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snerbs0925 2 points

This is just further proof that doctors continue to break the Hippocratic oath every day they practice medicine in the US

Cacachuli -1 points

Hospitals and insurance companies aren’t run by doctors, but thank you for your uninformed opinion.

snerbs0925 1 point

I am fully aware. But the fact that they participate in a flawed system and that they make pretty big profits from and allows for situations like this is pretty anti-Hippocratic

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snerbs0925 1 point

Struggling really hard with a break up. It was all my fault and he was nothing but perfect but I was going through issues with my mental health and it made for an incredibly unhealthy relationship. I'm realizing now that I am alone for the first time in my life (lived with my parents, spent all of my time with him) I've started practicing self care a little bit, but what can I do to focus completely and wholly on myself? It's so hard not to plot ways to get him back, but right now I just need to work on getting better for myself and then maybe think of opening myself up to others.

CopperJohn626 5 points

Most econ PhD programs heavily weight math. I would actually suggest majoring in math and minoring in econ, or double majoring if you can. Graduate econ does not look like undergraduate econ and the biggest reason people struggle in graduate programs is that they can’t handle all the proofs.

snerbs0925 1 point

I'm currently double majoring, but I'll likely switch to just one major since it's a little more than I can handle. Thank you for this!

nmegabyte 2 points

I would suggest take some programming courses, since you need to work with data when you are an economist , learning programming languages like python will help you.

snerbs0925 1 point

I'll have to take a programming class for the math major and they reach C++. I was thinking to also try to pick up Python and STATA and maybe Tableau? Thank you so much for this!

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