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This is amazing, but I have to ask... Will we ever get the ability to reset permenant items to lv1? I hate regretting those investments

What perks do you have on your whisper to achieve that? I tried going for whisper for my second slot, and on testing it couldn't even keep up with dragons roar :(

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Mine has damage, reload, crit rate, water and affliction + dmg. With a base crit of 20% I thought it'd be stupid not to put into it. With one gold crit rate youre at about 50%. Combine with ranger and it's amazing. If not ranger I might consider crit damage instead of damage

Depends on hero. Shredder is amazing, but I've really taken to the obliterator since they serve the same purpose.

Whisper is currently my fav gun. I don't mind semi auto and as a ninja I'm usually close anyways so the range isn't an issue.

After that I'd say get the gas trap, a floor and a wall trap up. Traps only get more and more important. Launchers and darts are my personal favorite, but dynamos are really awesome aswell

Reset permenant items to 1.

45 points · 1 day ago

It does seem in keeping with trends lately for administrators to absolve themselves of any responsibility. Rather than apply some nuance to every situation they see it as clear cut. No attempt to do what's best for the child, only covering asses all the way. It seems ludicrous that this administrator would go straight for a felony charge with no discussion. But that's the America of today

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Seriously. As far as stupid 13yo kid stuff goes, there's much much worse.

How the fuck is everyone crying about this. It's fucking supposed to be like this. If you don't like mustard don't bitch at Heinz, just keep it to yourself and don't eat the fucking mustard.

15.6k points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

Sierra Mist changing to Mist Twist. Just, why?

Edit: Sorry I was wrong, it's not Mist Twist... It's Mist TWST. Even edgier!

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It's bc Sierra was branded to only use real sugar. They had to rebrand to be cheaper

isn’t that normal length? base kyle has 4 tiles

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Normal but not good. Best cronstructors are heavy and mega. 6 and 7 respectively

2 points · 3 days ago

Power BASE should be thrown in there as well, at 7.

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I knew he was one of the best, but I never knew he was also at 7

If there are low level fucks farming, you bet your ass I'm gonna solo the fuck out a that before they even notice. Especially if the competent people w me are high enough players that they shouldn't need it

That said, the hunted Jedi game from respawn sounds outstanding. Still hesitant to hype bc ea, but Titanfall 2 was incredible and I just have so much hope for respawn.

You're tearing me apart EAnakin

533 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

This made me laugh! We have a similar situation with our daughter - I'm white Irish heritage with brown hair & hazel eyes. My husband is Latino with dark hair, hazel eyes and caramel skin. Our daughter has strawberry-blonde hair & blue eyes and SUPER white skin! But she looks like a mini version of my husband. I can't wait until she starts talking and people get a look of 'WTF?" when they see a little blonde-hair-blue-eyed girl speaking spanish.

EDIT: yes, I’m aware blonde hair blue eye humans can speak Spanish. whooshhhh that’s the joke going over your head!

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This was me. Dad wasn't in the picture. Super dark Latin mom and grandparents raising a bleach blond kid

2 tool rule. Buy a cheap one to use until it breaks to see if it's worth investing in one that will last forever.

Also, Oneida has some pretty solid and nice looking serving and cooking utensils and a lifetime warranty, and are only a few bucks at Walmart or Marshall's home goods.

Also if you need a nice stainless steel pan, you can. Get calphalon triply for like 30$ at home goods if they have any, instead of the 100$ for all clad

There are several herbs that can give a numbing feeling, this probably has some

Nice. You apparently took my luck, as I only got 2 legend defenders

apparently one of them maxed out the utility bonus. at least thats something? but damn, that sucks.

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That means they built a ton of traps and didn't use them

Calc 3 was the right call. They have to push those classes bc it means more money. They fucked me like that. Always skip when you can

No worries my friend! FWSY is a fantastic book but I do have to take issue with their levain recipes. He wastes an obscene amount of starter with his builds for some reason. I disagree that his levain process has any advantage over the more traditional methods. Here is the guide I followed for my starter:

Just follow the directions and I promise that after 2 weeks your starter will be cruising! And do not skimp on rye. Its what makes the magic happen. And feedinga are easy as hell. You can treat your starter like shit and it always bounces back. For mine, I bake on the weekends so I stash it in the fridge during the week. When baking tome comes I hit it with a feeding on Thursday night and then use it for a batch on Friday morning. Some people do a few feedings before using it but I've found it makes no difference. Feedings are covered in the link I sent you but my personal method is 1:1:1. One part old starter, one part water, one part flour. For me that's 120g of each. I mix that together real good and let it sit at room temperature for at least 12 hours. Feel free to use literally any amount of each ingredient you like as long as they're all equal. I also do 60g all purpose flour and 60g rye for my feedings.

If this seems like a lot don't stress it. Just try and fail if you have to. It's the best way to learn. When you go to use your starter it's honestly as easy as feeding it, let it sit, and then disperse the amount you need for your recipe. Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to PM as well.

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Wow, thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed.

I was a bit curious tho, about if there are any general rules for creative mix ins. Like I have poolish going right now, and wanted to use part of that dough for maybe a chocolate loaf or something? I wasn't sure if there are any general dos and don't for adding sugar or cocoa or similar ingredients.

When you say you have a poolish going do you mean you are getting the poolish ready for a recipe you are making? Normally you make a poolish the night before and then combine it with the rest of the ingredients after a certain amount of time. I have never made a poolish that will go to multiple different recipes unless you planned it that way. Just curious!

As for mixins, go nuts my friend! You can literally add basically whatever you want; cinnamon, sugar (this affects the crumb though), fruit, nuts, seeds, etc. In what portions, however, is something you will have to either find from a recipe or through experimentation. Here is a recipe that makes this crazy citrus fruit bread: If you are going to make this, go easy on the orange zest. It is VERY powerful.

Making cinnamon raisin bread could be as easy as just throwing raisins and cinnamon into your dough. It comes out...OK, but if you make a spread that you put onto a flattened dough and then roll it up you get some magical shit when its baked. Here are two recipes that I have made as examples: Ingredients Mixed into dough Rolled up spread version

Also, the King Arthur site has TONS of amazing recipes and their customer service is second to none. They have a hotline you can call and ask them whatever you want regarding baking. You can also leave comments and someone will respond if you have questions. Very cool people!

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Wow. Thank you so much. I've only made a few loaves and I already love it, you have been such a huge help and I'm so excited to start baking more.

And I made the poolish pretty late last night, but I intended on just making the dough and sectioning some off for something fancy and putting the rest in dinner rolls

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0 points · 7 days ago

Sounds about right and boring. Atleast for variety/playstyle.

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Idk, a friend plays heavy and it seems like alot of fun. Base is a game changer.

Don't get me wrong. Each of them can seem fun in their own right, especially with making trap tunnels. However, for me, I like to go a bit crazy and jump into fights, which is why I like Raider so much and wish that the Tank Class was an equivalent. I'm not much of a Soldier fan and the only one I care about is Raider because I feel like I can just go in. With Tank, I feel like it could be the same, while also being the defender and keeping that BASE cozy and safe. Kind of why I lean super hard towards Demo and partially because I can utilize my defense and be really offensive on and off BASE.

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That's a good point. Maybe try some ninjas? They have like no health but dim mak adds hella survivability. I run harvester w thunderstrike tac. I run in head first, fuck shit up, shield breaks, mass stun, recharge for a second, breaks, stun repeat. It feels fucking amazing when there are bees and shit on the field and it's just a permastun. If you have any good sword pulls it could be worth a dip

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605 points · 7 days ago

I have a friend who is actually a pretty decent cook and tries to make everything healthy. No complaints until she started baking. She would just remove (not substitute) ingredients from recipes that she thought weren’t healthy... there were some horrible disasters like chocolate chip cardboard and salt cake before somebody spoke up and told her it doesn’t work like that. She now substitutes in healthy alternatives, and her baking just tastes like gross diet food, which is a huge improvement over the totally inedible stuff she used to bake.

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Someone needs to explain that substitutes are not encouragable, and generally just mean next closest, not actually close. I recommend you make something amazing, like and say it healthy, and teach her that an occasional cheat is much better than constantly disappointing substitutions

I cannot stand people who are scared of salt. I was once watching Todd English visit Israel and he was visiting a salt mine. Said how salt was the most important ingredient there is.

There is such a negative stigma towards salt these days and I know it firsthand because my family is EXTREMELY paranoid about salt and actively tries to avoid using it in nearly everything they cook. It is sad.

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Idk. Salt is awesome, but using flavorful salt alternatives like miso and worschteshire can be a huge game changer

Haven't tried it, but if there's a single person on the internet who I trust w food, it's him. At the very least it can't be bad

Original Poster1 point · 8 days ago

Thank you for the vote of confidence. I’m doing that thing you’re supposed to never do and making it, a recipe I’ve never made before, to take to a dinner party.

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He's not a pro Baker, but the guy is good. He doesn't publish a recipe without thurough experimentation. It should be more than adequate for a dinner party. (That said maybe do it ahead of time in case there's some user error, you could throw together a bomb ass pasta salad. )

Fwiw a lodge enameled only runs about 45$, and you can usually find a deal or something online. I got mine for 30

Original Poster3 points · 8 days ago

45 is about the price of the one I want actually

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Ah, I was eyeing let cruset before I got one(I have other issues), so 45 and 30 seemed like an absolute steal

Can we please reset permenant items to lv1 for the xp? I don't want half that shit anymore.

If you have 40$ and a way to move it I have a perfect condition couch. Super plush and comfy. Only potential con is the "unique" color scheme, but I loved it.

I was gonna put it on FB market later today, as I kinda need it gone by next week.

If you pm your number I'd be happy to send some pics

I always go reload, but it depends on your hero. If they have reload perks you could go mag, mag perks go reload. Mag if you have someone like bullet storm you want mag, I like reload for someone like uah for less down time

Original Poster-3 points · 9 days ago

Ew but thanks lol..

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You night wanna take a second look

Original Poster2 points · 9 days ago

Hm still kind of new as my lv is 19 and I dont even level up survivors (saving for legendary) I guess im giving a try, thank you guys.

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If you're 19 get. Some good legends can make quite a difference. The sub talks alot about the guns to look out for, and there's tons of good legend heroes. Even some traps give you one less thing to worry about later

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