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shorty6049 commented on a post in r/gifs
Honk_For_Team_Mystic 32 points

You know you don't pee all over the entire stick, right?

shorty6049 8 points

Wait wait wait.... You're telling me that you don't shove the entire thing up the vagina, drench it in piss, and then take it out, unwashed, and pass it around for others to hold?? I refuse to believe this.

dakunism 187 points

You'd be amazed at how often this is a thing on reddit.

"Ew but it's a pee stick! She peed on it!"

Yes. It's a pregnancy test. That's how it works. Plus, you're having a baby. Get ready to have a lot of pee on you in the near future.

shorty6049 53 points

Seriously. Every time a pregnancy test is shown someone always comments about the fact that it's a "pee stick" like we didn't realize that or something. It's a pregnancy test. it's long like that becuase you're SUPPOSED to hold it .

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/technology
shorty6049 1 point

I don't know what it is about Amazon. I love using their online store, but everything else they do just feels shady for some reason. I think it's got something to do with Jeff Bezos going from the happy likeable looking nerd to supervillain as they grew.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/funny
_Sausage_fingers 1,270 points

From everything I have heard Applebees sounds like a really not good restaurant.

shorty6049 5 points

Honestly I like it. Probably in part because it's a restaurant that I ate at as a kid a lot , and being in one reminds me of being a kid, being home, etc. I go there for lunch sometimes now. They have a special right now that's like 12 dollars after tip which gives you chicken fingers, fries, a drink, and a bowl of french onion soup. I enjoy it all. It's all made fresh (the soup obviously isn't, but they do croutons and cheese and then toast the top so it's hot and gooey) and tastes very good to me. I'm a simple man with simple tastes though. I'd never argue applebees is fine dining or anything, but for a casual dinner or lunch, its a place where I know I can get something I enjoy and not have to worry about paying a ton.

It's like Mcdonalds. Is it good food by culinary standards? Nah. But people go there becuase they know what they're getting

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/videos
JoeJonTheBlackBlond 317 points

It has been intriguing / disturbing how the reddit comments have swayed with public opinion on this particular incident.

When the story first broke, all of the top comments were anti-Aziz Ansari. I'm not sure what caused the change in tide but after some high-profile women spoke out, the top comments completely flipped to anti-accuser. Filter the comments from any of the posts from that day to "old" if you don't believe me.

The hive mind is real! I know that any mention of the hive mind results in downvotes but c'mon, people. Think for yourselves. Each of these accusations of sexual assault / misconduct / battery should be taken seriously and discerned individually.

shorty6049 3 points

To me, someone who kind of just read about this whole thing today (I didn't know anything other than that something happened and that he was accused of it) , reading the account of that night gave me the impression that he was being a bit pushy, but that maybe something like that has happened to a lot of us and that the difference between most people and Aziz is that he's in the public eye and someone can come out of the woodwork and accuse him of things and it'll become a big deal, whereas if it were someone else, they'd just apologize, reflect on what they did, and everyone would move on with their lives. It's not like he forced her to do anything. He was pushy, and he shouldn't have been, but it didn't sound like she was being held against her will, or threatened with blackmail or something. I'm not saying he's a saint or what he did was justified, but in most cases, a thing like this would just be dealt with between the two people involved, not thrust into the public eye.

So, to get to my point, I originally heard about this and thought "oh ,that seems bad that now Aziz is being accused...." but after reading the account, my view changed because I had more information.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/GooglePixel
der_RAV3N 3 points

But having my organized and accessable part of the system at the download folder kind of bothers me.. isn't there a user folder which you can put stuff on?

shorty6049 1 point

I don't know this 100% but it should work just like any Android device where you can create and manage folders via a file explorer app . no?

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/GooglePixel
dbasinge 11 points

I just switched from the iPhone to a Pixel 2XL, I love the phone but I had an bad USB-C headphone dongle. Dealing with Google Pixel support is literally the worst tech support experience I have had. Took 2.5 months to get a replacement that now causes the phone to hard freeze.

shorty6049 4 points

Do you live outside the US or something? I pretty much only purchase phones from the google store now because of how great support has been with every product I've bought from them.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/politics
shorty6049 7 points

I just have a hard time believing that he's not considered at least moderately obese. I'm 5'4" and weigh like 220 and qualify on the HIGH end of obesity yet I wouldn't even be what a lot of people consider fat. Maybe its got more to do with my build or something? I dunno... looking at Trump I'd just expect him to be in the same category as me at least.

(one thing I might not be accounting for is that if you're short, its very hard to not be considered overweight, it seems. 144 is the high end of "normal" for my height, and as a full grown man, that seems ridiculous . I wouldn't even want to be that skinny. )

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Vive
shorty6049 0 points

Yeah, I dunno if I believe the guy from HTC here. I find it pretty hard to believe that a controller is going to take multiple years to design. It's just a controller and early reports make it sound like it's already pretty good. I wouldn't really expect to see the Knuckles controllers ship with the vive because HTC is going to ship HTC hardware.

Oddzball 13 points

I find it pretty hard to believe that a controller is going to take multiple years to design

Its Valve dude.

shorty6049 1 point


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shorty6049 commented on a post in r/GooglePixel
ArolWright 3 points

If you use the Andromeda addon, then nope, you don't need root

shorty6049 1 point

For anyone else reading this who might be enticed to buy andromeda, Be warned that using substratum isn't as simple as just installing the two apps. You need a computer to do some of the steps. Not a huge deal, just something that kind of frustrated me becuase I didn't want to mess with that (I was at work and paid for the app and then couldnt' refund it when I decided I didn't want to install it anymore)

Edit: I bit the bullet a few minutes ago and tried it out anyway. It was a really easy process, so there's that!

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
dewhashish 132 points

I want to build a new desktop this year, if DDR4 prices go down that would be sweet.

shorty6049 14 points

Not only that, but video cards are more expensive too right now because of people buying them to mine bitcoins. The year I finally decide to upgrade and things are more expensive than ever. ugh.

angle_of_doom 2 points

My friend is trying to build a new PC as well. He's been looking and pretty much every video card he wants to get is either sold out or the price is jacked up by $200 to $300. Insane! Are you going to try to wait out the crypto craze before upgrading?

shorty6049 1 point

Probably... I don't know how much longer that's going to take though :/

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
thevedantjain 59 points

Doesn’t even matter if they know. Since their planet would be so different, neither of the two would be able to visit the other and survive.

shorty6049 3 points

Eh, we don't know that for sure though... obviously we haven't looked many places, but we haven't found any life on planets which don't have the combination of sunlight/warmth, an atmosphere containing oxygen and Nitrogen, liquid water, etc. so there's a chance that maybe life can exist ONLY when those things are present, in which case it could be possible for lifeforms from somewhere else to survive here. We just don't know.

Dazius06 1 point

Are you implying we have found life on planets that do have the conditions?

shorty6049 2 points

Definitely not. I'm just saying that , just as we can't specifically assume that these conditions are required for life, we also can't assume that these conditions would NOT be required on other planets. (but if we were to assume anything , it'd probably be that the rules that apply here , apply elsewhere, if only becuase we have no other data to base our assumptions on)

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/me_irl
TeunCornflakes 10 points

Why are there emojis in the sky

shorty6049 2 points

Anyone know what that one means? I feel like I see it in twitter posts a lot...?

SquelchFrog 2 points

It means Eternal depression

shorty6049 1 point

Me also, thank you!

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Android
Aqua_Is_Trash_Tier 86 points


Actually wireless

Detects when in your ear so they don't play/pause when putting them in the case

Both buds are able to detect taps

Can use one bud at a time

Pixel Buds

Translation feature that works half the time according to multiple reviewers

Both are $159, yet google thinks they can do Apple prices with half the features.

shorty6049 11 points

I bought my girlfriend airpods for christmas and she absolutely loves them. I have a pair of Jaybird X3's and they're pretty good too, but I'm a bit jealous of how nice the airpods are when it comes to how they interact with the iphone, the charging case that auto-orients and magnetically holds the earbuds, the touch controls and auto-pause when you take them out of your ear, and the fact that they're the same shape as the free earbuds apple has been including with their phones for years. It's just a perfect package for iPhone users. The fact that a lot of the features don't work the same on Android means I probably won't be buying these anytime soon (also I don't find them all that comfortable, and I like a bit better sound quality) but yeah, the Pixel buds don't seem like a 1:1 replacement for those by any means. Hopefully the next iteration will be better though!

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/politics
wickedmetal -1 points

At least he hasn't stuck a cigar up one of his subordinates pussies and had her blow him and then deny that. While all the while having his wife try and pretend she's a strong independent woman even though her husband's actions are repulsive and insulting to all women.

shorty6049 1 point

And we impeached him for perjury and obstruction of justice. I don't know why you guys keep going back to Clinton as though that's a strong or even relevant argument to , well, anything even though it was almost 20 years ago.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/videos
Fanatical_Idiot 18 points

I don't think anyone I know sees it as anything but tame... It's basically just a vocal tic, and one of the most common way to describe the most vanilla sexual act in existence.

shorty6049 2 points

You must not live or interact with children then? I wouldn't say fuck at work. Or in most public places where other people who might not appreciate hearing that language would hear it.

Fanatical_Idiot 1 point

You've got such an innocent view of today's children.

shorty6049 1 point

Eh, it's not like I don't know what they're exposed to, but that doesn't mean we should just throw our hands up and say " well fuck it. Might as well start swearing around them!"

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shorty6049 commented on a post in r/Vive
gooddreamzzz 3 points

I have an issue currently whenever my SS is above 1 I get a ton of reprojection. Before I could play at 2 pretty easily but idk what happened. I have an i7 with a 1070 and plenty of ram.

shorty6049 2 points

I kind of feel like I've had that problem (though I haven't experimented a TON with it yet) too. Like anything above 1 just doesn't work right at all. I'd love to upgrade to a new PC with better specs (though mine meets or exceeds the minimums) to at least eliminate that as a potential cause of issues.

shorty6049 commented on a post in r/starterpacks
[deleted] 1 point


shorty6049 2 points

I dunno, maybe less here in the US

[deleted] 1 point


shorty6049 1 point

Where do you live?

I'd say it's still considered more polite to do that in the US and some people definitely do cover their mouths, but I guess it's just not seen as rude to not cover your mouth I guess.

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