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Full disclosure, I am both a Hawks and Duke fan. Both players are playing hard trying to prove themselves and get tangled up -- it happens. Allen is backing out as to not escalate the situation. Young is rightfully upset that Allen is on him, but does overreact due to his growing frustrations. Lets not make this about finding any and all faults about Allen just because a majority of people do not like him. Young is more at fault than Allen here and there is nothing here at all really. Just a push or two.

I'm at work, so can someone give me a TL;DR.

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Braves have played 36.6% of their games against the top 36 pitchers (based on fWAR). This produces a record of 18-8 (winning 69.2% of the time). The record for these top 36 pitchers against the Braves is 5-14 (the bullpens are not the usual reason for a Braves win). Braves are hitting .248/.291/.379. This is not bad, but it does mean that our pitchers have been going toe to toe against the season's elite. Also, Folty ranks 12th on the fWAR list, while Newcomb is 22nd.

I also recently bought a 2012 S60, but in black (an upgrade from a 2001 S60). I couldn't be happier.

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