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Yes, US:11.5. What I learnt, the hard way, is that it is best to buy a half to full size up with this shoe. I found that it felt comfortable in the shop but, when I started walking around, my foot would slide forward. 11.5 just wasn't enough room which is why I am hoping to buy a 12.


Amazing! Thank you very much for finding that. I have only been in Sydney for about 4 weeks and, of course, had no idea about this place. I will head down over the weekend - its a fairly lengthy trip so that should give me something to do :)


Hi there, I am in exactly the same boat :) I am also moving to Sydney over Christmas and was a bit worried about being unable to find a social game. Please let me know if you find one and I will do the same for you. Best of luck!


This question is more directed at everyone in this thread. How is this certification, and the CCNA/CCNP Collab, perceived in the industry? Is it worth investing time in getting a VoIP certification? Will it give me a competitive advantage? Or, is VoIP something that most network engineers are just expected to know.


I'm seriously considering doing the 210-060 exam - having recently taken over quite a few clients with Cisco VoIP systems. Do you have any advice, recommendations, etc?

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