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She was a slender woman and a very young 94......

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Licks lips

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Well OP. I really don't consider us friends; but if you want to hear the story of how your mother went down on me... I'm happy to send you pics.

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Factory. It ain't easy and it's not for the weak.

Starbucks and McDonalds egg originates from one of our plants. I basically unload 50k tankers of raw egg. I'm also a pasturizer operator so I also pasteurize it. Then once it's done with that we add ingredients to meet the specific recipes depending on the customer.

There's a whole lot of little things that make it that much harder. For the mixing part I throw around 50 pound ingredient bags depending on the recipe.

Yeah so not lavish and not some fuckin programmer or engineer. It's hard but rewarding.

sirferrell 24 points

Nice man hard work pays off tho

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love some video games and geek stuff. African Prince.

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