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shakexjake commented on a post in r/BikeCammers
JuniorFun 1 point

Paint buffers only work if there are parking spaces on the other side of said buffer. We very rarely get cars parking in the cycle lane here since the loading spaces prevent that. There's also a hashed area to prevent cyclists from being in the door zone.

shakexjake 1 point

It didn't look like vehicles - especially but not only delivery trucks - were always careful to avoid parking over the paint buffer in the video posted. Maybe it's the culture, maybe it takes time for drivers to get used to, or maybe there are differences in the cases themselves, but paint buffers with parking in the other side doesn't seem to be a working solution on this side of the pond...

JuniorFun 1 point

True, see my other comment about kerb separation in this thread. That's always better psychologically but both seem to work well in Manchester when implemented right.

shakexjake 1 point

You don't happen to have more info on the material they are using for those small curbs, do you? I've seen similar ones in both concrete (like you'd find in parking lots) and plastics that are cheap (and moveable, good for pilot programs). Or is it just a regular curb?

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shakexjake commented on a post in r/boston
shakexjake 6 points

There's no reason Columbus/Tremont needs to be three lanes going through this intersection to Jackson Square. It cuts down to two lanes each way at the intersections anyway, so the only thing the extra lane does is encourage reckless speeding (and add confusion at those two other lights). Narrowing the road would make the car part of this intersection smaller, leaving more space for pedestrian and cyclist safety features.

SurlyInTheMorning 2 points

wreckless speeding

If only! 😜

shakexjake 2 points

Edited, thanks! It really is anything but wreck-less.

shakexjake commented on a post in r/FixedGearBicycle
shakexjake 1 point

Why not leave the front disc wheel/brake on?

ahongo 1 point

I did for awhile, but the disc wheel is distractingly different from the fixed wheel, and it bothered me. I try not to ride it on trails where I’d really need a handbrake.

shakexjake 1 point

Fair enough! I've just always wanted a disc brake on my fgb (but not enough to buy a new fork)

shakexjake commented on a post in r/cycling
cozmo_not 1 point

I have thought about that. I'd like to go ahead and get rolling tho. Instead of waiting for parts over the next few weeks. Idk so many decisions

shakexjake 0 points

Yeah, I feel that. I personally prefer supporting a smaller brand like Surly (I love my Steamroller!), but to each their own! Both look like great options, and that's what can make these decisions the most difficult.

Ol_Man_J 4 points

QBP owns surly, salsa, and all city. About half the size of spesh but it’s not exactly “the little guy” anymore.

shakexjake 2 points

Less than half the size, plus they focus on supporting small bike shops much more than any of the big brands do. The definition of 'small' is all relative, but I still feel better giving them and the bike shop that sells me their bikes my money.

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shakexjake commented on a post in r/IAmA
nbcapbio 2,467 points

PO: I would want to see Bowie in the 70s or I would have loved to have seen a Wu-Tang Clan when ODB was alive.

GH: Bowie in the 70s is pretty fucking great. Pink Floyd in concert anything post Dark Side of the Moon.

shakexjake 1 point

post Dark Side?? Have you never seen Live in Pompeii?

shakexjake commented on a post in r/MapPorn
maphound 5 points

Thanks! I developed the website and added the maps. There are thousands of maps in there!

shakexjake 3 points

Wow, thanks! I used this site, in combination with digitized birth records, to find out what's on the site of what was my great-grandma's West End birth home! (Spoiler: it's an apartment tower)

maphound 3 points

On the upper left in Mapjunction there is a button that makes a link. You can then copy that URL posted here so we can see where in the West End you're referring to

shakexjake 2 points

Doesn't look as pretty, but these were the maps I used and the approximate location (I can't remember the exact street number any more, but it was on Chambers St).

shakexjake commented on a post in r/WTF
PrettyFlyForABillNye 331 points

That’s not at all typical; I’d like to point that out.

shakexjake 27 points

Not the kind of reference I expect to see twice in one day...

Dakoda4 12 points

What's the reference?

shakexjake 46 points
shakexjake commented on a post in r/phillycycling
shakexjake 3 points

So where does that leave cyclists? Cars drive in the damn bike lanes and nobody bats an eye, but filtering gets people up in arms because people can't be bothered to look before they open a car door? Damned if we stick to bike lanes, damned if we ride with traffic.

shakexjake commented on a post in r/urbanplanning
nowhere--man 1 point

I remember following the trail along the Charles to here running and than realizing I had to either turn around or run around the whole interchange. The area has absolutely no foot traffic paths.

shakexjake 1 point

I don't know how long ago that was, but the trail absolutely continues past this area today. The path narrows and crosses a street at a crosswalk, but it definitely doesn't require walking around the whole interchange.

shakexjake commented on a post in r/casualiama
Bbbianca24 4 points

And don’t apologize. Now you know. :) most police officers carry them these days and all EMT/fire department personal do I believe.

shakexjake 2 points

Unfortunately there are still police departments that don't carry narcan.

shakexjake commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
realvmouse 3 points

You can link if if you escape the parens with "\"

In theory.

Let's see if I can put it into practice:


It worked! Below is what I literally typed (note the slashes in front of the parens):\(2\)_tcm5-5281.pdf
shakexjake 1 point

This is like Reddit Stackexchange.

Dyslexter 24 points

Being from London that is the sweetest little metro map! it's so easy to read versus ours which is a fucking nightmare.

Anyway I'd do it like this

  • Spectrum (Violet/purple/red/orange/yellow/green/turqoise/teal/blue/)

  • Metalics

  • Greyscale

Edit: I should make it clear I'm not taking the London transport system for granted; It's one of the few things I'm patriotically proud of.

shakexjake 3 points

Every city can thank London for that map though - it's become the blueprint of almost every other transit map, being the first to use only vertical, horizontal, and 45o lines and equally spacing stops. Before London made (an early version of) transit maps were geographically-based and nearly impossible to decipher.

Also, DC has an advantage on having a simple Metro system, having only been built in the 1970s, compared to the tunnels dating to the 1860s for the Underground.

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