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1980sActionStar -3 points

First of all, uncut here. And let me be frank, I enjoy everything physically just fine, I don’t look down and get sad at all. I like my nerve endings etc.

However, in my experience, due to the common circumcision in the US, many women simply think that’s how it’s supposed to look. Due to this, I personally feel that I’ve experienced a lack of mainly oral sex. My wife has go far to say: “It just looks weird uncut, it’s not appealing at all.” Now obviously, this could just be me, but with a quick poll from her friends (and finding out I’m the only uncut in a group of 10), they all agree, it kills the mood.

When we were first pregnant, and the gender was still unknown my wife stated that if we had a boy she would want circumcision. I objected for multiple reasons: 1. You want a boy to look like dad, as it helps with confusion. 2. Nerve endings, etc. 3. It’s only popular in Muslim countries and the US.

She countered with: “You would want your son to get head right?”

Where there it was. The reason oral sex had stopped on her end. She couldn’t get over the stigmatism. Doesn’t matter how clean, freshly showered, darkness levels, nothing.

So in short, I wish I was circumcised, at least then I’d feel normal.

Si-Ting 14 points

As a woman in the US I am appalled by your wife’s behavior.

My husband is natural an I wouldn’t have it any other way. I prefer giving him blow jobs because of the foreskin and how I don’t have to slobber all over and make such a mess. I prefer sex with him than any other partner because of the feel of his strokes because of his foreskin. This is what I’m referring to. I once saw a site with GIFs of porn from circumcised and uncircumcised men that backed it up, but that was 5-10 years ago and I cannot seem to find it again.

If you have a boy, don’t get him circumcised just because your wife can’t handle a natural penis. Trends in the US are changing and he’ll find someone willing to go down on him.

slicedmoonstone 7 points

It’s more natural. That’s the way nature intended it so of course it’s going to be better for sex

slicedmoonstone 7 points

But that can change over time. I’m having my son uncut and that’s final. If he wants to cut it when he’s 18 so be it. It’s his body

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iForceOP 0 points

Have you been on public transport? It is shit

slicedmoonstone 4 points

Why can’t we make it better???

Orange_C 23 points

This is gonna get downvoted, but I get it completely.

My commute (where I can afford to live in a space larger than a tent) is about 45 min driving, or 1 hour 15 min by public transit to my job.

In my car, I have AC/heat, a much nicer heated seat without gum on it, I'm not standing/sitting literally shoulder to shoulder against other tired commuters, sweaty people (everyone waiting for it in summer), kids playing music on speakerphone/cranked on headphones, dealing with massive crowds, anybody else's breath or BO, people pushing and shoving and spilling their coffees on me, I can put my arms to my sides when I sit down rather than scrunched into my chest (broader shoulders), etc. The schedules are hourly, and I'd either arrive 35 min early, or 5 or 10 min late every day, on top of the extra half hour of travel each way. Once in a while the buses in the morning would be so packed they would skip picking up people at stops altogether, that nearly cost me a job once.

Call it selfish if you wanna, but I've done both, and the way north america has been structured and organized in anything outside of urban centers* is extremely at odds with promoting public transport effectively, and the cities' generally constantly lacking implementations fail to address at least the more reasonable concerns/issues. Thus, people adopt it less, it succeeds less, gets less funding in the future, rinse and repeat. I'm not sure how that can be effectively broken here.

*of my friends in Toronto, less than half own cars, all but a few use PT to commute to work/run errands. Their commutes range from much shorter (walking distance) to slightly longer than mine (half across the city), but their rents are all literally 3-4x mine for comparable space, the air out here doesn't stink like sewage gases, there isn't honking and bullshit 24/7, and I can't hear my neighbor blowing their nose unless I go outside, and I don't have to snake my way through a squirming mass of people everytime I wanna go anywhere.

Some people embrace/adapt that lifestyle shift very differently, and some will not, I happen to also fall in the latter category. Neither viewpoint here is invalid, I think, just seeing that the other perspective can be valid based on circumstances/values.

slicedmoonstone 10 points

Why can’t public transport be more funded so these kinds of problems don’t arise? In China I take nothing but public transport and I can’t see myself ever buying a car. Not for the lack of money but the convenience of not having a car

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cunolle 1,754 points

This picture is pretty old, and from what I can remember wasn't purposefully cringey.

There's a few other similar pics's def cringe now.

It was when he started to get big in America and would constantly argue with people on Twitter.

Edit: found more pics that will make you cringe






slicedmoonstone 0 points

This is just as bad as people pushing religion down your throats posting a bunch of Jesus memes. Just stfu and live and let live please?

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AngelusALetum 70 points

You could also invest in a trace buster, but keep in mind that you might be dealing with someone with a trace buster buster.

Edit: I need to start proofreading before I hit send

slicedmoonstone 1 point

Bustin’ makes me feel good!

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9xInfinity 18 points

Ignore them and/or just say "no" if they nuzzle up and then go back to ignoring them. They'll get the idea quickly and will go do something else when you eat, or nap at your feet while you eat or something. It's very easy in my 2 dogs worth of experience.

slicedmoonstone 1 point

How do you train cats?

slicedmoonstone 1 point

Or a screaming cat

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Xzll 792 points

My cat who just passed away about a week ago did this exact same thing. As soon as she heard the vacuum she would come running for it. She was a great friend.

slicedmoonstone 36 points

The exact opposite of my cat. Even if I turn it off, detach the hose and get the vacuum hose broom next to her she’ll completely freak the fuck out

[deleted] 2 points


slicedmoonstone 1 point

Yes but they could just say that’s “Oh that’s just hearsay” and keep to their version of the story

GodsOwnTapir 6 points

They tried that. It worked well for almost 200 years. Then the internet came along.

Back when I was a teenager it was impossible to find any of this out without finding a relatively uncommon 'anti' Mormon book.

These days the 'anti' stuff it a Google search away. And its not just the books. Anybody can find the source material themselves. I don't have to believe some exmo with a chip on his shoulder talking about 'multiple accouts', I can go read them and make my own judgements.

Up until about five years ago the church tried to stay with the hiding history narrative. Which lead to massive backlash for lying about church history. Many of us felt betrayed.

The current strategy of 'we have always been open with our history' is gas lighting. But its the only way TSCC can maintain an illusion of honesty.

slicedmoonstone 1 point

Yes that makes sense. Do you think the apostles and prophets truly believe? When they give talks in general conference, are they real tears?

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middleagedexmo 35 points

I called it!!!! I predicted that the new program would have a huge mission prep component to it.

Jesus H Christ, it’s like they are intentionally trying to drive the youth away from TSCC even faster.

slicedmoonstone 7 points

What’s TSCC?

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