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shorty6049 commented on a post in r/ReefTank
NaCl_Creep 1 point

I heard him talking about this on a "live with larry" podcast. They both seem self righteous and cocky. That's okay they though, they are successful small business owners in the aquarum trade. Maybe I'm just jealous!

Keep it up guys, we need more successful small businesses in the hobby!

shorty6049 1 point

Yeah... I mean on one hand, good for him for being successful, but on the other, acting like that toward fellow hobbyists is making me not really want to visit his shop in the first place (I live an hour or two south of where he's located so I'd have to make a special trip or go out of my way to stop there while in the chicago area. There are quite a few places up that way though so he's far from the only option.

NaCl_Creep 4 points

I don't know anything about his hostility towards basement sellers but i understand the points he made on the podcast. As a legitimate business he has significantly more overhead than the guys selling out of their basements. Makes it hard to stay competitive in a business that anyone where a buck and a basement can get something going.

I would assume most of their business is structured around maintenance accounts.

I know where I am from the LFSs are quick to dismiss the folks selling out of their homes.

shorty6049 2 points

Yeah my issue is more that he seems pretty hostile toward people like that. As a potential customer, I see him and the basement sellers both as small business owners trying to make a buck. I'd go somewhere like his store for more knowledgeable employees hopefully, equipment and supplies, and the ability to get special corals or fish ordered, and someone selling out of their home for better deals. I guess I just feel like as a business owner, you knew you were getting into this at the start, and should understand that someone will always be undercutting you but that you should be above insulting them or their own operation. A lot of people just want a little side business

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shorty6049 commented on a post in r/questions
shorty6049 2 points

The easiest would be to just give her a cannabis chocolate or something but obviously that would be pretty tough considering she'd be suspicious . I feel like she's being a bit immature about the whole thing though. Like, if you want to get high, just do it and either don't tell anyone, or do tell them and own it. If you don't want to, then don't ask people to trick you into it. But I digress...

I'd probably suggest just making something like rice krispy bars or those scotcharoo ones with the chocolate on top, make a whole pan, drizzle/spread regular chocolate on the whole thing, but then cut it into pieces and give her one with a melted cannabis chocolate on it . I feel like if she's expecting to be tricked into it though, she'll probably be suspicious of anything and you could just give her a piece of the chocolate and be like "no, it's regular chocolate" and there's your plausible deniability.

sman060 1 point

This is true.

shorty6049 1 point

another option is to look into making cannabutter and just use it in pretty much any recipe. just more work that way. Just tell her Tony from the internet said to eat the damn thing and stop being weird about it. lol

niftyBeaks 1 point

On iOS rn. Is it just the old YT Music app? It doesn’t seem all that different...

shorty6049 1 point

Soooo honestly I'm not really sure at this point? I was under the impression that the app would be overhauled , but looking at mine (on android) , it's damn near identical to what's shown in the video which has me wondering if maybe I already have it? I searched for a song and it came up as both the video and also under a "songs" category. I was also able to view a full album with tracks listed (not like a youtube style thumbnail-next-to-every-result list) . If this is really it though, I may end up just switching to spotify if/when they drop Google Play Music, because all I'm really seeing here is some recommendations on the homepage, an area to view your playlists and downloads, and a search box for finding songs. No New Releases section, no "my library" tab , pretty much nothing that actually makes a good streaming service. I'm really confused becuase I was anticipating this being a google play music alternative. Not fully finished, but at least most of the way there. This feels super barebones.

Mike072292 1 point

So I have the family plan Google play music. What's going to happen to my plan?

shorty6049 1 point

to my knowledge, you get to keep that plan/price but I'm not positive.

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mrandr01d 1 point

Your firewall must only use a whitelist, and clock everything else.

Can you use a VPN?

shorty6049 1 point

I haven't tried a VPN yet because I was a bit worried about getting caught doing that and having to explain. I did discover today that Hangouts works at least , so I can send things to myself (my other email address) and then retrieve them in the app on my phone. Its more work than pushbullet was, but at least it works

mrandr01d 1 point

Oh nice, there you go.

shorty6049 1 point

Thanks for the help though! I wish our company would ease up a bit. I can visit Facebook or Amazon but not eBay. The Verge but not Engadget, YouTube and Google play music, but not a movie theater's website.

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shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Vive
Moe_Capp 4 points

DAS is worth it. It seems expensive and it should have come with the headset but it elevates the experience dramatically. I would easily pay double to replace mine if I had to.

But as pointed out already, what better headset do you expect to buy in the next year? I certainly recommend picking up additional headsets for different reasons but AFAIK there's no SteamVR native headset in the works that would replace the stock Vive any time soon.

shorty6049 3 points

I would easily pay double to replace mine if I had to.

Dude, don't give them any ideas.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/meirl
shorty6049 1 point

I've gotten too spoiled by this. I was considering cancelling my prime membership because they're going to charge me $120 in July. When I signed up I think it was 69, maybe 79? They act like it's actually a really good deal because look at all these OTHER things you get included with prime! I don't fucking use any of your crap services amazon. I just want fast shipping on crap

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
Patriotaus 22 points

Very small touch target. Mostly opens the app above it but definitely works. Not worth the effort though.

shorty6049 2 points

Yep. took me like 4 tries. The first two opened whatsapp, 3rd opened search, fourth opened the app drawer

curious_iguana 1 point

Just played with it. A swipe from there, not just a tap, opens straight to the app drawer. Much easier.

shorty6049 6 points

Not for me. Are you sure you're not just swiping further because you're starting up higher? If I give it a small swipe it just pulls up recents unless I keep going.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
shorty6049 2 points

Has anyone gotten the update/new app/ etc. yet? I'm starting to wonder if something happened and they didn't actually start the rollout yesterday... this launch has been so weird.

jones_maltsberger 1 point

I haven't gotten any update yet. And I'm wondering if the people in charge of this so-called launch even know what they are doing. This whole YouTube Music clusterfuck is a good lesson in how not to communicate with your customers.

shorty6049 3 points

Yeah, I'm just very confused about the whole thing... Like, you've got news organizations reporting that this is google's push to compete with spotify and apple music (which is weird because they were already doing that with GPM, but whatever) , and then Google/Youtube themselves do almost -nothing- to hype it up ahead of time. I remember when Spotify came to the US. There were ads and blog posts months ahead getting people excited for it. Then on launch day, they do a staged rollout with a pretty unhelpful signup page where you can get early access "soon" . We still know almost nothing about the new service or how it'll work. It's hard to even tell the difference between this and the old Youtube Music from the video they posted.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
shorty6049 1 point

So, has ANYONE gotten this yet? I'm starting to wonder if it rolled out at all yesterday...

FatMormon7 1 point

Yes, I have it. But it is linked to a specific user account. One of my accounts in the family plan has it, the other does not. The app must already have both versions built in, because when I switch between the two accounts, I get the old or new version. They are both on the same family plan. I signed up to be notified by Google of the release on the one that has the new version, but not the other.

shorty6049 1 point

Interesting. I signed up yesterday morning but haven't gotten any updates or anything yet. I *had* heard its's a server-side switch so that probably explains why it seems like both versions are in the same app. I wish there were a way to force it to switch!

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shorty6049 commented on a post in r/videos
shorty6049 1 point

I actually don't mind the new design... It feels VERY different from what I was used to , so it's definitely taking some learning, but with anything new , a bit of that is expected. I feel like people generally complain anytime they have to re-learn something and this is definitely one of those cases. Is it objectively bad though? I don't personally think it is, but I could be wrong.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Vive
RanTaCat 1 point

I Haven't tried the Vive Pro yet, but when I got the DAS a year back I started using voice meter banana (free software mixer) when I was playing. You can boost the volume past the normal 100%, it really helped make the DAS work much like I thought it would when I bought it.

I'm a little on the fence when comes to investing in the Pro myself, mostly it comes down to the price just being to high for what included even when comparing with the OG vive back at it's launch. glad to hear that you and others are liking it tho :D

shorty6049 1 point

I'm with ya man. That Pro is tempting but after buying a Rift at launch, selling it and losing a little money, then paying full price for a vive (also around launch ) , I'm just not sure if I'm ready to drop another 800 dollars on a VR headset. I thought it was great when they announced the Pro would be sold as a headset only option, but its almost the same price as the original and doesn't even come with new accessories!

Cojobe 3 points

You realize that you can order 3D printed parts online, right?

shorty6049 2 points

Probably not or they wouldn't be making dumbass comments like that.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Vive
TheMusiken 20 points

Okay I keep reading this and need to set some records straight. Although the internal tracking doesn't make sense if you're going to use it with an HMD, these headphones are not just about that and afaik they were not just meant for VR. The flaw current 3D audio implementations have is that the HRTF is virtualized through standardized recordings.

The way our hearing works to localize sound sources is from IID (interaural intensity difference aka interaural level difference). If the sound is not completely centered, you can tell where it's coming from because it will hit your left or right ear at a higher intensity than the other. Another way is through ITD (interaural time difference) which also allows you to tell the direction because the sound will hit an ear first then the other with a delay. Alright, so that's just to tell left and right. That's basically what stereo music does with panning. If it's in the center and high up, you'd be completely left in the dark if it wasn't for HRTF which allows 3D audio to exist. Head related transfer function is how a sound is filtered through pinna, head and torso. The pinna (outer ear) being the most important one. The sound will reflect on the ridges and since you were born with those ears, you got used to localise sound like that. Because of those effects, you can tell where a sound is coming from in 3D.

So what's the use of 3D headphones? Well, 3D audio can be virtualized with HRTF that is based on standardized data. And that's a pretty major limitation. Everyone has difference outer ears that trained our brains to locate sounds. That's where 3D headphones come in. The way they seem to have done it was to put many different drivers per ear cup so physically, the sounds would actually hit your outer ear at different angles. IIRC they also took the distance between the two ears to recreate the head effects, not sure about the torso. Anyway, that's basically what true surround headphones do except all of them suck compared to HRTF with stereo headphones. So, Ossic, if they did it properly, could have actually been a game changer in 3D audio.

PS: True surround headphones use multiple drivers per ear cup and from the reviews I've read are crap because the drivers are bad and too close to each other to make a difference. What you usually see sold as surround headphones are just stereo headphones with software.

shorty6049 4 points

Do you feel that these WOULD have been a gamechanger though? It's kind of my feeling that these improve on something in a way that might not be noticeable to a lot of people. Like, I definitely agree that on a technical level, these headphones would be doing something to create a more *real* 3D sound because it actually comes from different directions, but is it enough that most people who put them on would say "this is a big difference!" compared to the way 3D audio works in VR currently? It's kind of like bumping a phone screen resolution from 2k to 4k. Yeah it's an impressive jump numbers-wise, but the majority of users probably won't even realize it's different.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/videos
daimposter 1 point

And where do they get their gigantic following? They start on youtube...

shorty6049 1 point

They also started making money a lot sooner than creators starting out right now though. That's the whole issue here

cortanakya 12 points

YouTube sounded retarded too at one point. Then it became a word and it stopped sounding like "yoo tewb" and became YouTube™.

shorty6049 20 points

I don't ever remember the name YouTube sounding dumb. It's got "tube" (and had a logo that was in the shape of a TV) referencing TV, and "you" meaning it's for YOU and BY you , not actors for a TV audience.

Floatplane however, means something pretty specific to the creator and nobody else really.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/antiMLM
2SP00KY4ME 9 points

I feel like nobody would want to buy this. Who is this supposed to appeal to?

Pro-MLM people don't want it called a cult. Anti-MLM people don't want "I'm okay with this"

shorty6049 4 points

People who think it's just a bunch of other fun gals who are super into the lifestyle like they are.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/bonehurtingjuice
Octavius566 366 points

For anybody wondering, that giraffe did NOT break the window (on purpose) some asshole had their car window down in a safari park, the curious giraffe decided to stick his head in, asshole freaked out and rolled up the window. Because window motors are dangerously powerful, that giraffe wanted out. So he pulled his big strong neck out of there, and it broke. Most likely safety glass so I doubt he was hurt.

shorty6049 1 point

Yep, that break is definitely tempered (safety) glass. See exhibit A

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
shorty6049 3 points

Well, I mean, there IS an easy way, but that's to use bluetooth earbuds. And they work great. Most of the time... but when they *dont* , it makes me furious that this was a change manufacturers thought was smart. I sure to hate wires everywhere, but one thing that's even worse is being stuck somewhere without any way to plug a pair of wired headphones in becuase you don't carry a dongle around in your pocket eveywhere!

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/mildlyinfuriating
Sloppy1sts -28 points

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume (correct me if I'm wrong) that you've never driven any sort of performance vehicle if you think a fucking Kia hamster-mobile corners like it's on rails.

Edit: Yes, I got my shitty econoboxes mixed up. My point remains the same.

shorty6049 26 points

It's a Nissan Cube, not that kia bullshit

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
shorty6049 5 points

So they keep adding things to Gmail , it seems like, but I switched to Inbox way back when it first came out, and now the gmail URL doesn't even take me to gmail anymore (on my computer) , it just redirects to inbox. Are they still working on Inbox or would I be better off just switching back?

tmahmood 3 points

There is a setting to not redirect to inbox, in inbox settings. In case you're not aware

shorty6049 1 point

Thanks! I figured it must be somewhere but didn't know where they put it

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
shorty6049 1 point

It bothers me that everyone in the thread seemed to just jump on board believing that Google's AI is already calling people using AI and didn't bother to think critically about it in the slightest.

AssertiveInTraining -10 points

First documented case of a human contacted by an AI.

That's some era defining event there, and the ultimate wikipedia glory.

shorty6049 1 point

Yeah, except no.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
DanBGG 2 points

Funnily enough i've never needed the adaptor . Its always charged up or charges quick enough to not be an issue . Just wish the google pods were good so I could go wireless .

shorty6049 1 point

I'm kind of in the same boat as you. My wireless earbuds get almost 8 hours of battery life though, so I generally don't need to worry about it, but I'm actually pretty surprised how infrequently the lack of a headphone jack becomes an actual issue for me. I don't think it's ever really been a "my battery is dead and I want to use wired earbuds" problem so much as a "I don't have the dongle with me because It's at work and I'm not" , or "I want to plug my phone into your AUX port so we can listen to my music in your car" type of thing every couple months.

Carighan 221 points

Meanwhile Nokia gives me a fucking audio port.

You know, not artificially creating a new problem in the first place. Which you'd think would be the best solution, but customers are guzzling up the no-audio-jack bullshit greedily, no wonder the companies are falling over each other racing to the next anti-consumer "feature".

shorty6049 4 points

I'll admit I did this. The new pixels last year didn't have a headphone jack, and as much as I hated that , I bought one anyway. I'm surprised at how little it ended up mattering, to be honest. I've got some nice headphones at home which I can still use with the dongle, My battery in this phone is good enough that I rarely need to charge while listening to music, but if I DO, then I've got the bluetooth earbuds (and some over ear headphones which I use pretty infrequently) . Having said that, There *have* been a few times where I've found myself without the dongle and no way to listen to music , but nowhere near as often as I thought I would. All things considered, It's not a huge deal to me anymore, but fuck these companies for forcing it on us, and I think anyone who WANTS a headphone jack should be able to use one, so I give no praise to the companies who took them out of their phones.

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shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
shorty6049 1 point

While everything else about this is frustrating and confusing, I think the part I'm still hung up on the most is their decision to take a well-known VIDEO platform, add the word "Music" to it, and have that become their streaming music service. It just doesn't make any sense!

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
mrfrobozz 6 points

According to this chart:

And this statement:

> If you are a subscriber to Google Play Music, good news, you get a YouTube Music Premium membership as part of your subscription each month.

It seems to me that they are moving GPM subscribers to YouTube Music Premium which is distinct from YouTube Premium.

I think the language is ambiguous at best and we won't know until it actually happens, but I'd rather not risk it. It costs me nothing to switch from All Access to YouTube Red and could save me in the long run.

shorty6049 1 point

when you switch like that, don't they automatically charge you for a month of service though? I'm pretty sure that's what happened when I cancelled and re-subscribed like that...

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