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russell__lopez commented on a post in r/eden
russell__lopez 9 points

17:10 in this facebook live the question 'how did you come up with your logo?' Comes up. He answers saying he was just sketching and trying flipping through several options and picked which ever felt right for him

damon_021 1 point

Thanks for your link.

It's really unlike him though, I mean his songs are full of meaning but he just chooses a random logo!

russell__lopez 2 points

I mean it felt right for him and there isnt much you can put into a logo no matter how much feeling haha. But im glad his logo is simple and it feels right for all of us :)

Rawdle 1 point

According to the listing for the Dutch tour venue, VIP tickets are ~€85 I presume this will be similar in other venues.

russell__lopez 1 point

Aw fr its way higher than the other guy is saying :( man

Rawdle 1 point

Well the prices have increased quite a bit from last year because he's grown and it's a way bigger tour

russell__lopez 1 point

man i really hope it ends up being cheaper tho :(

russell__lopez commented on a post in r/eden
russell__lopez 1 point


i think i heard it it on one of my friends videos and i thought it was dope and i looked into him more :)

  1. Circles 2. Amnesia 3. Sex 4. Wake up 5 Fumes (really tough to pick list ugh! I want to make lists for most catchy and pleasant to the ear/best lyrically)

Not really similar artists just artist that i think are sick are NF, Ivan B, Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Illenium, MAX, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar, SZA

Celury 15 points

Kairos. Pronounced like "Cairo" It means the right moment, the critical situation, the best time. Greek in origin. Plus, it sounds cool. I will be naming my dog Kairos when I get one.

russell__lopez 3 points

ugh i like it i’ll add it to the list lmao.

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