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Picklestasteg00d 1,714 points

To provide a bit of context: I take creative writing lessons, and use Fiverr (edit: commissions in general, really) as a way to practice, while making a bit of money. I only charge five dollars per piece, which can be up to ten whole pages, and take more than five hours of my time, not including rewrites. I’m only asking a dollar an hour.

UPDATE: by popular demand, and /u/arisasdf’s generosity, the beggar’s commission will be fulfilled. Not for her, though; for this subreddit. Congratulations, you’ve all won some gay porno.

seussim 3 points

Just read the update, thanks for being such a good sport!

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seussim 2 points

If it's just a one off then someone might have made them to put something dodgy in. If they're on all of them then I have no idea

Redluff 3 points

Also it was soda and therefore pressurized but there was no leak of neither gas nor liquid.

seussim 2 points

Hmm, I wouldn't have thought anyone would be able to put anything in without any of the pressure getting out. I guess there must some other reason. Sorry I couldn't be more of a help

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nickofnight [M] [score hidden]

Next Memory Game is coming either later today or tomorrow morning. I'm sorry for being so slow with the latest update -- I've felt a little run down, and I didn't want to force myself to rush out the next part, and then later regret it. It's mostly written now, though, and I'll be back to normal with the weekday schedule. For anyone following the Memory Game, you might have noticed the familiar beak in this story :)

seussim 5 points

That's good to hear but don't force yourself, you already update far more often than most others. But thank you none the less for your amazing stories!

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Lynchie24 760 points

Actually checked for it. Am currently on a Mac. Am currently disappointed in myself.

seussim 226 points

I was on a phone. I had no excuse and it still threw me :/

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