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We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the community for all the kind support that has been shown to us.

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More It's limited promotion for our community!

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As a thanks for your support, we are announcing the 5,000 ETH Giveaway!

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The consensus attack cost is what it would cost to control 51% of the total hashing power of a cryptocurrency network

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the simplified introduction of the previous

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it’s true that you as Byzantine miner (w/ +51% of network hashrate) can benefit with ‘double-spending’, by sending $10mm of ETC to one exchange then re-minting the blocks and sending it again to another one.

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new Grothendieck Project Manager, and Tom Flynn as a Business Analyst for the team.

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the Grothendieck Team. including: diverse set of new positions, new team members, new engineers and developers, and new features added to the client.

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Tether accounts of Bitfinex were opened in the Dutch bank ING, owned by The Rothschild Group. At the same time, the profit indicators of this bank have grown significantly.

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The major traditional economy players clearly realize competitive advantages and prospects over fiat money.

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