Gold by skeleton_claw in comics

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If you like my comics, you see the same ones but in different places by following me on instagram or twitter

The Wonders of Yeast by skeleton_claw in funny

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If you like reading comics but no longer subscribe to your local newspaper, might I suggest skeletonclaw.com.

To Do List by skeleton_claw in comics

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More stupid shit works of genius at skeletonclaw.com

Crab by skeleton_claw in comics

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If you like this comic, then you're probably sharing a 1 bedroom apartment in the mission with 4 other people. Also more stuff at skeletonclaw.com

Genie: You have 3 wishes. by coolidiot2000 in Jokes

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Thanks for the heads up. That site even intentionally stripped off the credits at the bottom.

Jackass by skeleton_claw in comics

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Thanks! I'll give you $40 for it.