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Listen. Always always always. When you feel stuck, put all your attention on your scene partner. It’s just like the basics of acting. It’s not about being funny, it’s not about literally anything other than your relationship to the other person in the scene.

I do that too! I never buy myself new clothes, and I haven’t bought new nice clothes since high school (I’m going into my senior year of college) bc I keep telling myself I’ll get down to a certain clothing size. Lol. 7 years and counting!

Clio bars! Dark chocolate covered Greek froyo. Yummmyyyy and most of em are under 160 Cals!!! Also just Greek yogurt in general w a lil bit of honey is a killer late night snack & a probiotic!

If you’re not a woman, don’t use bitch!


Hey peeps- I'm really interested in extropy and extropianism. Anyone have any resources/links/blogs/videos I can look to?



ok so im thinking of a song, may be a choral piece OR a musical theater song, but all i remember is everyone coming in at the end and BEAUTIFULLY harmonizing on the word "light" and they kind of go into a canon of just repeating "light" "light" "light" all over each other. its a beautiful piece of music, definitely bummed i cant remember it!!!

*it's not light from next to normal*

*for some reason im thinking its in godspell?*


Hi all-

I am looking for a simple palm/tarot reading in NYC, but i am very wary of wasting my money on a poser. Is there anywhere I can look to find recommendations, or does anyone on this subreddit have someone they can put me in contact with?

Best wishes. <3


Hi hi! I’m looking for a pdf version of Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams, or a pdf version of Adrienne Kennedy’s A Movie Star Has To Star in Black and White. I would be so appreciative 🙏🏻❤️


Yeah, it’s on the director, though, to encourage or discourage it. When you’ve got good improvisers, that day on set will be fun for everyone. Sometimes, what they got is even better than the OG script.


something ive been struggling with lately is the availability of free food. im working an internship at an office w free snacks and its making my life a living hell. like round the clock yogurt covered pretzels?? i literally ate my damn weight in those things today & now im paying for it w a big glass of miralax + water.

how the heck do u mentally rationalize the ease of free food?

i grew up in a household where i was supposed to eat everything on my plate, always, or I was wasting food. and now that food comes so easily, how do i reverse that childhood-plated standard?

help help help! i want to enjoy my internship so badly but all i think about is that free food!


the worst is when you're at a function, or there's free food somewhere & you've already eaten a ton, but theres like ONE SANDWICH left... gotta eat dat

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