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*100 just in case OP is trying this and not getting a percentage.

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Could format the cell as a percentage too couldn't you?

Ok. Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, in order to have the function of a typical subscription based VPN, you would need to have customers/more than one person using your connection, right?

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Nope, set up the VPN server on your pi, set up the port forwards, then connect with your device while outside your network. Works like a commercial VPN, but free and only accessed by you.

Thank you very much, I'll definitely look into this, it'd be nice not to have to pay for a VPN.

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No worries, like mentioned above PiVPN is a very easy VPN setup I believe based on OpenVPN

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Up time is never so important than when the wife noticed you broke the internet. #truth

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Heaven forbid she can't get on her Ark server for the weekend pvp raids that just started.

I see that r/thanosdidnothingwrong is working its way across the reddi-verse.

Not that it would be necessarily recommended from a security standpoint, a "it works" method could be to simply enable upnp. This should work for the Xbox version but I don't know if the steam version of Ark will use upnp to open those ports.

Are you saying you went into the router and to the port forwarding page and opened those ports pointing to your ark server (presumably a static IP) but it isn't forwarding? Or is it forwarding but your friends aren't able to connect?

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I went in to my router and open up ports on my server computer that was needed but when i use programs to see if certain port are open, both 7777 UDP/TCP and 27015 UDP/TCP are closed to those programs

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Well, if you opened the ports on the router and a web service still says that it can't see the open ports, I'd first verify all the numbers are correct (IP/ports/etc) then check the firewall on the server computer. If active, it could be blocking those ports at the host level. You could easily test this by disabling the firewall, but I believe this doesn't work for Xbox as the teredo tunnel requires the windows firewall to be enabled. If this is the case, you would be able to make a new set of rules that allows all inbound/outbound connections.

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I would suggest the Unifi side of the house, such as a USG (3 port), an 8 port switch (I would say the 60w version with 4 Poe ports for expandability later especially since it is usually only about $10-20 more) and your choice of AP whether it be the lite or pro, or even nano hd. That would depend on what sort of coverage you need and budget constraints.

The issue with mixing the Edge/Unifi lines as I recall is that they use different configuration interfaces. I am personally a fan of everything being managed by the singular piece of software. As far as the controller, you can either get a CloudKey or set up the software on your computer, as a VM or in AWS. It doesn't have to be always running, unless you want all the data/DPS info from the network. Will have to have it running to make network changes though.

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This is similar to what I started with. I bought a USG and a LR and just used the poe injector. I already had a Linux server so the controller is running on it.

I'm finally upgrading after a year. My wife bought me the 60w switch and I picked up a second AP for the other side of the house.

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How do you like the LR? Do you think it actually makes a difference over the standard Lite? I've heard that it wont be useful unless the wireless device actually has a strong enough radio to reciprocate that signal. I started with a USG then nabbed a 8-60W and an ac pro, followed later with a second 8-60W and ac pro. I was running the controller in a Debian VM on my Mac mini that was already on all the time, after which I migrated to a free tier AWS instance when I thought I might host a few other networks. That ended up falling through and I started having issues with the EC2 instance so I ended up just going back to hosting a local controller via CloudKey. You could say I've definitely caught the Unifi bug, and have to fight the urge to get yet more without having a good justification...I even got a big ole box of CAT5e for the second AP which is upstairs but I found out I could wirelessly uplink it with relatively decent performance so I took the lazy route and stuck with that. Spoke with my dad lately and he was talking about getting some rack sized storage units and immediately I started pondering what sort of Unifi gear to hook it up

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I have called my ISP and they clearly told me they can't do anything about it and that we should've thought about it earlier. I thought about a cloud-based solution but the DVR at my company doesn't even support it (my company paid around 3k€ to a contractor to setup the cameras a few years ago and now their support don't know what to do, great.).

I'm maybe going to buy WIFI cameras and setup a NAS to save the footage. If someone has WIFI cameras that supports NAS without all this SD card/paid cloud bs I'm open to suggestions. I don't even know if that's possible, I doubt it.

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Ubiquiti has ip cams and you can either buy their NVR or build your own system to fit your needs and install the Unifi Video software on it free.

This is kind of misleading.

This would be true for some but not all.

For instance, say you lived in an apartment complex or rowhouses. You WILL end up having to change channels somewhat regularly. That's just my two cents.

That's not to say that ubiquiti isnt a significant upgrade from the R7000. I too made that change about a year ago and have loved it.

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Not really, my ap's appear to auto adjust their channels as necessary when they find there is a certain level of interference.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I’ll need to see the screen so that wouldn’t work.

It’s going to be one of those “I’m on a weird screen and I don’t know what to do” things.

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Also from what I've noticed you have to be in the same subnet to get it to connect.

You could do a driving/traffic type game where your blob has to avoid the blobs coming up from the bottom of the screen.

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Something like frogger

28.3k points · 2 months ago

Open Broadcaster Software. Can be use to record or stream with many features.

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Streamlabs has done a good job of their forked version of OBS.

I used to do the floorplan (their furniture catalogue is really big), I subscribed to have a HD export , then in Photoshop I created a lights off version and a lights on version, then I mask the rooms with illustrator and modify the code of the SVG file with sublime in order to add the IDs and change the opacity of each mask when the group lights is on. Pretty much it

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Oh, is that all? ʘ‿ʘ

But the important question is whether or not the front doors open the same or like normal doors?

Original Poster3 points · 2 months ago

Normal doors, thank god. I actually mildly hate those damn showy falcon-wing monstrosities. They look cool, but they're impractical mechanical nightmares that draw even more attention than my pink car already does …

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Rofl, that's good. Had actually thought it was white until you mentioned it. Of course, depending on where you are located, the fact that it's a Tesla may also increase the noticeability...

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Thanks for the help @xatrekak and @PetieM. I've got it working internally. I had tried swapping the rules around earlier but maybe didn't get it quite right. Now the only issue getting the right rule to allow the NVR internet access for cloud access. At the moment it can ping the NAS and the USG, it just can't ping the internet, for example. I've tried a rule under all WAN IN/OUT/LOCAL to allow the NVR's IP to access any IP group but no luck yet.

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3 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

The IN/OUT/LOCAL rules only affect ports inbound, outbound, and the USG directly (from the LAN/WAN as noted). Likely you'd want the rules on LAN_IN, I don't believe you typically use WAN_OUT/LAN_OUT much, except for some rare use cases (unless I'm wrong). Blocking or allowing internal access to the internet would then be done via LAN_IN, as I recall there is a default rule that allows established connections already on WAN_IN. As mentioned elsewhere in the comments, make sure your allow statement is before the blocks and you should be good.

Edit: as far as the fix the seems to work, sounds ok to me. Not claiming to be an expert but it sounds like solid logic, only allow outbound from the NVR and only allow established inbound...which should only ever be the NVR anyways.

1 point · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

Unless I overlooked it, you missed the hardware labels on the ESXi servers? As in what sort of servers/specs you are using. Nice job though! I see you have 4 vlans listed, how are you using those? If you have Deluge in its own vlan that forces it through the PIA interface, how do you access it locally? I've been contemplating doing that sort of thing with my setup, but not sure how to be able to access the media directly unless I VM the apps and then direct connect to an alternate port on my NAS maybe.

Edit: taught phone that a vlan is different than a clan, and more things.

Not sure, it might be urs if none of them can join u. But there's also the possibility that all of them have strict NAT.

Just go Xbox network settings and have everyone look at their NAT. Strict NATs cannot play with other strict NATs or Moderates. I couldn't join my friend cuz I had moderate and he had strict, but my other friends had Open. We ended up having another friend buy another copy of ark on PC.

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Piggybacking off of that, if the Xbox app reports moderate NAT how would i go about fixing that? I had every port for all versions of Ark listed in the port forwards table to the server but it still shows up as join failed on both my desktop (client) and the xbox.

4 points · 3 months ago

You can use the windows play anywhere as well, run the server on the pc (because the pc is classed as my home pc i can set my sisters silver account to run it) the everyone you want to play just join on the various xboxes.

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What did you do in regards to port forwarding? I'm having issues. I allowed all ports through the Windows firewall (because if you disable the firewall Teredo doesn't appear to work), enabled RCON (which i can now connect to), and noticed that the game is listening on port 7777. But for the life of me i cant get any other client (the play anywhere client on my desktop or the wife's xbox) to be able to connect. All i get is "Join failed". Do you have any suggestions or tips for issues you ran into?

That's surprising, I kind of always assume the US is ahead of the rest of the world.

Where I live, you'd be paid directly into your bank account (even as a contractor), and it would be so much against the interest of your employer to cheat you out of any money, as in, that would be such an expensive mistake, it just never happens.

You wouldn't need to hire a lawyer or anything, you'd lodge a complaint with the employment tribunals service and at that point if the company is in the wrong, you'll get paid what you are owed at the very least, but more than likely you'll get some extra on top. They take a very dim view of unfair deductions from pay, or withheld pay.

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That's surprising, I kind of always assume the US is ahead of the rest of the world.

I used to think that too.

Quick, someone do a FOD walk.

But do bags count? If they do, does the ramper also count as fod?

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Luggage strikes me as something that doesn't normally float across the tarmac so I'd imagine it could be classified as foreign. Could be wrong though.

I don't think Amazon lockers are what decides if same day is available, I have lots of lockers, but no same day.

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I can get same day shipping at the house, but when I set shipping destination to a locker it defaults to the standard 2 day shipping. Unless I'm somehow doing it wrong?

I think I had to go and configure the commander in iCue to tell it that channel 1 was running my LL120's and 2 was the RGB strip, then you have to make sure that you tell it how many of each you have on that channel. Not at the computer ATM, but if you need I can fire it up for more details.

Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

Thanks for the advice! I did add a folder of mp3 files and appended some information to one of the mp3 files. Which can be viewed when you open the file using winrar or 7zip.

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Exactly, the method is the same just a bit of creativity for the application and you're off to a start.

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Oh boy, a fellow breathing fan! What's your favourite thing about the intaking of air?

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The part that lets me keep on living.

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