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Zahir_SMASH 1 point

Did you install the windows client for Join? I have no issues with it. I don't know why your phone wouldn't show up unless you didn't go through the setup in the app right.

shorty6049 1 point

In installed the chrome extension for join but no actual desktop client. If that's required I can't do it anyway though I guess because our computers here at my office don't allow installs. I tried the setup twice though just in case I did something wrong and it seemed like it should have worked but it just didn't...

PBandDank64 1 point

When I have 20 customers in line during peak hours, getting their names done is the least of my concerns. As long as the name is pronounceable that's all I care about. I don't know every name in the book, nor have the holy knowledge to know which variation out of thousands for one name is yours. I don't have time to ask if your name is spelled as aiden, Aden, Adan, Aaden, Aidan or ayden.

shorty6049 1 point

For sure. I assumed it was something along those lines. I just wanted to hear it straight from the people who worked there that it's not an intentional thing you do to get people talking about it or something.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/illinois
shorty6049 66 points

I think a lot of people might be missing what probably actually happened here. Republicans went to the polls, got a republican ballot, and voted for the only guy on it without knowing who he was or what he stood for. Maybe I'm wrong, but this feels likely.

eldonhughes 1 point

So what's worse, not voting, or voting while willfully ignorant of what you're voting on?

shorty6049 2 points

Probably being willfully ignorant.

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shorty6049 commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
shorty6049 1 point

I'm always surprised when I see things like this. I live in Central Illinois and don't think I even applied for a quarter this number of jobs. I try not to be too picky but I also want to end up somewhere I actually WANT to work and that my qualifications mostly line up with.. Also there just weren't nearly that many job postings for my field (which is a fairly common field). I guess on the positive side, I usually have a much better rate of getting jobs vs. Number applied for...

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/funny
free_twigs 3 points

You still have to fill and clean milk dispensers. I will take a recyclable container over having to break down and clean that thing nightly.

shorty6049 1 point

Most milk dispensers just have bags full of milk with a spout on them so there's not much cleanup other than probably wiping down the front.

saracen0 7 points

I believe you can just pick through Google Photos in WhatsApp and that should solve this for you. I believe you need to go through the 3 dot menu.

shorty6049 2 points

Well this is interesting... when i long pressed the gallery button it seems to have opened Google photos directly, otherwise that 3 dot menu let me pick it too. Thanks!

shorty6049 3 points

Well this is interesting... It wasn't In the 3 dot menu, but when i long pressed the gallery button it seems to have opened a version of the gallery that doesn't include all those extra folders. Not sure if it's actually Google photos it's using, but as long as it doesn't have all those, I'm happy!

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/aww
Dorianselfie 7 points

I totally get you. The first cats I had were a pair of brothers. They taught me how awesome cats could be. Unfortunately, both passed away in 2015 and 2016, one ran out of my house and got hit by a car and a year later his bro got cancer. They only lived 6 and 7 years and when I hear others talk about their cats being super old, it always tears me up. Like you, they were my soul cats and to this day, I still miss them a lot. Like someone else mentioned about their situation, I take solace in knowing that they had a happy life and were very much loved. I have another cat and although he is not as attached to me as they were, it really made it easier for me to grieve them.

shorty6049 1 point

I can't say that I fully know your pain becuase my situation was different, but when I was in 3rd grade or so, my mom came home from the allergist and told us that he said she needed to get rid of the cat because he was making her allergies bad. We found a new home for him (one of my brother's classmate's family) and I think he was happy with them, but several years later (after we'd gotten a new cat because my mom decided she couldn't live without one and would just put up with the allergies) I learned that my old cat was still alive. Made me sad knowing that we just gave up this cat for "no reason" (obviously it seemed like the right thing to do at the time though) and he was still out there living with some other family that wasn't ours.

I think he ended up living quite a long time and I'm sure he got used to his new family and they gave him lots of love, but I still kind of miss him.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/3Dprinting
SovereignGFC 1 point

I only use their PLA. It's super cheap but works well. I have a couple PETG rolls from them as well that I use for things that need to survive in hot cars (PLA will melt/deform).

shorty6049 1 point

I learned this one the hard way.... I put a roll of PLA which had been sitting in my garage for a few months exposed into the oven which I had planned on just setting to 200, letting it run for a couple of minutes, then cancelling, then starting it up again, and so on, but what happened instead was that after cancelling, I turned it back on a few minutes later and it auto-sets to 350, I left it in for a couple minutes, opened it up and the damn stuff was already melting and falling apart. :-|

Waldemar-Firehammer 8 points

Goddammit every time I see a Micro Center post it infuriates me that they aren't anywhere close to me. The closest is a 2.5 hour train ride to Chicago.

shorty6049 1 point

Where is it? I moved to central IL from Minnesota a couple of years ago (where we had one) and this part of the country seems to be missing all the cool stores.

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shorty6049 commented on a post in r/politics
TokingMessiah 258 points

This is actually the best part. The GOP knows they lost to a liberal, who was running as a liberal, but they're too thin-skinned to admit it. Instead, they push out these nonsense excuses, thinking that by saving the embarrassment they're helping themselves in the long run. The truth couldn't be further from reality.

Lamb won, in part, because of the country's revolt against Trump (that's why Lamb pulled off a win in an area that Trump carried by 20 points). If they would reevaluate their positions and adapt, they might be able to stave off the impending doom that will come this fall.

Instead, they're convincing the electorate that conservative policies triumphed yet again. This means that conservatives won't be out en mass, trying to push this fall.

Had the GOP told their base to be afraid, and to get out to stop the "libtards" this fall, they might have mobilized a response. Instead, they've convinced their base that conservative policies are still coming out on top, and they should just sit back and enjoy all the winning.

shorty6049 2 points

It's kind of funny to me, I've seen many republicans saying that democrats are doing worse than ever, and how trump will for sure win the next election . I can't tell if these people honestly don't see what's happening around them, or are actually that confident that he'll come out on top... In their minds, the days of electing democrats are over.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
shorty6049 8 points

As a Pixel 2 owner, I'm kind of surprised how little I use my wired earbuds anymore... I still have the option to whenever my dongle is around (which it almost always is) , but wireless is just so much nicer. The sound quality isn't as good (though I don't really notice it considering i've been using my wireless earbuds and headphones for a while) and it sucks having to charge your earbuds, but overall I've kind of come to like the freedom of wireless and rarely use my charging port for anything other than charging now.

Having said that, I still think removing the jack all together is dumb and they shouldn't have done it.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/politics
LokoHaram4 22 points

I had no clue this mentally ill man would become an adviser to the POTUS...

shorty6049 2 points

Wait. Since when is he a presidential adviser?

Babayaga20000 3 points

Trump endorses Alex's show if im not mistaken.

Yes, Trump endorses a man who says the government is making people gay to slow population growth...

shorty6049 1 point


shorty6049 commented on a post in r/mildlyinteresting
CaoPai 86 points

I thought it was just molded and finished concrete lol.

shorty6049 28 points

I'm pretty sure that's what it is. I'm not quite sure what the landscape architect is talking about other than the cost of the bench probably being high because it needs to look realistically like it blends in with the pavement , plus the metal expansion joints (no idea if that's actually what they are in this case since metal isn't known for its squishiness) and general design of the area (how there's that 45 degree angle they're all cut at in one spot further down) would make it extra expensive... Lastly maybe the bricks themselves cost more because stuff with embedded glass bottles isn't super common so it'd be a custom order type thing?

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