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I like the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy better than the books. The books are masterpieces in their own right and they deserve all of the credit it receives. But man are they slow books to get through, those movies just sliced off the right amount of fat and sped some things up that really needed it. Some of those actors like Ian McKellan, Christopher Lee, and Sean Bean really improved on the book versions of their characters and made them so much better. The music added so much, all of the casting was spot on, let me clarify, I think the EXTENDED versions of the movies are superior to the books. The regular version of the trilogy is just a bit below the books.

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The movies are fantastic (especially the extended editions) but the decision to remove “The Scourging of the Shire” will always make them an incomplete adaptation of the novel in my mind. I understand why it was done, but it still feels as though the true climax of the story isn’t there.

The Godfather.

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Upvote/ downvote on Reddit. It’s supposed to be based on relevancy to the conversation or post, but most people vote based on what they agree with or like. I’m no different.

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I upvoted you because your were relevant AND I liked it.

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Yeah. (You dropped the period there bud).

It had never been something I really thought about. I personally don’t see myself enjoying nor push for. I’ve mentioned it before to a previous boyfriend and he thought that was weird but when I talked to one of my gal pals, she agreed with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people that do it but when I think about myself and trying to achieve some sort of orgasm- I see myself with someone I am an love with. I appreciate the physical attraction. That is what I long for.

I’ve gone 3-4 months without sex... it bothers me but not to the point where I will masturbate.

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Thank you for your answer. Your disconnect between sex and masturbation is fascinating, and laid out in a way that makes sense to me intellectually, but I’m unsure about an instinctive level. I wonder if masturbation and addictive tendencies go (sorry) hand in hand.

I guess he was surprised that I did not and had mentioned to try it but (again) I don’t see a want for it because I had/love him.

I’m curious of your connection with addictive tendencies and masturbation. I have a history with addiction- and this still does not apply to me?

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That’s fascinating as I (a person with an addiction history too) would have suspected that the sensations of sex would be something an addiction prone person would seek out, even if that means masturbation during a lack of sexual relationships. Goes to show that personality and desire are more complex than we want to think.

Hide and seek

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I’m imagining it organized on an international level with leagues, arenas and televised championships. Yep, that would be awesome.

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