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scottybomber commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
BatManu20 215 points

Untitled 05 is a flawless song

scottybomber 23 points

UU has so many top-tier songs. For me I think Untitled 02 is my favourite. In this thread so far I've seen people say 04, 05 & 08 are the best, so it's just an amazing release all round.

PM_ME_CAKE 2 points

This hits way too close to home.

Side note; what's the wallpaper they have in the corner?

scottybomber 2 points
PM_ME_CAKE 1 point

Many thanks. The wallpaper may not work well for desktop but perhaps it'll be good for mobile once I get tired of Blaine being my home screen. Have you considered crossposting the video to /r/movies yet?

scottybomber 2 points

We certainly have! However, we are from Australia and we want to post there during some kind of US peak-hour moment, and I think for us that's about 4am. So posting at a time when it'll be seen is difficult :P

scottybomber commented on a post in r/television
[deleted] 0 points

Makes me glad I already stopped watching Doctor Who.

scottybomber 3 points

I'm really glad you stopped watching too.

Berries_Cherries 0 points

Great lets see her time travel back to 1230 and get slapped around. /s

Im out.

scottybomber 0 points

And the doctor who fandom is better off for it. Bye!

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scottybomber commented on a post in r/doctorwho
Lugia61617 4 points

"You don't like it so you're a bigot!" That's you. That is the argument you just put forward. Which ironically is bigoted in and of itself.

I'm not throwing a tantrum. I have simply decided to wash my hands of this series because after 5 years of waiting for it to get better, it is clear that it won't. And I feel that on principle this has retroactively tainted the series as a whole. As such, I want nothing more of it around.

scottybomber 6 points

Ok bye! :)

rhabarba 1 point

All new Doctors have a similar chance to fuck up. Eccleston was a pretty average Doctor as well. This does not seem to be a gender issue.

scottybomber 5 points

So I think what you mean to say is "there is a chance she'll fuck up", which could be applied to any new Doctor casting. Or anything, really. She's not likely to fuck up, she's been incredible in programmes like Black Mirror and Broadchurch.

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scottybomber commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
jahmin22 12 points

He needs to come to Australia it's been so long

scottybomber 9 points

He did a show in Melbourne quite early last year. I remember because I flew from Perth to see it haha. But yeah, I agree us Aussies need more Kendrick.

jahmin22 1 point

What! What was it for? So angry I missed that now

scottybomber 2 points

Yeah man! Just a super quick 'tour'. One show in Melbourne, one show in Sydney. Then a set or two in a blues festival.

scottybomber commented on a post in r/hiphopheads
[deleted] 101 points

Can someone help me with this intro? I almost feel like it's meant to be darkly comedic, like a statement on how even a fuckin blind woman in need is just gonna shoot you dead in America

quickedit: and even the whole lead up is just funny to me. The way he says "Hello maam", I just laugh every time

scottybomber 7 points

The 'Hello Maam.....' sounds super creepy. I don't laugh, it just kinda freaks me out

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