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TheGodsmustbelazy 1 point

My friend Rustyz house is pretty cool

smackmybeaver 1 point

PM me

engagedtone 3 points

How far out? The Ship in Multnomah Village can get rocking but that's not actually a suburb.

smackmybeaver 2 points

Been there a few times. Not during blazers though... I think they changed owners and spruced the place up

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BDF-1838 1 point

Why didn't you include the cost of the SSD and OS license in your estimate?

smackmybeaver 1 point

Because they were insignficant. Windows was $15 and the SSD I had laying around. Just updated the table on my blog with those costs +$105.

Etang600 2 points

You mind if I post this on our Instagram?

smackmybeaver 1 point


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SCD592 2 points

Wow like an angel's kiss, it's beautiful. How long did it take?

smackmybeaver 1 point

1.5 years!

VAN-Wilder 1 point

Congratulations on completing the build! You are an excellent craftsman.

How much room do you have in the back when the pop top is down and up? Has anyone ever bothered you when the pop top was up, and you were parked in a parking lot, or residential area?

smackmybeaver 1 point

It’s a decent amount of space but you’re either sitting or laying down when the top is down.

I’ve actually never been bothered in 5 months. Usually park very inconspicuously with the top down, very little light, and no noise.

Beekatiebee 1 point

Did you replace the carrier bearing on the drive shaft while you had everything out?

I had an 85 'yota and the bearing was shot, but the way they designed it most shops wouldn't touch it since it was damn near impossible to get off. It had a good inch of play in all directions, really nasty.

Might wanna consider switching to a custom built one piece shaft or replacing that bearing before too long.

smackmybeaver 1 point

Already replaced. It wasn't difficult to get off. Just need a good ole Bertha.

glass__jaw 1 point

Space/noise. I have both the water heater and laundry in the garage. It’s hot here so it’s a good place for the water heater. If it ever leaks it won’t damage anything. Laundry for the same reason and a space saver.

smackmybeaver 1 point

But it takes up my precious garage space :)

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smackmybeaver commented on a post in r/windows
willy-beamish 59 points

I'll give you a windows 7 pro key for the exact cost of one upvote. That's it, free and clear for the price of one upvote.

It will be unused, retail, not oem, can provide picture of the sticker or even ship it to you at your cost. Or I'll just PM you the product key.

And it's 100% guaranteed to activate windows 10 if that's your inclination.

**** EDIT SEPTEMBER 8TH 2017 ****

If you can read this, I've stopped taking requests for keys for the time being.

I've really enjoyed helping out as many people as I can the last 60 days. I've probably given out at least 100 keys between this thread and the PMs I've received.

I'm just one man doing this for free to help out as many people as I can. At this time I'm unable to keep up with all the requests. It's just too time consuming to keep track of who needs one still and typing them all out.

If you have requested prior to this... I'm still going to get you one as time permits. If you haven't requested, keep an eye out for a dedicated thread on /r/windows after I have some time to get caught up with all the requests.

smackmybeaver 1 point

Do you have anymore W7 Pro keys 64 bit? Thanks!

kaplanfx 11 points

Murder requires intent. They almost involuntarily manslaughtered someone.

smackmybeaver -1 points

At what point does inattentive behavior become grounds for intent?

rwjetlife 1 point

I don't feel anything about it because I know it's a stupid commercial and I'm not interested in buying a new car. I'm just trying to explain to you that you can look at things from another perspective than your own. Take your blinders off. Yes, people are stupid. And emotional.

smackmybeaver 3 points

You’re right man. That’s a difficult thing to do though. Those people should be the victim of a non-autonomous vehicle accident.

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