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skibblez_n_zits commented on a post in r/TrueReddit
lurker093287h 570 points

But then he pointed to his dick and she gave him a blowjob, and that was after he ate her pussy. This whole thing is awkward, ambiguous and confusing.

skibblez_n_zits 2 points

I feel like even if we had video of the incident, and reddit analyzed it like a Zapruder film people would still be arguing both sides of this. Maybe someone should make an app with premade "consent contracts" that celebs can have saved on their phones, and their date sign before hooking up. "Hey babe, check the box and sign here for blowjob. Will you also be selecting vaginal penetration this evening as well? No? Ok fair enough. Lets do this!"

skibblez_n_zits commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
LuxNocte 315 points

"Goberment doesn't work. Elect us and we'll prove it!"

skibblez_n_zits 97 points

I know right? If you dislike government so much MAYBE STAY THE FUCK OUT OF IT and let the competent people do their job. Or does that just make too much fucking sense?

E: Misspelled competent. How ironical

GormyGorm 108 points

So, you were able to rebook your flight at no additional cost because there was no error on your part, and because you acted in a timely manner, you were able to get a flight soon after?

skibblez_n_zits 2 points

Sorry for late reply. Havent done reddit in a couple of days. Yes, thats correct, no error on my part so rebooked for free. They spent 45 mins de-icing the plane and my one hour layover turned into a 13 min layover. Next gate was 3 concourses over and had to wait for mine to deplane. Knew it wasnt going to happen. Since it was an international flight, the number was different than domestic and got through to a person fairly quick. Had me rebooked before I got to the desk and got one of the last seats. There was a huge line at the rebooking desk and a bunch of people from my first flight.

cgr4217 2 points

D'awwww, what a happy puppy. Probably feels way better than that 10 degree pavement.

skibblez_n_zits 2 points

Here's what he looks like eating ice cream

Very_Shagadelic 4 points

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that 3-styled hitting mat supposed to be placed vertically?

Here's an example: https:/

skibblez_n_zits 6 points

It is, but I actually don't really like the small one or use it because it slides around too much. It came with a net that I bought. It's easier for me to just to chip off the big square mat. My gf was cleaning up the porch and back yard and set all that there. She picked up all the straggler balls in the back yard I missed with the shagger and dumped them there. Normally I have a milk crate full of balls next to the mat and a huge net at the end of my back yard, but I took the net down for the winter.

skibblez_n_zits commented on a post in r/TrueReddit
skibblez_n_zits 3 points

In the last paragraph of the article, this is huge for me personally...

Finally, procrastinators are more likely to complete a piece of work if they’re persuaded that it’s not actually work.

When I quit my job to go back to school and learn a new skill, my productivity sky rocketed. But as soon as I went back to work in the real world, I began begruding everything. Doing it for yourself vs doing it for someone else is a huge motivating factor for me.

skibblez_n_zits commented on a post in r/politics
Even_on_Reddit_FOE 346 points

Anything a Republican does is a good thing in the eyes of Trump's base. Anything a Democrat does is bad. Even and especially if it's the same exact thing, as studies have shown.

Also, the base knows Trump is lying. They believe all politicians lie, and cheat, and collude with foreign powers, and that the Republicans are only doing it to combat that pesky "reality" and "evidence" based Democratic party. Anything you might bring up to challenge that will be dismissed as biased towards liberals on that basis.

skibblez_n_zits 7 points

It like that old analogy of playing chess with a pigeon. You can't win. You can use all the logic and reason in the world, and it has no effect. You carefully make your move, and the bird will simply knock over the pieces, shit on the board and fly away.

skibblez_n_zits commented on a post in r/Louisville
skibblez_n_zits 14 points

Wow what a piece of shit. Fuck this guy. Also, what is it with dudes sending unwarranted dick pics to women?? Has this ever actually worked anywhere in the known universe?? "hurr durrrrr heres muh dick! Wanna hang out??" For fucks sake

skibblez_n_zits commented on a post in r/financialindependence
JunkBondJunkie 3 points

Night auditor is the best job for college if you want to get paid to study.

skibblez_n_zits 2 points

Agree. I did this. 75% of my shift was me studying when it was dead quiet in the middle of the nigbt. Try to find a hotel in a decent area. Get a little bit of money along with free wifi, coffee and breakfast food. Not a bad deal.

mr___christopher 1 point

What is your common mishit?

skibblez_n_zits 1 point

Either a fade/slice or straight pull left. I think it's because my swing path tends to be outside-in, but not sure how to make it more down the line or inside-out. I try to take it back on the inside to compensate but that hasnt fixed it.

mr___christopher 1 point

I see a couple things I used to do that gave me the same miss. Your arms are a little too far from your body and on the takeaway, I see that you are taking it inside a bit because your arms are starting the swing and have the butt end facing to the right. Because of this, it's not allowing you to close the club face by impact/when you think you're going to slice you might come over the top. The first issue these guys address looks a bit like what you're doing (and also what I was doing).

skibblez_n_zits 1 point

You're right, I am definitely doing that, I didn't even realize. Thanks for the feedback!

skibblez_n_zits commented on a post in r/SQL
skibblez_n_zits 2 points

I assume Im too late to help you with this, but on Pluralsight there's a course for the 70-461 exam. Part 2. That has a section on using XML that explains it well and is concise, with basic examples. The section is only 30 mins or so. Think the site lets you watch a few trial hours for free without having to pay. Good luck.

skibblez_n_zits commented on a post in r/billiards
skibblez_n_zits 1 point

The tip should be rounded and dome shaped, with the radius of a nickel or a dime. If you hold a coin up to the tip you can see if the radius matches. What you want to avoid is a flat, smooshed tip that is sticking out over the edge of the ferrule, which is the end result of banging balls over and over. Next time you are in a pool hall, find the most worn out stick and examine its tip and you will see what it should NOT look like. You might want to have a pool supplier put it on for you the first time to show you how its done. After you get a new tip, get a shaper to maintain it. You'll want to keep it rounded and skuffed up. Kind of fluffy so it holds chalk. There's no set rule on when to change the tip as their lifetime varies by brand, type, how much you play etc.

Rehd 1 point

I do support for a software company and the problem I'm running into on rare occasions is a new order_sub_line record will be inserted AFTER the original records were inserted into the temp tables

So while the procedure is running, someone or something makes an alteration to one of the underlying tables and that record does not get accounted for in the procedure because it already ran the select?

To me, that's what constraints are for, it's enforcing data integrity so it can't be deleted out after. I would force a table lock with that stored procedure so if a process is trying to alter it, it's going to have to wait it's turn. Essentially turning parallelism off because things rely on order.

You can also use try and catch error handling, log all errors to another table and a final stored procedure can be called to work on the results from that table. Example: One record failed to delete for constraints, it logs to the table. Then when it's finished with the rest, a proc is called, dynamic SQL likely runs in place, and it tries to do another delete with the records from that table.

Instead of killing parallelism for this instance or adding new mechanisms, you could change it from being set based to RBAR based, but that's not best practice. It's not going to scale well either. But this allows for a high commit environment. So this would become trigger based in my opinion.

You could also temporarily disable and re-enable constraints, but that's bad practice and by far the worst idea.

The last thought is that the tables being accessed and the way the deletes and inserts working here needs to be re-architected and evaluated from the ground up.

skibblez_n_zits 1 point

The last thought is that the tables being accessed and the way the deletes and inserts working here needs to be re-architected and evaluated from the ground up.

I 100% agree because this is so janky. So, locking the table is not an option, there are multiple types of orders and the other orders need to be accessed and updated while we are purging these other order types. It's not a big deal if the delete and archive job that calls this simply "skips" the new records that are getting created and catches them on the next days scheduled delete. I think I've come up with something though as a 'band-aid' fix because I do not have time to rewrite the whole job in my position as a lowly support tech.

Here's what I came up with...

--original delete statement
delete oh from Exactadb.dbo.order_header oh inner join @orders o on oh.order_Id =

--my band aid fix
--get all the new child order_sub_lines from relevant orders 
--that were NOT inserted into the original temp tables, but have been added since
--then delete everything except the records tied to those
with new_sub_lines as (
select order_sub_line_id 
from order_sub_line 
where order_sub_line_id not in (select order_sub_line_id from @sublines)
and order_sub_line_id in 
    (select order_sub_Line_id from order_sub_line where order_line_id in (
        select order_line_id from order_line where order_id in (
            select order_id from order_header where order_type = 1 and order_category = 1)))
delete oh from Exactadb.dbo.order_header oh inner join @orders o on oh.order_Id =
where oj.order_id not in (
    select order_id from order_line where order_line_id in (
        select order_line_id from new_sub_lines))

I think this should work but I need to test it

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