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It's only a problem if you decide to not pay attention. You'll have the exact same thing happen if you level them manually.

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Sure, but I do macro so I don't have to pay attention...

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Xon and Mercenary Ramza are MVPs in this fight.

Xon was equipped with ribbon and Rikku's pouch so he fixed up all status issues. Most importantly, he stole the buffs which made a huge difference in the amount of damages you can inflict (5% to 25%).

M. Ramza's stone throw kills all the bombs instantly. I made him 95% evade and he was never in a serious danger.

My team ate AOE magic but thanks to my breaks and buffs the team survived.

What's a Xom?

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Touche. Edited!

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For 3* shiva, I have WOL for the Phys cover and each member at least has 30% ice resist. I apply ice resist buff with Nichol, reraise on WOL, Bushido freedom and breaks when needed. But when I hit 40% it seemed like the AOE Phys got through despite WOL covering and another time I got destroyed by blizzaja despite having ice resist buff on.

I've done this almost 20 times. What am I doing wrong? And wth how does Bushido freedom kill my units despite having over 5k hp? Am I supposed to buff my party before using Bushido?

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Bushido can do a crapload of damage. I put bushido on Lid one time and forgot that she stole and buffed her own Atk. Killed everyone in my team, LOL.

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Nah. It's a gacha game, noone should be able to just choose a unit, even if it takes some time.

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They let the players do exactly that in Japan.

You don't have to use UoC when it becomes available but are you saying nobody else should be able to do it

Yep. If anyone get any unit, they're not special anymore. Rarity is part of the fun.

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Well you are welcome to not use UoCs when they become available.

10 points · 9 days ago

They are obviously very well aware of the UoC outrage since they dance around the topic multiple times.

These videos are recorded about a week before they're released at a minimum (based on Shaly's twitter), and the UoC rage only came out this past Thursday when we knew there was no fragment in the mog king. There hasn't been time to react to anything, all of their statements were proactive.

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It's something they should have clearly anticipated, as they deliberately removed UoC tickets from the Mog King event. If they had not anticipated it, that tells a lot about their incompetence.

Keep pulling! She was my second *5 and I was really lucky to have her

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This is a brilliant strategy and worked flawlessly for me. Thank you.

I chose Lila as my damage unit because I didn't want to wait for a petrify-resistant fry (Lila has innate resistance) friend. I also brought along a buffer, a dispeller (Odin), and a re-raiser (LM Fina) with concealing cloth and they sped up the process considerably. Regular Lila chain did about 3.5% damage. In every 6-9 or so turns where the whole party becomes available, Xom can steal the buff and dispeller can dispell it during the next (attacking) turn. I was doing ~20% damage.

Wow...Until this one, I've never felt the difference between 95% evade and 100% evade was that significant. And he hits like a freaking truck. Everyone is talking about how easy this is but to me he was very frustrating. One wrong command and the whole team was wiped.

Thank you for doing this. I couldn't even start on the bird because I so hated the idea of wasting the precious NRG on randomness.

I just sent a friend request, ID 524.691.017.

Original Poster1 point · 26 days ago

Sent! I hate that bird.

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Thank you again. Gifted and defriended. You are a lifesaver.

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Not remotely true. That's like saying there are no rational numbers between 1 and 4.

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Of course it's true. Everyone can chain with everyone else in this game. When you say "chaining partner" you are implying the characters' skills pair better than what everyone else is already capable of.

I can chain my emperor with my dragonlord but you'd be crazy to call them chaining partners.

100 turns?? Holy shit you can do it faster even with a full team of four star units

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Actually 100+ turn sustainability is pretty impressive. I remember Malboro getting pretty tough around turn 40, just because randomness factor starts to affect the play.

Wow thank you for posting. I beat Malboro twice and could not for the life of me figure out why I didn't get the LB mission. You just saved me from wasting another 30 minutes + 50 NRG.

Anyone still got special units appear in Destroy the Reactor event (Hedgehog, Special operative)? Because i haven’t seen one at all despite only played on ELT for 4 days already, so i feel need to verify if someone experienced strange phenomenon like me, or i’m just very very very unlucky. :(

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I've had them pop out yesterday and day before.

Physical. Magic tank is not needed at all.

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But magic tanks (Mystea and I think Shylt) have stop resistance skills, which help.

I had the problem that if Mystea got in front of WoL to defend him from the Flare, he would not cover the team from AoE physical damage. I had to use enhanced Minfilia.

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Yeah you can't have 2 cover tanks (you can, but only one cover will trigger). Shiva battle makes you choose between taking the blizzerja or the hailstorm (whatever that move is called).

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I really have to ask because I'm losing my mind. I have a 200% ice resist Mystea (and an 50% extra from Barblizzara) which covers Diamond Dust Just fine, but every time Shiva casts Blizzara Mystea won't cover and I get wiped. What's up with that?

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It's actually the physical attacks following blizzaja that kills the party. The damage display is confusing. Shiva hits like a truck.

I'm getting wiped in Shiva's second turn.

I'm doing to Mirage Vest trick. First turn goes great. But the Blizzaja wipes my team out, even though I have Shylt with over 100% ice resistance. He takes a crap ton of damage and dies. Then the team wipes.

I know she imperils with Diamond Dust but this is before that. And he has over 100% ice resist. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

If Shylt has over 100% Ice resist, he should be taking zero damage from Blizzaja. Shiva does a bunch of regular physical attacks each turn, are you sure he is dying to Blizzaja and not to that? If you are absolutely certain he is dying to Blizzaja, recheck your gear to make sure he really is over 100%.

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That's pretty interesting about the damage display. Yes, I'm absolutely sure Shylt is over 100% ice resist--4 Milfilla trust materia plus glacier ring plus shiva esper. So he must be dying due to physical attack. But I have snow with Moogle plush. Does Shiva not get triggered by provoke or Moogle?

Is it better to have two fully decked out TTerra to chain with (or three TTerra with a friend) or to fuse them together for a single 7* TTerra? I'm afraid it may be a while before I might be able to find a 7* TTerra friend to chain with. So wondering if I should fuse or not.

She gets quad cast at 7* with her TMR and I'll bet you can find TT friends at 7* time

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If you fused one 6*, will you get a chance to get her TMR later? I read somewhere you can in Japan. I just don't want to rush to get her TMR before fusing because that's a headache.


Is there any justification for deliberately including troll rainbow units in special pools?

So I spent all my tickets and lapis on the batch #2 summons. I have one of Emperor, T. Terra and Freyvia and was trying to get a dupe to prepare myself for the *7 meta. I pulled three Jiraiyas, a unit that, as far as I know, has no real use and nobody wants to pull.

I tried to think and simply could not come up with any reason why Gumi would include troll units in these special pools, except for being mean-spirited. It's not like they make less money when people pull good units. Having a troll summon in fact would likely discourage players from participating in those pulls. So it does not even look like those troll rainbows even help the bottom line.

I was curious if anyone thought of an explanation for those troll rainbows in special summon pools.

50 points · 2 months ago

"Troll" rainbow... ooooh sweet summer child, you have no idea what troll rainbow means, be happy because you are not getting 3* units on that.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Haha point taken

Original Poster-4 points · 2 months ago

Thanks for the link but still feeling meh about him. But I guess he'll be one of my first *7 just because I have him.

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Dragonlord actually only uses Channel Anger (the 300% ATK/MAG self buff) if he has all 4 stats (ATK, MAG, DEF and SPR) broken at the start of his turn. So DON'T break all of Dragonlord's stats unless you're sure you can handle the incoming attacks for that turn

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I am actually not sure if this is true. I avoided breaking all 4 stats just to avoid this and it still triggered and he wiped my party when my two TT blew him down from 100% to 30% in turn 2. It's possible there is a low-probability multiple threshold trigger.

I don’t disagree. I’m just saying he and Emperor fill the exact same role. Maybe if they made him an earth finisher or dark finisher instead of another fire finisher.

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I don't think they fill the same role. Emperor is for long fights. This is for OTK.

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1: lunera + 3star + 5%

d2: basch + 3star + 5%

d3: prishe + 3star + 5%

d4: tidus + 3star + 5%

d5: 3star + 3star + 5%

d6: blossom sage sakura + 3star + 5%

This is getting ridiculous. Not even I believe myself anymore. tidus on the top left, and lunera's head bottom right.

Edit: there has to be something weird going on. I also had 19 tickets, no rainbow, the 10+1 no rainbow..daily summons blue too... but these tickets... 5 rainbows in 6... wth. I'm not complaining, but it's kinda weird :o

Edit2: K. I need to come here again and brag about my seemingly endless luck. I got blue blue on day 7 and 8 but summoned my first 5k since I returned and.. so basically I got one of the best chainers, finisher, tank and healer. I'll never complain about my luck in this game again. Sorry. Had to share this.

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Wow. Thank your lucky stars...

How hard are the extra stages? I just finished the main quests and am not prepared to blow 90 NRG just to have my ass handed to me in the last stage. Is this another "needs TMR/past event/late-story items" type situation or can I roll up with my omni-rod and CB Sakura and quick thunder him into oblivion?

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Free player here. 2 Tidus or 2 TT spark chaining killed the boss in one turn. I don't think you need TMR items to kill him but you need some strong characters with relatively good equipment.

It also helps to have rikku's LB charged up when you start facing the Kraken. He killed all my characters in 1 turn somehow.

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[Carry Unit: Solo]

Evade Demon Rain. He'll counter every hit she throws at him and he also has a 55% chance to cover a unit so the fight won't take as long.

499 479 595

Edit. Currently full, please remove yourself when you are done. I'm also going to deleting anyone that has been added for more than a day so I can rotate more people in.

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Just sent a request, 524,691,017. Thank you for your help in advance.

Thank you so much for your help! Sent gift and removed.

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