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11 points · 6 hours ago

The game is rated M (Mature - 17+) If you have a problem with young adults spending money on a game of chance you might just be a totalitarian asshole.

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The US would like a word.

They might be referring to natural gas burnoff at the well site. If you look at images of the Earth at night and see the lights, the brightest areas are oil wells where the natural gas, which is often a waste product at the well site, burns. My info is old, perhaps this is not as big of a thing as it used to be. But I suspect it still happens a lot.

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Flaring is banned in many locations now.

mark my words. once the game is out, this whole insurance thing will be a non-issue.

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once the game is out

I've found a value to convert:

  • 11.0in is equal to 27.94cm or 1.47 bananas
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Good bot

-11 points · 2 days ago

Yeah technically this is spyware, by the definition of the word, but RedShell isn't really intrusive. It just lets the companies know how well their game is doing by who plays it and when.

If you're mad about RedShell, then I hate to break it to you, that shit is tame compared to what Google is doing to you. There's bigger fish to fry when it comes to protecting online data.

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All cases of personal data handling should be compliant regardless of scale or impact.

you don't even need to "buy" another one. Just contact customer service and they'll set you up with a return label, and a process for getting a replacement when they either get the other one back or it scans at the facility.

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Don't you risk getting a refurb unit as the replacement though? Safer to refund.

So the people were unintentionally giving voice instructions to the device and the device was simply doing what it was told. How is that on amazon?

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Because Alexa misinterpreted normal conversation as commands, it is a product defect.

That was one annoying article to read. Blah blah blah, technology bad, spying on consumers, privacy this. Oh yeah but what actually happened is the couple "told" Alexa to record and send a message to there friend. They either ignored Alexa talking back to them or had it turned down.

Nothing to see here except common USER ERROR!

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This isn't correct. It picked up fragments of background conversation and incorrectly interpretated it as an instruction.

If you're putting spyware in your game, you're not the good guys.

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Redshell itself might be GDPR compliant, but games with it included are not. They cannot demand that I accept EULA agreement with provision allowing them to spy on me, holding game that I bought as a hostage. Access to service cannot depend on agreeing to hand over data.

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-15 points · 2 days ago

It is not if you use your real name as your Steam name.

This should be opt-in in compliance with GDPR.

Didn't you get the memo?

Democracy is a simple-majority referendum on an impossibly complex socio-economic issue. Any attempt to question the legality of the campaigns surrounding said referendum, hold a second vote on an actual deal, or investigate the government for covering up reports saying we'd be worse off in every conceivable scenario post-Brexit is the hand of fascism.

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I wonder who is driving that message...

Yep. The UK is in a similar boat, where a mountain of evidence is piling up and yet there seem to be no meaningful consequences

A new report every day, hypocrisy all over the place, and yet here we are. Democracy in 2018

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They seriously need to put Article 50 on hold pending the investigation and then hold a second referendum.

I always know the time within 15 minutes or so. I also always wake up 15 to 2 minutes before my alarm goes off, usually closer to two. If I microwave someting, even for an odd amount of time like say 3 minutes 36, I'll go to the other end of the house and come back just as it's beeping. So my superpower is a clock in my head. Yippee

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Hi Kramer

I went to read this article earlier, but the page is blocked by a full-screen overlay asking me to set advertising tracking options, so I just closed the tab without even seeing the content.

The game does look ace though, here is 13 minutes of gameplay from RoadToVR.

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2 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

Same, if they make me jump through hoops to turn everything off then I don't bother with their content.

The OK link being highlighted in a friendly blue vs the plain Manage Options link they have is also against GDPR guidelines.

8 points · 4 days ago

You don't run into a room with your dick hanging out.

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The room eats you.

12 points · 5 days ago


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There is only one.

This game is never coming out is it?

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It is, but not before CIG run out of cash and are forced to sell it to another publisher to fix and release.

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The story has slowed down after ep 6, which I attribute to the fact that episode 7 was the beginning of book three. This season started off really exciting.

The effects for the ring and the area beyond the ring have been a bit weak and cheap looking especially compared to how good everything else looks. I'll chock that up to poor design decisions as much as budget constraints. Miller with holden floating in space looked super cheesy. Still enjoying the story despite how slow the pace has been.

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Miller was supposed to look superimposed though because he is.

17 points · 6 days ago

to be fair, the source material is also packed with action and the plot moves incredibly fast, at least compared to other genre adaptations. but the tv show actually moves even faster - and the most impressive thing is, it doesn't do it badly considering what they can possibly do.

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That said, hopefully Amazon slows the pace a little. I want to see more of the crew bonding in the galley etc with some great Amos dialogue.

Trump + Brexit. Coincidence? Putin's plan

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Yet for some reason a second referendum with greater security in place is out of the question.

37 points · 7 days ago

I don't think Bethesda quite gets it either, but they have a few months left to get it down better and they've said they know it won't be perfect at launch. It's essentially going to be a AAA early access game in some ways. Which I'm fine with.

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I think this is true, but for another reason. From previous leaks it seems this started out as a multi player test of Fallout 4. So the game actually came before the game design.


What can we do with this?

...instead of

What do we want to do?

Maybe.. there are 100,000,000,000 bananas every year. 4 bananas weigh about 1 lb. This means that about 250,000,000 lbs of bananas are eaten yearly.

If our rate of consumption did not increase, it would take Earth's population 21,600 years to eat the equivalent of the sea ice's weight lost in bananas

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315 points · 7 days ago

Hmm sure but, exactly how many libraries of congress's worth of football fields are we talking about here?

Sounds to me like the problem of overpopulation is solving itself.

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Overpopulation is a myth, if anything the opposite is more likely to be an issue.

Honeycrisp would like to have a word with you.

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Ribston Pippin checking in

188 points · 7 days ago

So he is giving them money

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This can actually cause issues with Tax

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