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sitric28 commented on a post in r/BitMarket
getitdone3305 0 points

Not a scam. But, you are correct; anyone can do this themselves; without a company of any kind. If you have the knowledge and experience to do this yourself; please feel free to not participate. However, IF you need this service please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs at any time.

sitric28 1 point

Not a scam is what all the scammers say

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rivers61 296 points

Dented rims, bent control arms, blow strut. Could easily be 500 in parts plus labor depending on the rims.

Source: I can relate, but I did it on accident cause I thought I was being tboned and freaked out

sitric28 1 point

Like 500 bucks? More like 5k or more total

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