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I guess I make a mental note that if they're seen with a person other than their SO it's all ok and above board and I should not be alarmed.

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Maybe they should report you? Cause you fantasize about them looking at your junk? Just saying.

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I buy frozen breakfast sandwiches in bulk

I dunno, that sounds like the kind of thing someone would say to manipulate me, or to mean they misunderstand that I'm a human.

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Where is the conflict between being an inspiration to artistic expression and being a human. It's like saying you can't be both a mother and a human or be a worker and a human. I think it's kind of a false dichotomy.

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It's like someone doesn't recognize that I have flaws and I'm not a godly/mythological being.

It's not like any time anyone says that they don't get this, it's more how the term gets commonly used.

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I put my cat in a cat-hotel during the trip. I have three cat-hotels I know of in case one doesn't have vacancy.

Fat upper arms.

Fat upper arms.

Fat upper arms.

I really want one of those mopping roombas.


There ARE things that depend on the time of year of your birth. Sich as whether you're older/younger when entering school or which types of allergens you're exposed to when. Astrology has nothing to do with them.

Short legs, shitty clutch that I had to push real far in.

I've approached everyone I've dated... I'm not good at showing I like someone unless I very directly say.

I dunno about ratio though, maybe dudes on the street shouting at me are approaching me, that happens a lot.

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This was the first thing that came to mind as well!

I don't ever have to ask him to clean up after himself, he does the things he says he's going to, he does his equal share of the emotional labour.. but when it comes to going for regular check ups or seeing the dentist? He just continually puts it off. I could understand it if he couldn't afford it or there was something actually stopping him but he just doesn't see it as important unless something is wrong.

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Yeah, that's the issue my husband has too... he just seems to think that he can wait until he notices something is wrong.

I suck at eye contact, but not that badly, I know to look at the face.

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That sounds pretty neat tbh. Definitely better than some other ones out there

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In my experience it's pretty bad really for my area, it's an extremely high deductible, basically useless insurance unless I had a major, major medical event. They even use excuses to pass on preventative bills that they say they should cover. I've had the insurance cover all of 1 bill in 5 years, and it's because I spent a lot of time on the phone telling them they are supposed to cover annual health checkups. Friends I've talked to have deductibles in the $2,000 range that they actually hit. But eh. Unless I quit my job or pay more per month out of pocket for a private plan outside my company... that's what I get.

I'm not OP but are you living in Canada

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20s because high school parties seem to be some absurd sneaking around and whatever. 20s people have their own places.

After my mother died stuff came out. Eh. None of the secrets were particularly bad so... eh.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. I read that about as fast as I read the actual HP books.

'03 Mercury Sable

Got to a point where we were lucky if it started up and got to the main road. It froze to the ground once (losing tires), its back shocks shattered once (also lost some tires), the steering wheel pins got messed up so steering it was awful until we figured that out, it ate batteries because of some electrical leak, and we had to replace the starter twice. Also once it got wasps in its gas cap. Which was the worst, cause wasps.

I quit, they told me to leave right away and gave me a verbal agreement to pay my last two weeks because I had vacation time. They posted the paycheck to my account and rescinded it, I had to contact city government to get it back.

I did have a new job starting right after the old but losing a paycheck was incredibly tough at the time. Would have started the new job the next week had I known they were going to pull this.

Get things in writing folks.

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