Which is the most interesting fact you know about the human body? by aierroc- in AskReddit

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Only the brain thinks the brain is the most important part of the body

Attorney General tells prosecutors to seek death penalty in drug cases by DownstreamColor in news

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Fucking wow that's dirty. They reduce numbers in vets, reserve the market for people, all the while chunking vets in w the rest of perscribing doctors just to say something like "x% of offices have reduced opioids by 90%"

Scum. Fucking all of them

Monster Hunter: World - Standard Edition - $44.99 at Amazon by jrns1 in PS4Deals

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Horizon zero Dawn is great for that. Easily my all time fav if you haven't played it before it's so worth it

Do any of you play exclusively on YGOPRO? by MartinIssac1995 in yugioh

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Depends. Can you convince a friend to play on ygopro with you? You really only need one. I ain't about that spending money shit

Hey Epic.......Remember us? by iNuv0 in FORTnITE

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Is there a way to get tagged? I'd rather not miss out

Age doesn't define swagger by Onion_Do_Piaza in pics

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Too blurry, if you have the money the sub points to some incredibly nice shoes but if you're looking for sub 300$ I'd check out Allen Edmond shoe bank and get a factory second pair of their boots, they have some very nice similarish pairs

Hey Epic.......Remember us? by iNuv0 in FORTnITE

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Did we have to do something for this? I thought the old ones would just show up but they never did?

He told cops 'I'm a f--king judge' after failed sobriety test. And he beat DWI rap. by Forest_of_Mirrors in news

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Weird. There was a til that said none of those things affect a breathalizer test since the alcohol is measured from the blood in your lungs

Age doesn't define swagger by Onion_Do_Piaza in pics

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Good year welt. It's the way a sole is sewn to a shoe and generally only appears in high quality footware.

It's a sub for fancy shoes

I have a kid whose starting to talk about spreading his wings and going off to live on his own. Any recommendations for a starter pots & pans set for a pre-novice bachelor who doesn't cook much at all? by he_could_get_it in Cooking

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Immersion blender. It functions as a blender, a food processor, and an immersion blender for weird uses! At 30$ it really is super versatile. Definitely something to consider

Also a cast iron pan. 15$ and you can cook damn near anything in it. Lasting till you die is just a bonus.

If you like stirfry a wok could be a good idea. A carbon steel one runs about 30$. Season properly like the cast iron and it should last forever too.

For stainless steel buy triply. It's what all clad (the best) is made of, but you can get calphalon for like half the price of all clad at homegoods

Girls of reddit who have rejected people, what’s the worst way someone has taken it? by aj11783 in AskReddit

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As rude as that is of the driver, that probably was the most exciting thing he's delat with in a while

What is the new "young person thing" that you're too old for? by PM_Me_A_Hug_Pleease in AskReddit

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Hot minute

Bitch no, a minute is short, changing the temperature does not increasing the duration

Hosting a dinner on extra hard mode. Please help. Conditions in description. by sir_nigel_loring in Cooking

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You could so something fun? Maybe tacos or burritos(shredded chicken as well as beef, maybe a pork shoulder and rice) homemade salsa, lots of toppings. Not hard or stressful, can set the tone of the evening, can be made to work for everyone, nothing to complain about. Hard to criticize too

Going to an Asian Market. What are some basic things to get there I can't get else ware by Trance_Motion in Cooking

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Always get the fish sauce w the most protein. It's the best indicator of quality

What are your favorite healthy pasta salad recipes? by PM-ME-A-GOOD-RECIPE in EatCheapAndHealthy

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Pack of fresh tortellini, small pack of pesto. Pack of mozzarella pearls, grape tomatoes cut. It's not suuuuper cheap, but so easy and delicious I make an exception