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Oh it’s forsure wonder... second tho would have to be his live performance of falling in reverse

i just think his fan base is splitting between people who enjoy his poppy more generic sound and his more experimental stuff. i enjoy both but i lean more towards liking vertigo and the experimental stuff just because we have too much male singer/songwriter with EDM music. i hope Jon continues to push the boundaries.

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Fuck it bro i like both styles. Like i can see why vertigo gets criticism but i think it isn’t as surface level as good compared to when u dig deep into the meaning put into songs and that’s why more people are leaning to the less experimental sound jon is looking for

you guys know michl? hes dope as fuck

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I love his music but he legit is doodoo live imo because of the vocoder he uses... i can’t tell if his voice/high notes is genuine because of the way he performs live

What do you mean??

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Before gold was released there was a scavenger hunt with codes that had a release of the song before it was out! It was titled “8/13”

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The album honestly exceeded my expectations (which were really high since the three singles he released early were all fantastic imo).

With his EPs, I had a few songs on each that I didn't give any significant play time to. With vertigo, I actually really enjoy listening to every song. The album has multiple songs that actually surpass his previous best work (rock + roll, which I thought would never be topped) like icarus, love; not wrong, and falling in reverse. The rest of the songs are better than 95% of the rest of his discography imo.

Some good shit right here.

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Nah he ain’t gonna peak he’s just getting started :). If not he’ll evolve into a new music style again and we’ll see how it turns out

People found this like the first day it was released but it’s a cool little easter egg


Fake love different every show?

I haven’t been keeping up with the snapchat stories but i have seen that in the middle of the songs he changes up the verse to different songs. I’ve heard the ‘gone’. & ‘traffic lights’ versions but i’ve heard another that i can’t figure out where the lyrics are from. Anyone know if there’s been other variations of the verse besides the ones mentioned?


Why would you think he’d cover the way life goes by lil uzi lmao? Sounds pretty far off


Trying to run dual-stream setup

My streaming pc: -AMD fx-8350 processor -Geforce GTX 960

Gaming PC/Laptop: -i7 7700HQ intel processor -Geforce GTX 1060 with MAX-Q Design

Using NDI works perfectly fine, but i have yet to find the right settings in order to not have a choppy stream. I believe the source to the choppiness has been due to my gaming pc having a full load on my cpu and gpu. The main game i am trying to stream is fortnite which has proven to be too intensive for my laptop to also use ndi/obs smoothly. Any tips to have a smoother stream beside lowering my game settings?

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I set it to vsync/60fps but it still hits 100% :/ u/darkfaith93

You can try settings OBS to have a higher priority by going to "Settings > Advanced > Process priority: Above Normal or High.

What kind of capture are you using. On windows 10, Monitor capture is pretty efficient, but try using game capture on a scene with nothing else. Set up your gaming laptop OBS to not have anything else other than sending raw game. Set up your complex scenes on your streaming PC.

If possible, link or paste (with code format) your Gaming and streaming OBS logs, so we can see your settings.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Yeah i’ll see if i could get the logs later today. I’ve tried both monitor and game capture. I’m on windows 10 and i disabled aero but that didnt work smh. I’ve also have tried the priority thing as well hasnt changed anything that much.

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I'm so fucking glad he played transition, even though it isnt an official release its by far one of my favourites

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

It isn’t exactly the vertigo transition that was found. I guess the one we know of was just a draft of the real transition. I’ve tried recreating the transition with the one online but it doesn’t give off the same affect :(

Damn, I can only imagine what having those two songs consecutively and with this transition would feel like. Thanks for the answer :)

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2 hours before VERITÉ opened the show

Its on a google drive link that’s provided once purchased. It’ll be updated after a few days of the concert once you have taken it.

I’m assuming Jon is more Eastern Asian? than filipino which is different Then again if your last name is “ng” it’s still pronounced more as “ing”

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He’s part chinese i believe

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I actually thought it was pretty fair time. I got to ask a question i wanted to know and he got into enough detail for me to be happy. You have to understand the amount of people there. i also wanted an autograph too.

Where'd you get the one in the middle? I bought the one on the right at the concert, and regretted not buying the one of his face, but i didnt see the one in the middle on sale.

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Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

It’s from VIP package !

Is the poster’s size typical in your country? It isn’t here in Singapore so it’s hard to get a frame :/

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Ah really i see 18x24 everywhere around here. Hmm interesting

I feel the longsleeves were the best out of the merch i got the black one but i wish i also could’ve bought the green one also. IMO the quality is noticeably better than the vertigo ones i ordered online. The hats are similar to EDEN ones i’ve had before.

P.S i would’ve bought the shirts or poster of his face until i thought of being judged for having a guys face above my bed or on my chest xD

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Holy fuck.

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He has performed gravity in a sound check on the tour. There are videos of it but i doubt it would ease your unsatisfaction lol

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Well, I would prefer to be put in the same situation as his gravity performance in the Webster Hall but that might be asking too much :(

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ah i understand theres a few songs i wish i couldve heard as well, however it was still a great experience hearing the man himself.

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You go in with VIP and i’m pretty sure you just wait in a separate line from the regular ticket line. They’ll ask what name the early entry is under and they’ll give you a wrist band

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I originally thought it was ‘all i want’ but it isn’t that similar when rewatching the tour.

Edit: Shit realizing it i believe it’s from rock+roll near the end

Edit 2: it’s only in his livestreams i’ve heard him play the riff but only on the guitar. Guess i’ve relistened so much i remember! Look at next post i found it!

EDEN is an inspiration, idol and hero to me as long as many others. I’m not sure if he really knows the true impact of his music on lives. Although i don’t know your situation, try to see past the little things that bring you down. After the album has been released i’ve been mostly happy and trying to not be my usual pessimistic self and it’s been great. I tell myself imma make 2018 my bitch like EDEN will.

‘So just breathe, it's almost over And don’t let the monster in your head Become your fears 'Cause you can save yourself, you know You know’ (falling in reverse)

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