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Is there a 3rd honour skin? I got both last season

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Nope, just the 2. I think you get a chest instead

What do you get for hitting honor 5? Cause I'm at checkpoint 2 of honor 4 and so far I'm just getting 2 key fragments everytime

263 points · 3 hours ago

I’m am SO tilted.

That game 2 holy shit. 7k gold ahead, 4 drakes, good team comp.

Level 15 Blank smites baron early, leaving it on 56 HP. > Level 13 Score steals it with a Q??? And that awful teamfight after.

SKT was so incredibly close from having a super clean 2-0. This is not a Kt meme anymore, SKT is stealing the excited meme from them. I was actually getting excited.

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That game 2 win almost tilted me, and I was rooting for KT. Win one fight and take 5 towers (granted, one was really low health already) plus the inhib and nexus

12 points · 6 hours ago

Yep, one video game was exciting and I'd be stoked to play it for months. Now I buy like ten at a time in bundles and on sale and then play them for maybe a couple of hours apiece before hunting for other stuff. Rarely does a game interest me until the very end anymore, the first world curse of disposable income

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I'm at the point now where I'm just trying to sell all my games and console and just get a GameCube. Bring back the memories I had of childhood playing Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, while also actually beating the games this time.

Plus I never noticed just how many amazing games are on the GameCube

New B.B. drinking game- Take a shot every time Sam gets a DR session where she reminds us she has a Bonus Life.

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honest question, when has she had a DR session that she didn't bring it up?

That was probably one of the most cringiest "Veto speeches" in BB history

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uh oh, you said something bad about Brett. here come the downvotes

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They will just go play Fortnite or PUBG like when they wasted half their time playing Heartstone a couple of years ago.

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Gotta give them computers like mine, good luck running league and another game at the same time.

I don't get why we can't see honor in the first place. Like who actually cares if someone knows your honor level?

bcuz people will flame and avoid someone who is like honor 1 or 0

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To be fair, you only get honor 1 or 0 from inting/seriously flaming people. If you flame people so hard to get banned, you're not in a spot to complain about your teammates flaming you

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1.1k points · 1 day ago

The next time a new restaurant opens in the area, get all your co-workers to switch jobs together. The new restaurant will see the teamwork, and be happy to ruin his competition simultaneously.

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A bunch of my friends did that, it works really well. They were working at a subway during high school, and hated the mgmt. They all quit on the same day and said it's because of mgmt, so the manager got fired the next day and they all came back.

273 points · 1 day ago

The amount of people actually agreeing with this statue thing is absurd lol. Why are Toronto fanbases always like this?? I love DeRozan, I'll miss him and he's one of the best in franchise history, but build a statue?? He got no finals appearance, let alone a ring?

Maybe it's just the emotions of losing him but man I see this all over twitter and even here

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If DeRozan got a statue in Toronto, Westbrook better be getting one in OKC

161 points · 2 days ago

That quinn is what league is all about baby. Literally stand in melee range without kiting (jax was JUST outside tower range). Die. Complain about champ being broken.

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"Jax btw" yeah dude and you have a fucking Mundo on your team, you don't get to bitch about broken champs

Imagine if it is on a single lane, but all champs are chosen randomly.

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Plz no, there's enough game modes already that don't let me pick my champ stares angrily at ARURF

Don't get me started. I played ~100 games of ARURF. I own ~60 champs. I didn't get my main once.

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I really wanted to play 2 champs, Lucian and Kai'sa. I never got to play Kai'sa, and when i finally got Lucian my mid and top lanes went a combined 2/32/6

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Ah yes, make sure to watch our for your oppomemts. They might try to beat you

47 points · 1 day ago

Reminds me of the Knight Bus from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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3...2...2 and 3 quarters.... 1 and a half... GO!!!

259 points · 1 day ago

Literally completely random people, some not even showing any results when searching for their name + "League of Legends".

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Man where's my H3H3 emote?

Why is there already so much gold in this thread lol

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Klay was sorting by new and found it early

Cool! No fiddle nerfs! He is so fun and interactive to lane against!

And that's nice to see karma getting some buffs! Maybe now she can mindlessly spam her abilities like every other support champ! Yay!

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Remember years ago when riot said targeted silences were a bad thing and got rid of all of them? Good thing Fiddledicks and Garen don't have them, amirite

I mean garen has to run up to you and whack you, and he has literally no other method of sticking on you.

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It's also pretty easy with the move speed he gets

Im silver and I never saw that

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I saw a Graves in an ARAM do it, but that dude said post game he never plays ADCs. He never built a zeal all game, either

This came with a huge downside though: you no longer get called a scripter if you play exceptionally well because there's so few scripters anymore.

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The only thing I've had is "wait is that a point and click ability?" (Talking about Kai'sa W) because I kept hitting them. Although that translates to any skillshot

-42 points · 1 day ago

they can be any team and still be able to have an opinion on NA. Yikes

Found the TSM fan

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Why would a TSM fan care?

43 points · 2 days ago

They're probably inflating ratings so the warriors aren't so overpowered lmao

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Wouldnt it be easier to lower the scores of Curry/Green/KD/Thompson than to raise everyone else's?

0 points · 2 days ago

Why don't they move the LCS to be closer to the servers instead of moving the servers?

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Because Riot HQ, the team houses, the LCS studio and everything else is in LA

An actually good Cassiopeia skin

50 points · 2 days ago

Pool Party Kai'Sa where she's on a neoprene outfit would look amazing.

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Her W just flings a pool noodle at you?

313 points · 2 days ago

You can buy the Skaarl announcer pack for half the price. No matter what happens, Skaarl just makes lizard noises

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That's gonna crowd out the Reksai announcer pack

If you’re a D4 mid or lower Im not giving u that shit until you show that you can play the game lol. It’s just handing it to the enemy mid most of the time.

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So if you're below D4 you can never win lane?

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