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Dirt Rally is a bargain if that is your thing

In the last few weeks, there have been major developments in biogerontology. Some of them, I’m even allowed to talk about.

This gave me a chuckle, but also served as a reminder that - as many of us have long suspected - the rich and powerful are almost certainly going to get access to these technologies before the general public does, possibly even before the general public knows that the technology has come to concrete fruition.

On the plus side, maybe that will mean that average people will be first exposed to a more mature version of the technology with all of the kinks ironed out. Maybe. Wishful thinking, I know.

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The majority of healthcare spend is on the elderly, from an economic perspective it makes sense for healthcare sevices to treat aging itself rather than the multitude of symptomatic aging related diseases. Obviously in countries without healthcare then the opposite would apply (cures kill profits).

yeah.. it's always advertised about decisions and how will they affect world and game, but it's just.. 4 decisions through game which will affect the outcome. And since the changes are so big, it makes sense there would be not so many of them.

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Also, that kind of thing is way down the list of desirable features.

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Yeah, that's capitalism for you, measuring it in money.

How about all the deaths and all the suffering 4 degrees would cause? It would be bedlam.

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A 4 degree rise is the tipping point for a human extinction level cascade. Seeing a financial cost is an odd thing when there is no one to care.

Here's hoping for markerless tracking in gen2

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No, there is a reason our memories are constructed in the way that they are. We have the ability to forget past events when necessary and also primarily remember the positive aspects of previous events (rose tined glasses). We're not psychologically equipped for the pure, unabashed clarity of reality.

Are you saying that there was another species that damaged the ecosystem in the process? Dinosaurs didn’t really do irreversible damage... I mean, the impact of a massive comet did, which was a random event...

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Op is referring to the ferns in the article.

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There are movements but in the most powerful countries they don't have a ton of traction. In 5-10 years though, the situation could be different depending on how the governments in power handle migrants and backlash against them.

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The UK seems to have the will, I'm envisaging a Children Of Men style setup there when this kicks off. They have a nice moat ready to go after all.

Agreed as well. STD (much more fitting) just didn't have any characters or anything really that interested me. It definitely felt like them rebranding something unrelated as Trek. It just boggles my mind they thought that was the best way to go with so many previous series and movies establishing what the franchise is.

I've been down with The Orville since day one. It had the right beat and feel of ST. Sure the humor was kind of weird mixing with it during the first half of the season but I've come to embrace that aspect too but I kind of hope they balance it just a tiny bit better in season two. (Speaking of which Orville had a better first season than most Trek shows did.) But yea you know you fucked up Trek when an entirely different unrelated show gets it right.

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STD had exactly two characters (the captains) I was interested in and you can see what they did to them. Michael Burnham a terrible actor/character combination, a plastic cutout with forced angst. How about some mature captains comfortable in their roles just take us on some adventures in the frontier? Star Trek: Edgy Introspection edition .. no thanks

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The more I learn about Steve Jobs, the more I learn what a petty jerk he was. Not hating on him, just think some of the stuff he did was funny in a petty way.

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In my opinion, there's no debate that he's a genius. It's clear he is. He's just not the good kind of genius.

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Woz is the technical genius, Jobs was the marketing genius.

I can recommend his (posthumous) biography. A great insight as well as being a great read.

Being someone interested in programming and unfamiliar with photography what does ML stand for?

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Machine Liturgy

No, I purposefully feed google bad data because I have to spend time on it either way, so I'll do an extra 3 or 4 panels and sometimes I get lucky and google thinks I solved an answer properly.

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I do the same. Our time, like our data, isn't free for them to use.

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This is a problematic type of thing. Would it be possible for parents to keep their kids at a young enough age so that they never grow up and are always an infant and how would that affect the infant. Imagine a childhood lasting 300 years.

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The Netflix series Altered Carbon touches on this.

Why limit yourself to one age (or body) forever?

People here are being overtly cynical for no reason. I have faith in Mr. Lynch. In fact, I wouldnt at all be surprised if I learned he did not only finish The next Gentlemen Bastards book, but also sneakily wrote The Doors Of Stone and The Winds of Winter. All three would be released in an anthology by the end of the year :D

(For what it's worth, of the three Great Glaciers he does have my highest confidence)

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If he wants to stop there that is fine with me. Depression and Anxiety are no joke. Plus, he's already given us some wonderful stories.

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That is the dumbest fucking explanation I've ever heard. Honestly the more time goes by the more Bethesda's corporate approach irritates me and makes me want to avoid their products.

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It isn't an explanation. They are just saying they don't want a 3rd party involved.

As far as I remember he got the month fee back.

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I misread this as 'free month back'

Awesome, I love being in the EU. Oh wait, I'm fucking British.

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How do you really prove planned obsolescence though? I’m all for reducing it, but I can’t think of a solid way to say x company is using planned obsolescence.

I’d also disagree with requiring removable batteries and such, I’d prefer water resistance over that any day (and as far as I know they’re pretty much mutually exclusive)

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Hopefully we'll figure it out before the Earth goes hothouse.

Now that Russian interference is known, hold another referendum.

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This is the only course of action that makes sense. To do otherwise is not democratic given the first vote was a farce.

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Problem is: if no one decides to open negotiations about cancelling the leaving procedures soon-ish, it's not going to work. You can't just say whoops sorry, let's not do it in late February and expect anything to happen in time.

General consensus at the moment seems to be that all involved would agree to take the UK back (in some form) but the actual coordination and legalisation still takes its time.

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EU has said an extension is possible. Russian interference has undermined due process.

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I don't want to prune it if I don't have to. Curious to know if all that new growth on the bottom is bad and good to prune down. If it's fine to leave, I'll do just that.

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Depends what you would like the final shape to be. It's fine to leave it you like it although I'd be tempted to air layer that thick lower branch off to the left for a nice second tree.

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I got maybe 2 or so hours into it and stopped playing.

It has some good gameplay, very similar to the SR games in that respect. But the world isn't very interesting and the story seemed meh.

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Seems an odd choice after Saints which had such great coop and a rich world.

You can move to Europe where you have a legal right to have information removed. Not as easy as it sounds even then but if you are anywhere else then you have no recourse beyond whatever the websites offer.

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You can just visit apparently, anyone in Europe is protected. Although maybe let someone else test it :)

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