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skibblez_n_zits 2 points

I am assuming you have an Artist table and the primary key is ArtistID. You also have a Genres table and the PK is GenreID. The artists and genres should be listed once and only once in these tables. In your composite table MusicArtists_Genres, it's sole purpose is to link Artists to Genres. You only need the two PK columns from Artists and Genres (ArtistID, GenreID) in this table, and individually they are Foreign Keys. However, each unique combination of these two columns together now makes up the Primary Key of this new composite table. The whole point of normalization is to avoid redundancy. It's ok to have the same GenreID listed multiple times in this table as Foreign Keys as long as each combination of GenreID + ArtistID is unique (and serves as this table's PK).

chackoface 15 points

TFW a simple pass time makes you think why do I even try

skibblez_n_zits 14 points

Haha yeah. The worst part was that as we got closer to completetion we sort of slowly went through the stages of grief. From denial to wtf outrage to acceptance. We kind of knew it was missing early on because it was one of the border pieces, which we put together first. But we just assumed it was still in the mix somewhere with the other pieces and we would eventually find it. We were extra careful opening up the package too, not to drop any on the floor and kept them all in the box or on the poster board while we were working on it. So once we finished we thought one had to have fallen out of the box onto the floor or something. Nope. Searched everywhere. Not sure where the missing piece is, but it's not in my house. Sucks butt.

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skibblez_n_zits 2 points

Callaway Supersoft. I used to play Titleist pro v's and nxts because most of the pros use that brand, but tried these out once and holy moly. I switched and never looked back. So much control around greens it's sick and distance is the same or longer.

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duzzy-funlop 98 points

I heard Rory in an interview not too long ago say that he hasn't paid for a round since he was 13 years old.

My guess is their people call ahead and agree to a free round. For more exclusive courses, I'd assume members would jump at the opportunity to pair up with them for a complimentary round.

skibblez_n_zits 45 points

Yea, that was the No Laying Up podcast. They asked DJ the same question and he couldn't remember the last time he paid for a round either. He said it had been well over a decade.

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Deratoki 64 points

I am pretty sure he only ended up in office because only 30% of voters actually voted? It was something like that. My percentage might be wrong but I know not many voted.

I haven't met anyone yet that actually likes the dude so that's the only thing I can think of.

skibblez_n_zits 34 points

<rant>I actually voted in this election. I live and work in middletown area and at my polling station and I swear there were only like 5 other people in the whole place besides me at 10 o'clock in the morning, and not a single one of them under the age of 70. I did my part and cast a ballot for Jack Conway. I'll be honest I wasn't exactly thrilled about Conway but I at least showed up and did my part. All my coworkers who are around my age, late 20's and 30's didnt even know there was an election that day. And when I told them they didnt want to take the time to vote because they didn't care or even know who was running. It's so fucked up. I don't want to be an agiest but it feels like the reasons Democrats suck so much at midterms is because all the working class people simply have jobs and families and are just busy with life in general, and don't get to conerned with local politics until it's too late. We are reactive instead of proactive, and only care when we get fucked over because we aren't paying attention. Meanwhile all these retired folks with endless time on their hands get bilked and mislead by asshats like Bevin, using xenophobic scare tactics, religion and "think of the children" bullshit as a means of manipulation. Before the internet and Fox News in the 21st century, we lived in an information drought, but now we are in an information flood, and the water is not safe to drink. It's so disheartening. I don't know what the answer is. I wish people could vote from their phones, becuase then the Dems would always win in a landslide because of how convinent it is, but I know laws making it easier to vote will never be passed because the Republicans have the power and they know the only way they can win is to game the system and keep making it increasingly difficult for people who have jobs to make their voice heard, and in essence keeping us always under-represented. Fuck. Sorry for wall of text </rant >

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skibblez_n_zits 15 points

Sergio, now reed. Whos next, rory sabatini?

Drock331 5 points

My wife barely follows golf but watched that Butler cabin ceremony. I then ask her what Reed will serve for the Masters dinner next year and she said "cheeseburgers". Dead

skibblez_n_zits 6 points

Thats what Tiger served his first dinner.

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Kanzlerforce 106 points

Your 2018 Masters Tournament Champion: Ted Potter, Jr.

skibblez_n_zits 8 points

You know, I actually considered putting a bet on him because he's something like 500/1 and Augusta has favored lefties over the last several years. Could be another Mike Weir.

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[deleted] 1,299 points


skibblez_n_zits 1 point

Long ago in a seedy bar I used to frequent they had one of these things. I saw a drunk guy who had been slamming shots all night get 700+ points with his head. Dude head butted it like a wild animal, let out a mighty beast roar afterwards

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