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xXGARR377Xx 1,082 points

I awoke early in the morning with a chipper attitude. It had been a long time since I had woken up so early and so excited. When I opened my eyes, my new and and now very active HUD showed my health and mana fill back up from the rest. A little triangle in the top left of my vision blinked with some numbers beside it 0/10. So I set my self to work making breakfast using my new skill whenever possible. It started with the fork I conjured to beat the eggs.



FIRST STEPS: Items - 1/10


Then it was the spatula for cooking those eggs and the knife to spread the butter on my toast. After having eaten I conjured up another toothbrush and brushed my teeth and used some fancy new floss that I made myself.



FIRST STEPS: Items - 5/10


I got dressed and headed for the door. As I shut the door I remembered that I left my keys inside. Ah I thought, I'll just conjure those up too. No more needing to remember things anymore! So I did, and I locked the door and went to my car.



FIRST STEPS: Items - 6/10


I got in and went to conjure car keys so I could head to work, but it didn't work. Something was wrong, once I got it the first time, conjuration came easily. It was then I realized I had not been paying attention to my mana bar. My blood ran cold as I slowly looked down and saw my fear realized. It was empty.

I jumped out of my car and went to the door, not to worry, I'll just get my real car keys. I grabbed the door handle and pulled.


This door is locked from the inside


The message appeared just above my health bar on the bottom of my vision. I left my keys inside, and then locked them in there. I was positively screwed. The worst part? I had no idea how to get more mana other than sleeping, and I couldn't do that, I had to get to work. So I thought quickly and began to walk down my road until I got to one of the main streets where I managed to flag down a taxi. I was about to ask him to drive me to work, but I realized that would be no good as that would not solve my predicament. Then I had a dark thought, I wonder.

So I told the driver to take me to the nearest liquor store. It can't be, I thought as I told the driver to wait for me. I went in and bought the first bottle of vodka I could find. As I exited the store I heard a woman scream, it sounded like it was coming from behind the store.


ASSISTANCE: Blink three time to track side quest.


A side quest? I didn't have time for that I muttered and climbed back in the taxi and told him to take me to my work. As he drove off I cracked open the bottle and took a swig. My eyes widened, shit I thought. My mana bar went up a bit. Knowing I only had about 10 minutes, I went to work on the bottle trying to get as much of my mana back as possible. I got to work, absolutely hammered.



Constitution increased


I paid the driver and strode into work avoiding many people as to not let on to my current state. I was less than productive at work considering I was still drinking, and maybe even worse at conjuration. Although I did manage to make 4 pathetic pens over the course of the day. While pathetic, they still counted and I complete my quest as the work day came to an end.







I was quite pleased at how my day had ended. I took another taxi home and this time having near full mana, conjured up my car keys and put them in the door. It took a minute in my slightly drunken state but I soon realized that I needed my house keys. So I conjured them and made my way inside. As I sat down on the couch I closed my eyes for a few seconds, sort of a long blink. But as I opened them, I realized I was in my skill tree. Right, I have to pick a new skill, this time I settled on "Novice Persuasion". I realized I had forgotten to track my new quest, but it wasn't a problem as it was waiting for me in the top left of my vision. I blinked three times




Objective: Successfully trick 3 people using Persuasion - 0/3


I laughed to myself and thought that this could really get interesting. I thought about getting ready for bed but that didn't last long because I passed out due to exhaustion and simply being drunk all day.



I would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support! Due to recommendation, I have created a subreddit to continue the story. I will post part 3 here and on my subreddit, but after that it will only be on there.

You can join me over at /r/xXGARR377Xx

Thanks everybody!

seussim 3 points

This is brilliant, I really enjoyed it and look for to any more if you're feeling up to it :)

pulseduino 1 point

don't stop singing.

you have potential.

seussim 1 point

Thanks :)

The_Cool_Lamp 2 points

It sounds like you’re second guessing your notes and pitch which causes the song to sound fluctuated.

Your annunciation could use some work, your words don’t sound formal or passionate enough for a solo opera song like Stars. An old trick for annunciation that’s commonly taught in choir classes is to sing it like you have an “English accent”.

You have potential, everyone does. If you’re passionate about singing, study and analyze Javerts like Philip Quast and Norm Lewis. Your vocal range fits the Javert role, it just needs refining.

seussim 2 points

Cool, thanks for your advice, I think you're pretty much spot on with all of that. I'll keep working on it and maybe post an update when I feel confident enough. Thanks again for your help :)

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seussim 6 points

Did it all work out in the end though?

Tiffany1013 10 points

Not yet. I couldn't go in and my husband didn't or couldn't explain it to her. He claims to have enough to last him a few days, but honestly, why should I have to make a special trip to fix it? Just so frustrating. If I didn't know better I'd believe her too probably, and I'd be chasing my tail trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist. I guess I have to go by between jobs next week. Joy.

seussim 7 points

Dang, that's annoying, you'll just have head over and teach her how to do her own job

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REEEE_iwantmytendies 145 points

(2/2) “Wilson, any strange activities?”

“No, sir.” I blushed a little bit under his glare. There was no way to know about my little secret, but his lingering stare concerned me a bit nonetheless.

He seemed happy, and moved on to my friend Joe. I let my shoulders relax a little bit and walked back to my desk. I opened up the monitoring program and reached the history monitor of the love of my life.

He was a normal man, but he intrigued me. His Facebook profile identified him as Francisco Polos, a skier who had moved from Canada in pursuit of a better, safer, and more stable job. He had a profile on ‘francpolos5’, but I had yet to gather the courage to ask him out their off of work.

He had many of the same interests as I did- skiing, for one. His Instagram showed me beautiful pictures of snowy landscapes and live videos of him flying down from the mountaintops like a snowy angel.

I’d been assigned Francisco three weeks ago, after a quick search he made for “terrorist info.” Not a concern in my mind, but I was to watch him nonetheless.

I heard a yawn to my right and leaned over.

“Long day too, huh?” I asked.

“Yeah. Pretty sure this guy’s up to something, but the boss won’t take any action. I swear if there’s another attack that happens and he didn’t do anything I’ll report him.”

I nodded in agreement, and glanced back to the history monitor quickly, but as soon as I did I felt my stomach drop.

His latest search was for “NSA Agent Wilson”.

seussim 3 points

Loving the story so far, any chance of a continuation?

REEEE_iwantmytendies 5 points

I could do a part three where they meet up, yeah.

seussim 2 points

I would very much enjoy that, take your time on it though, don't rush :)

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Mulanisabamf 59 points

Numberphile = have an upvote. It's great, and goes into exactly these kind of things.

seussim 20 points

If you're into big numbers and have some spare time for a bit of reading, this is pretty good too

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Gambatte 876 points

Any change increases productivity, even if that change is completely random.

Experimental Method:
1 red Vault suit, 99 blue Vault suits. The red Vault suit is given to a random Vault dweller every cycle. No reason is ever given for why a Vault dweller is given the red suit on any given day.

Expected results:
A non-zero number of Vault dwellers will develop the belief that the red Vault suit is a reward. As such, they will work harder and more closely follow established processes to minimize errors in order to try to earn a day in the red Vault suit. As a direct consequence, overall Vault productivity will be increased.

Experimental data:
To be collected

To be conducted after data collection is completed

To be developed after analysis completed

seussim 4 points

I haven't seen Better Off Ted, but apparently you have

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seussim 2 points

I remember this game as well and used to play it all the time but stopped playing it after my computer broke. I only just found out that it had shut down a couple of days ago. I think it would be great if someone with good knowledge in software could bring back this game as it does bring back some very fond memories.

AdventureLand171 1 point

Thanks for replying! How did you find out the game shut down? Did something randomly remind you of it?

Are you sure your computer is broken? It's a common thing I hear "my computer broke" when a lot of the time it's just a virus problem that can be fixed easily (although some viruses are difficult to remove and some even cause permanent damage).

If you like, I could help you fix it. Is it a virus problem or what is it? I don't know much about software engineering but I am relatively tech savvy in general. If you have a virus, it's usually very easy to remove with just a few full scans with Malwarebytes. (A free antimalware software...there's a paid version but the free one is good enough for me.)

And good to know there's more Adventure Rock fans out there! :D Also, do you happen to have Adventure Rock installed on your computer that you think is broken? If so, we may have a chance in getting it to work as there might be a possibility that some people with certain versions of Adventure Rock might run despite the server being shut down (just a guess....but maybe some update process never started on someone's version of AR and perhaps that's the key to get the game to launch without the server since the server was shut down).

seussim 1 point

Hi again! I'm not entirely sure how I found out, I think it was when I was remembering old games that I used to play but it could have been something completely different.

As to my computer, I think it's just a problem with my charger, one that can be easily fixed by buying a new charger.

Finally, unfortunately no, I don't have Adventure Rock on my broken computer. That was on a family computer that we got rid of a few years back.

I also remember reading somewhere else that you could still download it, but it just wouldn't change and all the bugs they never got round to fixing would also still be in it. I'll try and found out this alternative place to download it from and report back.

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