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shakexjake 3 points

It looks like the real problem here is that Delancey is not a safe street to cycle on. There is no bike lane on either side except for this median, and that's only there for one block to connect a N-S bike lane to the bridge. The only safe cycling connection to the bridge is through two parallel one-way cycle lanes to the north (the south-bound one connects via that median bike lane), or a two-way buffered lane to the south.

Here's a good Google Maps view of what the intersection looks like. Suffolk St to the north has the south-bound bike lane that connects via that median, and Clifton is its paired north-bound bike lane to the north, and has the two-way buffered bike lane to the south. I don't really see a good option for cyclists who need to head West from the bridge at all, unfortunately.

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AfonsoFGarcia 4 points

That's a very good point...

shakexjake 1 point

Although this same logic can be used to justify either bike:

The Colnago because it's prettier, or the Canyon because you can fit wider, more comfortable tires.

athrowawaynic 2 points

Pfft. Those bikes are literally unrideable.


shakexjake 3 points

Is it ever rideable if it's not a C̨̼̱è̵͚̬͖̠̜͡r̨͚̜̖̥̗̥͟͡ͅv̩̼e͉̖̭̙̳̗̱͖ͅl͘҉̗̤̠͖ͅo̥̖͍͍̟?

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shakexjake 1 point

What frame is that? I'm wondering if it's worth it to do something similar with my also-entry-level Jamis Nova Sport.

BoKristensen 1 point

Focus Mares AX

shakexjake 1 point

Still a bit less entry-level than mine. Still seeing how transformed your bike looks is giving me ideas!

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PisseGuri82 3 points

Oh, there's definitely stuff I don't know that's common knowledge. I suck with numbers, I can't do basic multiplication in my head. But I know that I don't know, I don't get surprised when people tell me the answer.

shakexjake 1 point

It's hard to know that the only representation of the world you've ever seen is wrong, though. This isn't a problem that you either know or don't know, it's a fact you've been shown your whole life that you have no reason to believe is a misrepresentation of the truth.

PisseGuri82 1 point

Honest question, because I'm not American: Is the Mercator actually the only projection you use? Where I'm from, between the standard school atlas, news reels and the wall maps in hotel lobbies and places like that, people are exposed to at least four or five different projections, plus globes.

I just feel that if you have looked at maps enough to have a general idea of the size of Chile or Saudi Arabia, you will have seen them in different shapes.

shakexjake 1 point

I had a globe at home, but in school there was a Mercanter projection map in every elementary school classroom and every history or geography classroom in high school and that was it. Maybe some schools are different, but I understand that to be more or less the norm.

Hopefully someone else can chime in?

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galmaegisal 20 points

From another article

Reps. Nicholas Boldyga, Kevin Kuros, Marc Lombardo, James Lyons and Shaunna O'Connell were the only votes in opposition.

shakexjake 31 points
shakexjake commented on a post in r/boston
emperormark 128 points

This is an updated approximation of what the T map would look like if all under construction, planned, and proposed expansions were completed and operational. The additions to this map from the last post which include many of the community’s suggestions include:

  • The Green Line Extension now goes as far as Porter Square and West Medford
  • Extending the Orange Line to Roslindale, West Roxbury, and Needham by upgrading and replacing the Needham Line
  • Orange Line extension to Reading from Oak Grove via Medford, as formerly proposed
  • Extending the Blue Line further than Esplanade to Kenmore to relieve congestion on the Green Line Tunnel
  • Upgrading the “D” Branch of the Green Line to Rapid Transit by extending the Blue Line to Riverside
  • Consolidating some Green Line stations that were close together to improve running times
  • Extending the Purple Line to the Gateway Cities of Lowell and Brockton, as well as the suburbs of Dedham, Stoughton and Beverly
  • Adding a Circle Line to improve the connection between Allston/Brighton and Jamaica Plain
  • Creation of the Yellow Line by using the rail bridge over the Charles under the BU Bridge and the existing right-of-way through Cambridge
  • Increasing Transit Coverage in South Boston via Summer Street and L Street Silver Line service

Some Notes

  • All Silver Line Routes outside of the Ted Williams Tunnel will operate in exclusive bus lanes or separate busways to avoid traffic
  • Traditional Commuter Rail trains still run on Purple Line corridors, but terminate at North or South station rather than passing through Atlantic
  • Commuter Rail Lines have been extended to improve access to Greater Boston for more far-flung communities
  • Service intervals on the Purple Line branches are now at 8 minute intervals, up from 16, resulting in 32 trains per hour in the 4-track center tunnel
  • Traditional Bus service, though not included on this map, helps to connect stations that are further out on many lines
shakexjake 1 point

Who proposed turning the Washington St Silver Line routes to Green Line trolleys?

shakexjake commented on a post in r/bikecommuting
Busch__Light 1 point


I'm saying, in order from left to right: median, left hand curb or shoulder, bike lane, traffic lane(s), parallel parking lane, right hand curb, sidewalk. Drivers would only cross the bike lane to make left turns. Same as it already is, but switch right turns for left--which is arguably easier for drivers to spot cyclists because they're on the driver's side. A left hand bike lane eliminates parked cars from the equation entirely.

Nowhere could anyone open a door to hit a cyclist because there is no left hand side parking in the US, unless it's a one way street in a downtown area.

shakexjake 1 point

Sorry - I'm living in a city now that has been putting almost all of the bike lanes on the left-hand side on one-way streets with parking on both sides, so that was what I had in mind. I guess I forgot how uncommon parking on the left is in most places.

The only other issue I can see on left-hand bike lanes is that they require cyclists to cross the street to just get to the bike lane. On a lot of roads that's probably not an issue, but it might not be a good idea on a higher speed road. And in fact just the presence of a median is associated with higher traffic speeds, so that would be a fairly common situation.

Busch__Light 1 point

Yeah it's not a perfect system but I think in certain residential areas it could work well. My best solution for getting there is to get to an intersection by sidewalk and cross with the light, then get into the cycling lane.

In a dense city, I'll just take a lane of traffic and the cars can kiss my ass.

shakexjake 1 point

Of course, just pointing out that nothing is a catch-all solution, especially ones that don't involve physical barriers from cars.

And while I do the same in city traffic, we should still strive for better infrastructure for those who aren't as comfortable with the idea. (And even if you're the most careful and skilled cyclist, there's only so far taking the lane can go - I was rear ended while stopped at a traffic light while taking the lane over the weekend.)

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Mix-Flagon 4 points

You youngsters missed out on pre-Internet/smartphone traveling. I used to use the Guia Roji city map when I first visited Mexico City. Sure, it was large and unwieldy, but it was an adventure. And I got lost a lot. But it was fun. Nowadays, I too use GPS/Google Maps, but I think something gets lost when you're so certain about where you are.

shakexjake 1 point

I've found that having GPS/Google Maps in my pocket can help with getting lost. I know it's counterintuitive, but knowing that I'll always be able to find my way if I am lost means I don't have to care too much when I do.

shakexjake commented on a post in r/IdiotsInCars
FauxmingAtTheMouth 18 points

And on BMWs they mean that you can park anywhere, even if it completely blocks the one lane, one way street, because, you know, your deli lunch is more important than anything else.

shakexjake 5 points

What do you want a Beemer driver to do? Park a half-block away and walk under a minute for his deli lunch?

shakexjake commented on a post in r/cycling
graymulligan 2 points

I would say that happens in a very small percentage of car issues, and would suggest that most of the time it's simply people driving badly, and not out to get people.

I assume you're pressing charges? Seems like a slam dunk assault case.

shakexjake 1 point

Well it only takes one driver like that to kill someone, so that small percentage is enough to have many cyclists worried.

Luckily I'm fine, and the only damage to my bike is the tire and a slightly out of true wheel. Unfortunately with no witnesses who saw the road rage leading up to the crash, there isn't a slam dunk assault case. But I'm happy enough to (hopefully) have their insurance pay for the new tire and truing.

graymulligan 3 points

I'm worried about any hazard on the road, especially cars. But I'm not paranoid enough to think there's a motorized hit squad out there stalking cyclists.

shakexjake 1 point

Major difference is that with the few drivers who do intend to cause harm, there's nothing we can do to avoid it, unlike other hazards.

I agree that things are blown out of proportion sometimes, but I think it's understandable to be worried about the few drivers who are out to cause harm (which doesn't need to involve physical contact, either - being buzzed or yelled at are both common and very much intentional harm) that's outside of our control.

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shakexjake commented on a post in r/cycling
shakexjake 1 point

If your frame is still in good shape, you might want to just tune the bike up and maybe upgrade a few parts. The great thing about a single speed's simplicity is that they're easy to work on, and you can get a new-bike feel without spending new-bike money.

Making sure the chain isn't too worn and properly lubed, all of the bearings spin well, and your brakes stop you in time will be most important as far as maintenance. Parts to look at for upgrades would be brake pads, brake cables, tires, the chain, or other drivetrain components.

shakexjake commented on a post in r/AskReddit
suitology 80 points

nah nah nah, hipsters are diffrent man it's aggressive and fast. the most feared gangs can't slow it down. I highly suspect their mustaches are waxed with the blood of the fallen and those dirt floor open bars are built upon the mass graves of competition.

shakexjake 12 points

'Aggressive and fast neighborhood change' is the literal definition of gentrification.

shakexjake commented on a post in r/BikeCammers
TheRealIdeaCollector 2 points

Car insurers have strict laws they must follow on how they can decide who can be insured and for how much. In general, they're not allowed to use evidence such as camera footage unless there's a collision or the driver is charged with a violation.

On the other hand, if you do see a collision occur (and more so if you are involved) then one insurer or the other will definitely want to see your video (though in many cases they'll find that it can't be used).

shakexjake 1 point

Could you expand a bit on why the video footage wouldn't be usable when there's a collision?

shakexjake commented on a post in r/philadelphia
envriogis 3 points

Only if someone reports it. If you aren't in a permited/metered zone, the PPA won't ticket you unless someone calls the cops. If the cops don't feel like giving you a ticket themselves, they have the PPA do it.

shakexjake 3 points

There was a car parked illegally (and dangerously) that I reported to PPA and the police and it remained there un-ticketed for literally months, so that's not necessarily true.

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