CHIP is finally getting funded — after 114 days without a budget by stupidstupidreddit in politics

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DACA actually ended September 5th, 2017. At that point USCIS stopped accepting any further applications for DACA, but kept processing (and approving) all in-process applications. The whole March deadline is that some of the people who were approved in March 2016 will lose their DACA status (DACA status must be renewed every 2 years). People who were just recently approved are still "ok" until Q4 2019 or Q1 2020.

This is actually more insidious than ending DACA for everyone at once. The economy surely can absorb losing 30k wage earners per month (800k over 24 months) and deporting 800k people over say.. 10 years isn't going to raise much ruckus either.

Built-in Driveway Snow Melt System by jeezuspieces in engineering

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You don't want water though - because if it freezes (because say... they're on vacation) you'll burst your pipes and concrete.

Californians Can Start Applying for Federally Mandated ‘Real ID’ Cards on Jan. 22; Here’s How by Boba_Milk_Tea in California

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One of the components of RealID is that you have to prove that your presence in the US is legal so it has everything to do with citizenship status.

Camping in the Chisos mountains. I love my big, beautiful state. by Racist_Dolphin in texas

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That doesn't sound awful! Fewer people - more park to you!

Camping in the Chisos mountains. I love my big, beautiful state. by Racist_Dolphin in texas

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Are they gonna kick you out because of the government closure?

Free mentoring for Rails developers! by LivingAnywhere in rails

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Whoa I'm super interested. How would this work?

Trump delays weekend Mar-a-Lago trip until shutdown is avoided by scdayo in politics

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DACA was an EO -- that he cancelled hahaha. If only he had the foresight to just leave it alone then it wouldn't be a problem for him now.

New Refrigeration Cycle patent pending. Is it worth investing time and money to make a functioning prototype? More info inside. by CyanConatus in AskEngineers

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What is the scientific principle behind your refrigeration cycle? It sounds to me like you're almost describing a sterling engine.

2 Frenchies visiting Texas in April. Any recommendations? by blehblo in texas

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Sounds like you'll be driving east on I-10. There's not much in west Texas, but stop by the observatory and then stop in Marfa. I'd also recommend a detour to Carlsbad Caverns. If you like hiking, check out Big Bend or Guadalupe Mountains.

TIL - Despite selling over 80 million albums worldwide Enya has yet to undergo a single concert tour. by Verbal__Kint in todayilearned

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The dumb part is people go to see it, not that he does it. If people wanted to pay me $100 to press play in a track i recorded and could be bought for $4.99, you get your ass id do it.

Eh... I saw deadmau5 at ACL a few years back and he literally walked out from behind his DJ booth, cracked open a beer, and sat down on the couch in front of his setpieces and chilled out for a song.

On the other hand, I've still got the hearing loss from being in the front row.

TIL that between 1998 and 2011, ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia was played well over 300,500 times on Australian radio, averaging out to around 75 plays per day. by JerkyOnassis in todayilearned

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Nggh. I saw The Killers perform at ACL a few months ago and I'm amazed that they still have so much pep after performing for 17 years.

Trump trying to stop publication of explosive book about his presidency by slaysia in politics

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Trump is not Umbridge. Umbridge is cool, calculating evil hiding behind the veneer of law and order. Pence is Umbridge. Trump is... well there's no good analogy here :p

Proximity soaring with a speed wing | Paragliding by Geti_G in freeflight

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How does that work? I've got a 23m wing I use for paramotoring. Can you do this say.. on the gulf coast? There are some small dunes, but not nearly as much elevation as I see in the video.

Create program that uses the models in a Rails app by MathewManslaughter in rails

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I think he's saying that you can write a rake task that opens up the CSV, parses line items, then creates ActiveRecords based on your models and calls Dave on everything. This'll perform all your validations, etc. I do this all the time.

What makes a good paragliding video? by bojslo in freeflight

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I hate the fast cuts style of videos. Unfortunately unless you're doing acro then a regular flight looks boring - unless you're doing interesting commentary like Tucker. XC flights look very good as a hyper lapse (check out MS hyperlapse).

Just a typical customer complaint at subaru by portuguesoulman in Justrolledintotheshop

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Had that done. Car still burns some oil... but not nearly as much. Sounds like a box of rocks going through a cement mixer whenever you start it up though.

So here's what always bothered my about Boomer by coinbaseisslow in BSG

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The vibe that I got was that most of the survivors were white Capricans. I imagine that Troy (where Boomer is from) is probably Asian world. How many other people from Troy are there anyway?

How would you feel about a law requiring parents that receive child support to supply the court with proof of how the child support money is being spent? by Adammike288 in AskReddit

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Well - in many states food stamps get loaded onto a debit card (EBT) and people are limited on what that money can be applied to at the store. Sooo it's already happening?