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i wish jay & frank was here to see this :(

i love kanye west :)

Somebody better have capped that blue cable shit hahahahaa


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This is great haha. You gotta have fun with being an animator.

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Imagine being this stupid

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Don't forget he was a writer on SpongeBob SquarePants along with Rocko's Modern Life and Action League Now.

Garfield 2 and Alvin 1 were decent IMO, though Max Keeble's Big Move is my favorite of his directed films.

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Max Keeble's Big Move

Oh my God I haven't thought about that movie in a decade. I used to love it

I can't stop listening to this album.

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Were the fires at the beginning-ish his way of checking on other survivors in the area?

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That was the way I saw it, yeah.

I've actively avoided all teasers/trailers for the last couple of years; it has improved my movie-going experience dramatically.

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I have a podcast about exactly this. I watch as much of the promotional material as possible and my co-host has been trailer/promo-free for almost a year now. Thor Ragnarok was apparently the hardest to avoid, but I think the cinema-going experience was better for it. The show is called Ignorance is This if anyone is interested.

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my aoty, coming from a huge kendrick stan who thinks tpab is the best album of all time.

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Same here. Never really listened to Tyler before hearing the praise for SFFB and a huge Kendrick stan. Absolutely bamboozled that SFFB is my album of the year in the same year a kendrick project came out.

The D Club isn't gay, it's informative

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It's provocative. Gets the people goin'!


Audiobook Recommendations

Hi everyone. A few months ago I tried Audible for the first time and didn't realise that it continuously charged me every month since downloading the App to listen to a Stephen King novel. I now have 3 credits to my username and if I delete my account like I was planning to, they'd go to waste. I want to read/listen to more books in 2018, so why not ask for recommendations for what to spend these credits on?

Perhaps the credits would be best suited for a phenomenal 3-book series? Or perhaps it would be better suited for 3 individual, self-contained masterpieces. I think I would prefer newer books rather than 'classics' and I would prefer fiction as well.

Please, any and all recommendations are encouraged! Thank you so much.

Marion's scream during Psycho still horrifies me to this day.

See You Again by Tyler the Creator

I love this song because I keep forgetting about it. Every couple of months it'll be reminded to me and I get to experience it again. It's so rare to see Yeezy spit this way, so this would've been tough to record and yet he fucking nails it. Such a good loosie.

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Untitled 05 is a flawless song

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UU has so many top-tier songs. For me I think Untitled 02 is my favourite. In this thread so far I've seen people say 04, 05 & 08 are the best, so it's just an amazing release all round.

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