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Hey there. 28f with 32m husband. We can't have children but plan to adopt in a year or two.

Love kids! We don't drink much. Well I don't at all. And we hate going to crowded places.

We have no problem going out with a child along. Into board and card games. Adore animals. We have 2 dogs. His and is deathly ill of cats.

Love coffee shops or pizza or any local foods. :) Look forward to talking!

I tried to kill myself in 2008, 2015, and this year.

I saved myself in 08. Admitted myself to a hospital. It was the best experience for me. My whole Outlook change.

2015, I went to ER after overdosing.

And this year I tried to kill myself again. Just so much stress and pain going on. But a Reddit friend called the police when I said my goodbyes.

I'm doing much better now.

Her prescription says to insert into the vagina. This induces labor.

You do not insert into the vagina for an abortion. It's an oral pill.

So yes. She's lying. This is from when she last gave birth.

Do they usually play board games or games like magic tg?

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It varies, I believe


My mom is staying with us for the first time ever since we moved 5 years ago. I hadn't seen her since I had a stroke at 27 in February. Then tried to kill myself in may.

So now she's here and I have a physical therapist who is helping me lose weight. They're also my personal trainer.

Losing weight is a major priority. It's affecting my health. Type 2 diabetes. More asthma attacks. Discomfort. Etc.

Anyway. My AA buddies don't understand that I spend 2 hours at AA, 1.5-2 at gym, plus 45 min drive time. So by time I'm back, it's halfway through the day and my mom and husband think I just want out of the house which isn't the case.

So anyway my AA buddies are pissed and I think my sponsor has given up on me. I'm not okay.

There isn't a single person on Earth who feels how I do. I know this because this isn't how a person feels. This is nothing as other than anxiety and guilt.

I'm not anything.

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My husband and I were driving behind a vehicle. It kept changing lanes, then changing without notifying, then back and forth.

An exit was coming up. We both took the exit. Then they kept in the same lane, heading toward the on ramp to the opposite direction. Maybe they were lost. We gave them plenty of time.

At the last second, the truck signaled they want over. It was a very short exit. We all ready had traffic coming at us very fast. So we couldn't safely brake because if the vehicles behind us.

The truck faltered and slammed into the guardrail.

Anyway. We stop. Driver was an elderly woman who went for drinks at a girlfriend's house and then tried to drive home.

Her arms were burnt from the air bags. And she was very confused. She also talked about her collar bone.

Mostly she moaned. So I held her hands and asked her questions. Favorite color. Any children. Any TV shows or books. Etc. We called her son by police dispatcher because he was an officer. We finally located his location so we could contact him. I figured if she was this delirious, she may want someone at the hospital to help determine what care she needs.

Eventually a police officer arrived. He was total douche asshat. Took time to take his sunglasses off his dash before getting out and putting them on. During a cloudy day. Comes up and takes his glasses off as if he's in some cheesy cop show.

He didn't give a shit what we witnessed. He didn't care that I told him her arms and collar bone were the sorry areas. He tried to shoo me away from the scene but the lady wanted human contact and when I first went to go, he just leaned against the guardrail! So I got back in. Finally the firetruck arrived so they could at least assess her.

They hopped right in and talked to her. So we left just as the ambulance showed. I remember the date even though it's been 8 years. It wasn't graphic. It wasn't horrific. But damn if it isn't scary as hell trying to make sure a woman doesn't die on you.

I looked in newspapers but never learned what happened to her.

I've recently had trouble with it too. Tried to get them at a different doctor because my psych was gone for 2 weeks and I missed an appointment so I was out of meds.

Told me only she can write it since she's the one who prescribed it.

She was awesome and squeezed me in between appts so she could write it.

Strong Mind K9 with Danielle. So much patience. Dogs love her. Amazing program

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Wasn’t there a shooting a while back?

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There's been a few mall shootings. Same with Northwoods. As far as I know the mall is trying to revamp itself. They're adding a ball court in the middle. Don't ask me why.


Hi all. My previous attempt was failed. Now I'm trying to make sure I do it this time.

The only way I can feel ok is when I'm high.

I'm tired of living high. I'm tired of living. I'm hopeless.

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Legends at Charleston Park. Lived there 5 years. Excellent community. Gated. 1bed are around $800. Best apt we ever lived in.

Off Dorchester near Ashley phosphate


I'm not familiar with seafood. However family coming to visit said they wanted this. Any ideas? Wrong location? Alternate ideas



Carrigs on Rivers has them from Edisto. Got a few dozen a couple weeks back and they were great. I cooked them myself, but for a few extra bucks, they will do it for you.

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That's good to know. We may consider cooking it ourselves I'll look into it and see if he wants to try that. Thank you

Go crabbing.

Cook your own. It’s super easy. Slow and boring unless you free hand.

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I have no idea if he wants to even try that. I'll certainly check into it and ask him about it. Thanks

I had a stroke this year. It's changed how I feel about most things. Including my husband. I'm debating if this will last or not. So trying to decide what's best for my husband.

Coastal Coffee Roasters in Summerville


I've been out of the Hospital one week. And never single day I've wanted to go back. Supposed to see a therapist when I got out but they've been busy.

I also have a lot of friends who are relying on me. So I wonder if I should go back to the hospital. I feel more stable than when I went in. But my mood keeps dropping really fast.


At present it sounds as though your friends need to stop relying on you. You're only a week out of hospital... you're in no state to be relied upon (no offence meant). Monitor your mood using the Daylio app and speak to your doctor if your mood begins to drop.

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Original Poster-1 points · 2 months ago

Thank you. I took no offense. It makes sense.


I just spent 2 weeks in a hospital mental health section. It was a great experience. I went because I had a plan for suicide. And then I tried to kill myself the 2nd day there.

Ive been diagnosed PTSD, Bipolar I, and now Borderline Personality Disorder.

And I keep wanting to cut as a reflex. I'm angry? Cut. I'm hungry but no food, cut. I'm anxious. Cut.

I haven't since being out of the hospital. But I feel I'm almost ready to hit a psychotic episode. I'm so dang scared of myself.

I just really want a therapist and I have to wait until Wednesday to find out who it is.

Should I go back? Or should I go to a 30day program about 2 hours from me.

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I thought the hardest part was going to be in not having anyone over for a week. But I also had nobody to text or call or talk to. I'm in the middle of a med change and I feel so hopeless again. And I have to put myself in the hospital again. And it's so unfair to my husband who then has to deal with the house his job finances me and our dogs by himself. We don't really have a lot of friends or family because we live far from them.

I've been pushing this off for weeks. But I have to or I'm going to end up killing myself on an impulse. I'm scared for my family because they really need me and I can't be there.

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can you try to talk to your husband and if it gets really bad then you should definitely go to hospital, I'm sure your husband will understand

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I'm going to the hospital.


My psych said lithium is a last resort medication due to side effects. I just started it and can tell immediately I feel zombie like. However, right now that's fine with me.

If this doesn't work, I go inpatient again. Leaving my husband to worry about bills, food, our dogs, etc all by himself.

I'm scared.


I was very against trying lithium but it ended up being the 20th drug I tried. It gave me an upset stomach so I switched to extended release. The first few weeks on it sucked and I wanted to give it up but my pdoc stood up to me and told me no. Now I have almost no side effects from it, I just get really thirsty at times, sometimes in the middle of the night. The blood tests aren't that bad, and that's coming from someone that hates needles. Honestly, not as scary as I expected. It makes me less depressed but I'm still depressed. I'm on 3 other meds, all aimed at the depression. I'm treatment resistant. I have some good days now instead of no good days. But like I said, it made me feel awful at first but it got better once I stuck it out. It took a couple weeks. Hang in there!

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I'm also treatment resistant. I've been on nearly all antipsychotic and antidepressants on the market. Been battling depression since I was 9.

Bipolar started somewhere around 20 or so.

Been in and out of hospitals.

Depressed since 8, bipolar since 21. We're similar!

Question (if you don't mind me asking)...have all antidepressants effected you similarly? Tomorrow my pdoc will probably want to try another antidepressant but they all made me suicidal so far. Did all antipsychotics cause akathisia? I've only tried abilify as far as atypicals go and the akathisia was awful. I was on low dose haldol and that didn't do much

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Seroquel works for me usually. Same with Latuda. They just don't go well by themselves.

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I loved

Original Poster12 points · 3 months ago

Confused at the downvoting on this post. My apologies in trying to support a small local business. Maybe if I said Ohio sucks in my post I would get some upvotes lmao

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This is one of the meanest subbreddits I've been part of. I get down voted for answering questions. Or asking questions.

It's ridiculous


My psych just put me on lithium and said it's her last resort medication because of side effects.

If this doesn't work, we're going to have to try ECT. Or some other not completely conventional therapy.

She did say she won't make me do it but she suggests it may help.

I'm scared and nervous. If this med fails. I think I'm done. There'd be no hope left.

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Dr Julia Rodriguez at Barrier Island Psychiatry. Still taking patients. Doesn't turn anyone away. I'm uninsured so I pay $90/visit every 3 to 6 months. She's the best I've ever had. Really cares about you.

5 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

She is a nurse practitioner not a medical doctor. She is awesome but just make sure your insurance accepts non physician practitioners.

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Good point. But she is definitely the best I've ever had despite not being a full psychiatrist. She works with you and your budget and if you don't want to do medicine she's fine with that.

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