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X-ray tech here. I’ve personally taken 1000’s of chest x-rays over the last 20+ years. I have x-rayed patients ranging from minutes old to over 100 years old. I can attest that in those 20+ years, the heart has not shifted position.

The heart is basically midline, as it is bisected by the median sagittal plane, however, the left side is physically larger due to physiology. The aortic arch and pulmonary trunk also make it appear larger on the left. This is why the are two left lung lobes and three right lung lobes, to make room for the thicker left ventricle muscles and the above mentioned arteries.

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well, my mother was shot in the chest and the bullet lodged cm from her heart. I went with her to see the doctor for a checkup and he put her x-ray up on the board. He pointed to her heart and it was fully int he left cavity of the chest, not near the midline where the bullet broke her sternum in the center. I saw it with my own eyes. MEs don't seem to often affect those within a certain field. Had you always known the heart was left and all of a sudden it is complete center or fully right, you would go crazy and that isn't what this is about although we feel like we are going crazy at times. Too dramatic of a shift would cause mass chaos. If a doctor cut into a patient to do heart surgery on the left and the heart was fully right, what do you think would happen as the patient lay there with him just staring.

I've listened to my own heartbeat with a stethoscope many times and watched it beat in my left chest (fully), now I can't see it beat there or hear it with a stethoscope. I used to run a lot and take my pulse in the center of my wrist but how in the world could I have, now I have 0 pulse there and there is no way I could have done this yet I did it for 20 years. I typed my blood every year in school learning that O+ was the universal donor. I worked blood drives, talked to nurses, read the literature I passed out yet now...O- is the universal donor and always has been. I can't explain why it is this way for many of us now, I just know it is. I gave up trying to figure it out because no matter how hard you try, you will never know what causes it.

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Idk, man. From my own experience, nothing has changed in the last 22 years. The chest x-ray (cxr) is the most commonly performed radiographic procedure. Back when I worked 3rd shift, I would frequently perform 15-20 portable cxr’s in just the last 2 hours of my shift (a.m. portables). So I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve seen 1000’s of hearts. That’s all I got offer. Hope it helps.

Nice. It kinda has a Frankenstein vibe.

Next time you travel, stop by a liquor store, and buy a wide selection of 50ml mini-bottles/airplane bottles/nips (whatever they’re called in your region).

As you sample them, take notes on which you like and what you like about it. Also note which ones you dislike, and why.

Also remember, adding water is ok. Adding a preferred soft-drink is ok. You are the one drinking it, drink it in any fashion that pleases you. I personally always add water, sometimes rather heavy-handedly, but never add coke or ginger ale, as it makes it too sweet for my tastes.

True Romance. Tarantino’s first script. This is my favorite movie of all time.

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Craft soy sauce. It’s like scotch for food.

Mingua beef jerky. It is delightfully salty strips of finely dried leather. 10/10.


Hey guys, I’m new to rum. I’ve had a the usual suspects, Bacardi light and dark, 151, Don Q light and dark, Captain, Captain Private Stock,and Sailor Jerry’s. I preferred un-spiced and dark among those. Dark Don-Q was ny favotite.

But I am usually a whisky man. For scotch, I love the heavy, peaty, smoky, briny Islays: Laphroaig, Lagavullin, etc. For boubons, I tend more towards the funky, Knob Creek and Buffalo Trace over the sweeter Woodford Reserve and Eagle Rare. I’m not opposed to rye.

On Monday, I’d like to try out a nice rum or two. Nothing too sweet, please. No syrup. lol. Will be drinking neat, or with water. No soft drinks, but ok with squeezed lime.

I work crazy hours on the weekend, so I most likely will not be replying until Monday, but I will read all responses. I greatly appreciate any input, and the more leads I have to research on Monday, the better.

Thanks y’all, in advance.


As you scroll down the screen, and the picture scrolls up, when the wood border in the pic meets the top of the screen, your hand looks like leftovers from a zombie attack.

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While I have not tried Basil Hayden, I can say both Eagle Rare and Four Roses are excellent choices. Since your go-to is Woodford, which I find to be a sweeter bourbon, I would recommend Eagle Rare, as it too has a sweet profile. Just be warned, you probably won’t want to go back to Woodford’s after trying Eagle Rare. lol.

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No no to Michael Jackson.

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I mean they’re both named Michael. Obviously they’re related. Sheesh.

When Family Guy left Netflix.

It hasn't been good for years.

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Meh, always made me laugh.

I do enjoy a good fish fry. Is there anything better than deep-fried crappie? I’ve heard walleye will give it a run for it’s money, but haven’t had the honor.

Take some time and really think about what tattoo you want; that shit’s permanent. I got Boba Fett’s Bantha Skull tattooed on my left shoulder in ‘98. I still love that motherfucker.

This is a cooler looking dragon. Take my upvote.

I’m surprised no ones fell off the edge

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I have. More than once.

Ah yes Pink Floyd. I just started listening to them and they are one of my favorite bands now.

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The Wall will always be one of my Top 5 albums of all time.

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I'm going to bed as soon as I finish this burrito.

Do you have a burrito?

Wouldn't you be happier if you did?

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Y’all ever just throw whatever you find in the fridge into a tortilla, pop it in the oven until it’s kinda crispy, and call it a burrito?

My latest creation: left-over bulgogi beef, left-over balsamic roasted tomatoes, salsa verde, and a slice of kraft. Shit was awesome. lol.

You just made my day

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Cool, now trade it for heroin.

I’ve seen Hell-Cat Maggie in the store, but I’ve yet to try it. I only remember it because I liked the name. How is it? Would you recommend it?

Knob Creek 120 is my go-to bourbon. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Poor bastard. Like Omar Little, he deserved a better ending that.

As an x-ray tech for 20 years, I have seen the insides of 1000’s of individuals. In this time, I have seen all the normal variations: 6th lumbar vertebrae, cervical rib, dual renal collecting system, horse-shoe kidney, situs inversus, etc. I can assure you that nothing in human gross anatomy has changed in the last 20 years. The heart and kidneys are where they’ve always been. Orbital sockets have always been bony.

Moths laying eggs nightly. Get some Bt such as this.

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