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Funny, but was hoping the last frame would have the remaining judges holding up score cards.

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Dangit. That's a good idea.

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This comment is a stealthy way to trick you into following me on other social media platforms:

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Anyone got a tutorial for the submission at the 39 second mark?

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We've all done things we're not proud of. I, for example, drew these comics:

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How's your BJJ training coming along?

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Working on my kimura setups. You?

I really loved this one. :)

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Here's some more places to see the same comics:

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You, dear subscribers, are seeing this comic before the rest of reddit gets to. This is because you are special and you deserve special treatment. You deserve this not because of what you've done or what you will do, but simply because of who you are.

What you do with this knowledge is up to you. Some of you may lord it over others, which is your right. Others may react with humility and guide the less fortunate. This decision is yours and yours alone. Whatever you choose, none can judge you but yourself. Good luck.

Just saw a meme’d version of this in bonerhurtingjuice, I’m hooked now. I can’t believe how funny your comics are

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Thanks knight bus.

You posted this 3 hours ago on r/comics but someone else posted this 7 hours about on r/webcomics? Coincidence or you’re just not being quick enough posting your own comics?

(Also great comic!)

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Some people are quick off the draw. I'm still gonna post it to r/comics tomorrow and brace myself for the repost complaints.

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I've been thinking about this one since I drew it actually and I now think the therapist did the oyster a favor. Pearls are caused by irritation, and by opening up the therapist was able to go in and remove it. Perhaps her only flaw was she was too elated after removing the pearl and didn't spend enough time caring for her patient after an emotional session. Also, apologies if you've seen this one already. Some other people beat me to the punch posting it yesterday, but I'm still submitting it since its my favorite thing I've drawn a long time.

Anyway, here's some other places you can follow me:

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Burger King is the best authoritarian based food joint since dictatortots

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Who can forget their mascot Pol Potato

Original Poster1.0k points · 1 month ago

This documentary chronicles a popular burger chain mascot's rise to absolute power through tyranny and brutality. To support other independent journalistic efforts please visit:

Ah dang, I was going to post this one myself tomorrow fucked up...?

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I really want to see that now.

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There was like ketchup on his mouth that looked like blood. Definitely pg13 at least

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I had a good time fucking up that comic.

Original Poster4 points · 1 month ago

Strong jpeg artifacts but I'm not seeing any emojis or watermarks.


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It's part of the trick, the swordfish has to pierce the fisherman before getting to the knight.

EDIT: putting this closest to the top since people will actually see it.

This is addressed to the people commenting "what's funny?".

Lets pretend you actually cared about the quality of the comic. I can't do anything with this type of feedback.

This isn't even criticism, at best you're being mean on the internet. Your contribution to the discussion is literally zero.

Feel free to bash but at least state why.

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Fuck em.


Haha this is great! Do you have a Twitter I can follow?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

@skeleton_claw thanks for asking

This is extremely sad, we need a sequel comic where something good happens to this skeleton so he feels better haha

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