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thezadmin 2 points

In that case it doesn't matter. Thought the back had the private key.

sitric28 13 points

That is correct, this is just the public key.

We do offer the card with a private key however we require the key be passphrase encrypted. Even then, we still want to make sure customers understand the risk involved in doing this. Here's the link for more info.

b3np4rk 4 points

Hey man, just want you to know that this is exactly what I needed for christmas gifts! Wish you'd posted this two weeks ago (idk what your turnaround is?) also could you do other coins? Maybe vertcoin? If so I'll place some orders today!q

sitric28 4 points

Sure we can engrave whatever you send! The best place to get more info is at our website. You can upload your public key and any background photo you want!

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4f14-5d4-6s2 1 point

You still had to send the key in to get it printed. It has been written somewhere and transferred over the internet.

sitric28 1 point

I'm printing them

4f14-5d4-6s2 1 point

Yes, you are printing keys that your customers send you. By "you" in my previous comment I wasn't referring to you, but to your customers really.

So the key is already in the wild, no sense in covering it afterwards.

sitric28 1 point

Yeah technically this is true, there's no need to cover a passphrase encrypted key. But it's just an extra layer of security to prevent tampering.

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sitric28 commented on a post in r/funny
Ed98208 1 point

That looks a lot like Jurassic World back in the distance...that Icee was probably put out there as bait by a clever girl.

sitric28 1 point

Jurassic World was filmed on that island so .. there ya go

crazy_boy559 0 points

I know someone from chicago, that moved to Hawaii, but i'm unsure if they moved back. Are you a math teacher? Or do you or your brother play overwatch and pokemon?

sitric28 1 point

Chances are good it's him.

sitric28 commented on a post in r/watchpeopledie
SaxonWitch 0 points

How can anyone laugh at this? First he holds his eyes as if he is aware that he's fucked and then his hand bends inwards, a sign of spine damage. Then his head starts bobbing whilst his body is dying. I actually felt a massive lump of sorrow and nothing about this was funny.

sitric28 2 points


sitric28 commented on a post in r/Ultralight
sitric28 -4 points

Pick up a different sleeping pad from Rugged Mountain. Packs smaller than a water bottle and weighs 14.4oz. Don't waste money on thermarest.

apathy-sofa 11 points

Hm, I just compared the Rugged Mountain ( to the Thermarest XLite (

  • Weight: Thermarest XLite weights 12 oz, Rugged Mountain weights 14.4 oz.

  • Insulation (by R value): Thermarest XLite is 3.2, Rugged Mountain is a 1.4.

Why do you consider the Thermarest to be a waste of money when it's over twice as warm, yet lighter weight?

sitric28 1 point

It's just been a nice alternative for me and it's way cheaper. The cost doesn't justify the small advantage to me. Just my 2 cents

sitric28 commented on a post in r/pics
PhonyUsername 10 points

Kim Jun il didnt launch nukes and isis didn't terrorize either. The threat still exists. The day before this dude was one of the 'good ones'.

sitric28 -6 points

Ah ok, so let's punish everyone then.

PhonyUsername 4 points

You should stop trying to make other people's arguments for them in a manipulative way. You lack common courtesy and respect.

sitric28 -3 points

Haha ok.

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