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The article picks up its cue from the recent discussions in the Indian academia, one side of which feels appreciative towards one of the medieval-era Delhi Sultans Alauddin Khilji for thwarting Mongol's attempts to conquer India.

The writer here, presenting a view from the other end of the spectrum, assesses and compares the two sides, and infers that if not better, Mongols were certainly not worse than the ruling Sultans of India.

ritzyguy 0 points

Zerodha for trading. Best for scalping.

shadilal_gharjode 1 point

What’s scalping?

ppatra 5 points

Demat account is where your shares will be held after buying,, currently there are two dp providers NSDL & CDSL. You need a trading account along with it. The trading companies partners with CDSL or NSDL for demat account.

I'm currently with Zerodha. Dead simple app, good website, tons of feature on the desktop app(I never had to use it). It's the only one out there with modern ui, others look ancient. Customer care is decent. They have their own dp with CDSL.

AMC is just ₹300/year. Brokerage is free if you are going to invest (delivery) on a stock.

ICICI, HDFC is more expensive.

shadilal_gharjode 2 points

Hey. Thanks for responding. Two questions:

  1. So there is absolutely no brokerage if we trade in stocks? Both intraday or otherwise?
  2. Is there any charge to transfer money from your bank account to Zerodha?
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Bhai, first of all. DO NOT think of suicide. At all. You have aimed to be a civil servant and I am sure you will be one. Think of the challenges you will then have to face on a daily basis. You must quit this defeatist and escapist attitude and start thinking of problems as resolvable challenges.

As to your specific issue, I myself am facing something similar. I am trying to convince my mother of something that my own evolved thinking finds easy to comprehend, but for her it essentially challenges her identity and existence.

How do you deal with it? I suggest you get some money together and take her out somewhere to talk. Make her meet people who are Sikh from heart, and not necessarily from rituals.

She seems like a nice person. So never be hostile to her. Persist and she will understand eventually.

Lastly, let go of all the guilt, of you have any, of any kind. Believe in yourself and your thoughts. Biggest of all don’t let your or your mother’s health be affected adversely. Because if that happens, all the effort will go down the drain. Force yourself to be positive. It reinforces your argument multiple times.

Again, Do Not Quit. You are going to be a civil servant. You are going to be a problem solver. It should not be in your nature to quit. :)

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prepbirdy 23 points

Trump is about to put an end to that.

shadilal_gharjode 1 point

I am highly skeptical about what that man says.

B0h1c4 14 points

It's kind of strange that they consider what is "natural" anyway. Who cares if it's natural?

It seems like the court should be more concerned if an act poses any sort of risk or threat to the health and safety of the public. If it doesn't pose a significant threat, then why outlaw it?

shadilal_gharjode 5 points

It is actually a British Colonial relic that was based on the Victorian mentality. The British themselves had one such legislation until the 1960s.

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