describe how to create an enable password, and then the command to add a secret on a vty line, but my lab notes would only say

  1. Add enable password 'test'
  2. Configure vty secret 'secretTest'
  3. Add a banner Ect

So I'd have to know how to add everything from memory.

Then it just became a never-ending feedback loop. At the start of each day, I'd go through all the labs I'd created up to that point and then began work on the remaining chapters. By the time I was done, I had a lab for each chapter and about a 30 page study guide of the book. It took me about a month each for the CCENT and CCNA.

rrtorres1991 1 point

This actually sounds pretty solid. I'm probably going to use some of your advice when I begin my CCNA studies (currently re-reading stuff from the CCENT as I passed v2 and am needing to learn the topics that were added in v3).

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rrtorres1991 commented on a post in r/ccna
SimoRT 1 point


What do you mean there were questions that aren't in study materials? like what? kinda scary...

Oh, and here is your cat reward: (my actual cat :D)

rrtorres1991 1 point

It isn't uncommon for Cisco to throw questions at you that aren't in the study material. It rarely happens though. I remember having one or two of those when I took the ICND1 v2.0.

JJ_Rodriguez 1 point

isn't uncommon for Cisco to throw questions at you that aren't in the study material. It rarely happens though. I remember having one or two of those when I took the ICND1 v2.0.

Any idea if those are marked, or is that part of Cisco's top secret marking scheme?

rrtorres1991 1 point

They're not marked. It's simply because every study material author has the blueprint for topics covered on the exam but even then there will always be minor gaps because Cisco doesn't reveal more than that. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here.

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rrtorres1991 3 points

If you have the Cisco Press book from Odom, the Pearson practice exams are now online as well as on the CD. All you need to do is login with your Pearson account and you have access to all questions from the CD. Works very well on mobile and I use it every morning on my commute to work.

Sixyn 2 points

Hey! I just got my CCENT in June 2017 and I already feel that I've forgotten most of the content as I don't use it at my job. If you find any good ways to get ICND2 rolling, I'd be all ears! I'm so overwhelmed by what I think I don't know I am afraid to start.

rrtorres1991 3 points

Don’t let that fear stop you man! I’m planning on just picking up ICND2 and reading that book. If any mention is made where I don’t recall something specific, then I will flip back through the ICND1 book to read up on the specific topic being mentioned. It’s also good to supplement your study with videos. I myself had a good experience with CBT and will be using their videos.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that if you use the Official Cert guide, you can go through each chapter in the ICND1 book and do the “do I know this already” questions as well as some practice exams to see where you stand and determine what you should brush up on. It’s what I am planning on doing for 1-3 days before jumping into my CCNA studies.

Sixyn 1 point

The only issue is that I have never been able to consume learning material through books at any reasonable pace. I'm talking 4 hours every 10 pages. Just wasn't possible for me. I used CBT Nuggets and Boson practice exams. I made it by but not with much room for error. That makes me feel like I didn't even deserve it the first time around, so the second time will be extremely tough.

rrtorres1991 1 point

That's no problem. The best thing, in my opinion, about self-paced learning is that you go at your own pace and test whenever you are ready. So take all the time you need.

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OkitwasmeCLN 1 point

Pretty sweet dude! Im getting one exactly like yours hopefully this year, how much did you pay if you dont mind i ask ?

rrtorres1991 1 point

Thanks! I got it for around $25k out the door.

gigidy5 2 points

Hello fellow Cincinnatian. I service my MK7 at this dealer and live walking distance away. I've actually seen this car. Good get

rrtorres1991 1 point

Thank you good sir! Hopefully I'll see you around!

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rrtorres1991 1 point

Indeed! Figured someone else could make good use out of it.

rrtorres1991 1 point

I plan on beginning my studies after next week (need a break). But I will be studying for the new version of ICND2 so that I don't need to worry about the time constraint, especially since school starts back up in August for me.

mfqd575 1 point

Congrats! What was the hardest part? Most common subject?

rrtorres1991 3 points

Make sure you know how to subnet and how to choose subnet masks based on a set of requirements. Additionally, make sure you carefully read the questions. If you simply skim through them, more than one answer will seem correct. As far as most common topic, it varies. Cisco has a huge question bank that the exam pulls from so it is different for everybody.

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