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Got one. In the notes i asked for you to enclose a picture of alphonso ribiero with my shipment i hope u can comply 🙏🏻


I don't want a video game based on these gents.

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If you’ve ever played Outlast 2, there are some characters names Nick and Laird that you face. They seem like they’re based off of the concept of these guys. One carries the other and acts as the body while the other rides on his back and acts as the voice. Given the nature of Outlast, it’s about as horrifying as you’d think it is.

Remember bill gate?

What is up with these doodles

About the original 2008 demo, would you guys ever consider either re-recording it, or re-releasing it on spotify and itunes and such? I can't get enough of the oldies, and I'm upset I can't buy them anywhere.

Boi you stole my meme

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? I saw infinity war and saw this guy in the credits so I googled him and screenshotted his wikipedia, I haven't seen your post

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Drat i did the same thing a few days ago when i rewatched thor ragnarok. Its in my post history

Nothing yet i believe. They just played a tour in korea, so itll likely be a bit.

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I have a fear they may be going pop. Cry bird was pretty much a pop song

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Understandable. I think they’re just trying to stretch their creative muscles a bit and put out some stuff that appeals to a wider group of people to expand their fanbase. Cry bird sounded more poppy, but it still had that good ol tennyson vibe, especially at the end. I don’t think they’re going to deviate too far from what they usually do.


For those who don’t know, Luke and Tess are friends with youtubers Matt and Ryan from the channel Super Mega. They have a podcast every week, and i think itd be cool and entertaining if some day our favorite siblings could be guests on it and just talk about dumb shit for an hour.

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IG Website

Sign up for our newsletter on our website to be notified of our drop or comment “REMIND” if you want me to personally pm you on reddit when we release

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Gotcha my dude

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Do you trust me?

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No way jose im keepin this B tight

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Fuck that was such a harrowing quote. I loved that game.

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What is this from?

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