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It happened to a friend of mine. We were all on vaction (about 7 friends) and everybody was drinking. We were the only two who didnt. He managed to snag his girlfriend's phone while she was passed out and pulled me to the side. He said "she's cheating on me, some guy named joey texting her and meeting her after work for sex everyday. Plus how he can make her extra wet." We ended up searching names and mural friends via facebook. Turned out joey was a girl.

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RippedRichAndIncel 1 point

Statistically, it is very unlikely anyone here is wealthier than I am. It is even more unlikely that they achieved that wealth for themselves in spite of genetic deficiency.

I have single items of clothing valued more than your net worth. What do you, with every advantage in the world, have to show for yourself?

sirferrell 10 points

All that money, fix your face then?

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derawin07 2,962 points

Hey Dad, I was just contacted by a Nigerian prince who needs assistance, I will be handsomely rewarded for helping him!

sirferrell 1 point

I mean I'm here to help

d00dle101 1,713 points

Just turned 24. Been living the same life (added a gf) since i was 19. Im scared.

sirferrell 2 points

Just turned 23 I'm so scared of life licks tears off face

homer_3 1 point

I love Zelda games and found BOTW to be pretty bad. But it depends on what you're into. If you like sandboxes, you'll probably like BOTW. If you want a Zelda experience, you won't find it in BOTW.

If you like SM64, you'll probably like Odyssey. It's easily the best Mario game since 64. I'd say the switch is worth it for Odyssey alone.

sirferrell 1 point

Mind if I ask why you didn't like it.. and what do you mean by a Zelda experience?

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sirferrell 1 point

When would that possibly be?

Tippynut 4,531 points

Most people have heard the term bukkake from porn. This is actually a Japanese word that means "to pour over'. There's a delicious Japanese dish traditionally had for breakfast called Tamago Bukkake Gohan'. Which essentially means egg poured over rice.

Edit: spelling

sirferrell 4,115 points

Licks lips furiously

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Nigerian prince

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love some video games a geek stuff. decedent of the noble kings of Africa (im serious)

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