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shadilal_gharjode commented on a post in r/india
ppatra 1 point

Got it this month:

This is my first card and what I have heard this is the best for online purchases especially with their amazon tie ups.

You'll receive the gift voucher after paying the first month bill which includes joining fee of ₹500.

Here is there rewards page, good collection I'd say. You are likely to get atpeast 2000 points every year and they have amazon gift voucher, parker pens, Tupperware products, Raymond goft vouchers and lots more.

also have you logged into the app? The app is slick and has all the features to track outstanding, reward points.

How much limit did you get? with a fd or salaried?

shadilal_gharjode 2 points

How much limit did you get? with a fd or salaried?

I got arnd 2L. Salaried.

Yes, the app is lightweight and has essential features, especially related to RPs.

Thanks for replying, man!!

ppatra 1 point

Lol, mine's tiny 30k with a FD. 😅

Please use your card responsibly with all that limit, pay dues in time. also turn off international transaction if you don't plan to use it on international websites. If you haven't received pin you can generate from the app.

I'm pretty surprised with their service and app/site functionality, miles ahead than the competition. Even SBI's own banking app (Anywhere) is better than the rest and lightweight, fast, responsive.

Ps: this card is specially made to get rewards on online purchase only, which is why I got the card.

shadilal_gharjode 1 point

Even SBI's own banking app (Anywhere) is better than the rest and lightweight, fast, responsive.

Probably because SBICards is a totally different business entity with totally different administration and business strategy. They still need to work on their customer support though. It's very primitive when compared to those of Citi, for instance.

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shadilal_gharjode commented on a post in r/quotes
grape-milkshake 14 points

A bunch of non-alcoholics who don't fuck hookers routinely.


shadilal_gharjode 2 points

That's alright that you know who you are. But 'can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?' :D

shadilal_gharjode 6 points


The writer picks up from the sacking of US SoS Rex Tillerson and the transformation of the tone in the media of him being 'soft on Russia' to 'anti-Russian martyr'. He comments on the excessive focus of the US politicians and people, in general, of the propensity to rationalize the election of a man, apparently not suited for the top job, by blaming it on Russia.

The history the two nations share, makes it convenient too. So much so, that almost everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that there were indeed two 'anti-establishment' factions present during the US Presidential polls, represented by Democrat Sanders and Republican Trump and those were the American people after all, who put the latter as their national leader. He gives several other symptoms of the same chasm, for which Russia might not necessarily be the factor.

The writer characterises it as the 'self-blinding prism' and a possible upshot of the 'neo-McCarthyism'.

amough321 1 point

well they cant lower their price because

This year netflix is spending over 8 billion dollars on originals which include half a dozen indian originals and if it wants to keep spending like that next year, netflix is gonna need some cash.

if it wants to survive when apple and disney dip their feet fully in online streaming, its going need several originals like house of cards and game of thrones to compete with them.

If they cut the price, international costumers are just gonna buy their netflix subscription from india at a cheaper rate which would cut down their revenue, and everyone knows what that means.

What netflix can do for its indian costumers is make deals with network operators so more people can stream netflix on mobile data at even cheaper rate.

shadilal_gharjode 1 point

Well they are going to lose miserably to Prime then, in India.

blanktrails 1 point

How people who clear other govt exams better fit for army. Why don't they consider army as separate job and give some people a job.

shadilal_gharjode 1 point

I think you are taking it the other way. The idea seems that because those gazetted posts are so few and elite in nature, in terms of powers and perks, and hence so few that the competition is so fierce(UPSC recruits less than 0.1% of the total candidates through Civil Services Examinations every year), only those who have served in the forces for sometime deserve to apply.

blanktrails 1 point

The article says, army has high number of vacant seats in all cadres, and this way they can fill up those seats.

shadilal_gharjode 1 point

Yes, but people are not interested in serving Army. Why do you think there’s so much unemployment among the youth. The gp A posts’ eligibility are an incentive to serve in the forces for at least 5 years.

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