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I used to read for leisure all the time as a kid and I really enjoyed it. It feels like every time I try to pick up an book now I don't have the attention span or patience required because I can just be on my phone instead (those damn millennials!) For perspective, I'm a college student so I do a fair bit of reading for classes in general but I miss being able to just read a book for fun


I had the same issue very recently, when I graduated from college and finally had time to read for fun I couldn’t get past 5 pages before I got bored or tired. To fix this, I chose books that I loved from my days of constant reading, and just forced myself to read every day. It got easier and in about two weeks I started reading 100 pages very comfortably and my attention wouldn’t stray

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I love this idea! Definitely going to try it

Michael Che!!

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Hot pot + good comedy is always a good time

Oh and I also noticed your music poster above Michael Che just now - got the same one myself. Nice taste my friend, nice taste.

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Hahaha this was actually at a friends house-- I'll let him know you share the same tastes in posters since our group gives him some lighthearted shit for for it :-)

PK! It's a Bollywood movie about organized religion but is also extremely lighthearted

Playing basketball, eating cinnamon buns with our chili, and talking about the wheat harvest

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I’m in HR for The US Space and Rocket Center. It’s my job to hire people to work at Space Camp.

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Super off topic but do you all hire economists

This is just further proof that doctors continue to break the Hippocratic oath every day they practice medicine in the US

Hospitals and insurance companies aren’t run by doctors, but thank you for your uninformed opinion.

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I am fully aware. But the fact that they participate in a flawed system and that they make pretty big profits from and allows for situations like this is pretty anti-Hippocratic

Does the production of technology like this create a "net zero" impact on the environment? How long does it usually take for things like to potentially reverse the damage?

Just the fact that he texted her apologizing makes the entire claim moot. If she wanted to keep taking issue with what happened, he made it very clear that he was up to discuss it.

When the waitstaff leaves the bill and I'm reaching to put my card in but they walk away and take an annoyingly long time to get the money and return my card. Just wait for me to get the card it takes 2 seconds!

When you have a quota to meet so you'll arrest literally anyone

There's lots of natural oils you could try! Coconut oil with tea tree oil is one of my favs

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Struggling really hard with a break up. It was all my fault and he was nothing but perfect but I was going through issues with my mental health and it made for an incredibly unhealthy relationship. I'm realizing now that I am alone for the first time in my life (lived with my parents, spent all of my time with him) I've started practicing self care a little bit, but what can I do to focus completely and wholly on myself? It's so hard not to plot ways to get him back, but right now I just need to work on getting better for myself and then maybe think of opening myself up to others.


I'm interested in applied micro, but am not really sure where I should be looking. I have some think tanks in mind, but barely any of them pay their interns.


Which think tanks did you have in mind?

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Brookings, Stimson, Center for American Progress, and Institute for Policy Studies. If you think of any others that might be less competitive let me know!


University of Kansas Economics sophomore here. After graduation, I'd like to take a year off with a Fulbright term or something related to that and then work at a think tank. I'd also like to get a PhD in applied micro. I know I need to be able to do math, but would it be better to do a double major or just a minor? Thanks in advance, friends!


Most econ PhD programs heavily weight math. I would actually suggest majoring in math and minoring in econ, or double majoring if you can. Graduate econ does not look like undergraduate econ and the biggest reason people struggle in graduate programs is that they can’t handle all the proofs.

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I'm currently double majoring, but I'll likely switch to just one major since it's a little more than I can handle. Thank you for this!

I would suggest take some programming courses, since you need to work with data when you are an economist , learning programming languages like python will help you.

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I'll have to take a programming class for the math major and they reach C++. I was thinking to also try to pick up Python and STATA and maybe Tableau? Thank you so much for this!

Read the damn article. They aren't slaves, they are literally laborers that have been unpaid for several months of labor due to the company that owned their factory abruptly going bankrupt. They are in fact workers that have been mistreated by unfair labor conditions, the same kind of mistreatment that occurs all over the developed world!

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Unpaid laborers are slaves. If the company can't afford to pay them they shouldn't have been forced to come work. also it's a little (read:VERY) inaccurate to say that areas with sweat shops have the same types of mistreatment as "the developed world" it's definitely worse because of the west lol

Borderline college student here. It's so uplifting to see you succeeding. Thank you for the positive reinforcement.

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