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Rush2201 22 points

I understand the nature of your statement, and in many cases I would agree, but this snake could have killed this child in seconds. I'm talking fast enough that you couldn't save the kid. Have you ever had one of these snakes squeeze you? I've been squeezed by one that was about 1/4 the size of this, and she was very tough to uncoil. I don't even want to know how hard this one can constrict, or how long a small child's bones could withstand it.

soupsnakle 12 points

im like 100% sure they were just trolling hahaha i had to take a second to realize it.

Offroadkitty 1 point

I'm not so sure of that.

soupsnakle 6 points

well fuck i hope they were

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soupsnakle 1 point

Its literally not digging at all if the administration has used this very real and verifiable nazi reference publicly on more than a few occasions. Fucking look it up.

Instead you're happy to ignore nazis when they're right in front of you? This is not fucking digging. Its blatantly obvious.

Nazis are emboldened by this administration and are comfortable referencing white supremacist created slogans and gestures.

Fourteen Words, 14, or 14/88, is a reference to slogans coined by white supremacist David Lane,[1] a founding member of the terrorist organization The Order.[2] The terms were coined while he was serving a 190-year sentence in federal prison for his role in violating the civil rights of Jewish talk show host Alan Berg, who was murdered in June 1984.[3] The slogans were publicized through now-defunct 14 Word Press, founded in 1995 by Lane's wife to disseminate her husband's writings.[4][5]

Lane also used the phrasing in other pamphlets including the "14 points" of his White Genocide Manifesto and further in his 88 Precepts essay, stressing his support for racial and ethnic religions, opposition to universal religions (such as Christianity), his opposition to miscegenation, his anti-Americanism,[5] and support for racial separatism.[2][6][7] Many of his concepts, ideology and values, particularly the Fourteen Words slogan, are either inspired by or derived from Adolf Hitler's autobiographical book Mein Kampf.[8]

The terms were later adopted by white supremacists[2] and neo-Nazis,[2] white nationalists and identitarians, members of the far-right and alt-right, the most widely used variation being:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.[9][10][11][12]

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darkcobrabws 71 points

I mean you can try and tell a kid not to hit the goat. How effective that would be long term depends on the kid but mostly, the kid will probably keep doing it if he spends enough time around the goat. Now THIS i bet is all he needed for his brain to make a little note somewhere in the back of his mind saying "DO NOT HIT THE GOAT!". Every time he sees a goat,he will hear that little note in his head, bringing back the bitter taste of defeat, gravel and sand...

soupsnakle 8 points

Well true, or he could become more aggressive towards animals because he remembers being rushed by a goat. He might even try to hurt the goat again or preemptively treat animals like they're dicks :( ( not saying this goat was a dick! just that the kid will prolly think so)

This made me sad I really did not like seeing a child so happily hit an animal with a stick. I wish the parent found it more valuable to explain why hitting is never okay, and explained that the goat could easily attack him if it was being hurt or threatened, instead of taping it for the lols.

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laughinglili -9 points

And just where is the money going to come from? It’s damn near bankrupt already from being borrowed from in the past.

soupsnakle 2 points

you're completely fucking out of touch with reality it's sad.

instead of tax cuts for the rich and billions spent on fucking unused military equipment (we should in investing money into modern day warfare like fucking CYBER SECURITY) we could easily afford to expand social security AND make health care universal. We are one of the richest fucking countries in the world FOH with this bullshit

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the_flyingdemon 12 points

I’m going 0.3 miles faster than truck #2 so I am now going to jump out in front of 3 cars that would have passed both of us in 5 seconds flat. Now I am going to take approximately 20 min to pass this one truck and create a car train because my time is more important than theirs :)

No, I promise I’m not at all salty.

soupsnakle 2 points

every time i drive to visit my family in VA this is what the trucks do its so aggravating

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[deleted] -117 points


soupsnakle 2 points

dude the fuck? you realize you're talking about yourself right?

Fucking Donald Trump is literally a wannabe celebrity, reality TV star.

Oh wait that's right.. Gaslight. Obstruct. Project.

edit: 8 hour old account spewing shit on T_D pleaaasse Im begging you, get fucked.

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Bleach3825 1 point

We may not know the context in this case. So let's forget about this video and let me just ask. Does an unprovoked aggression, warrant an equal response? Or does an unprovoked aggression warrant an escalated response?

A random person comes up and punches me in the face(35 years old, male, 6'4, 215lbs). The equal response would be, I punch person back in the face one time. But is that really what should happen? This person, for no apparent reason, came up and hit me in the face. I think I should retaliate much stronger. I'm hitting this person for a reason. An unprovoked attack. That's what I'm responding too. I'm not going to trade blows like its a game.

What if the person came up and punched my 9 year old in the face. Single punch back?

I feel like, if I'm responding to someones unprovoked aggression. I should be able to respond with much more force that that person used. I'm coming over the top. You took it from a 0 to 1 with your aggression. I'm going to take it from 1 to 2.

That's how I feel anyways. Would be great if everyone would just not be assholes.

EDIT: Let's talk about this video.

Let's say the boy just did an equal response and toss it back to her. Next day, she does it again. Why shouldn't she? So on and so on. But, come over the top. She'll never do this again. In this case, with these kids. Not that big of a deal if they get into a daily apply toss thing.

But let's say some kid is coming up and punching another kid in the arm every day. Not the worst thing, but just having an equal response of one hit in the arm. Probably not going to stop the person. But come over the top, maybe the person will leave you alone after that.

soupsnakle 2 points

apparently therers a longer version where he taps her on the head as hes walking by. She responds by playfully throwing the apple. I think this boy just got a little over zealous with the throw hahah like i can definitely see myself doing what he did and realizing all too late I may have thrown it too hard.

That being said I think these kids are prolly friendly with one another and this is not the first time they've fucked with each other.

Honestly reminds me of being in 5th or 6th grade and how boys and girls interacted... RUTHLESS.

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20cansofSpam 3 points

Mark of the beast?

soupsnakle 5 points

i sill have all the chick tracts that my uncle gave me when i was a child just so i can show the absurdity to my friends.

SarahC 2 points

chick tracts


Wikipedia: Chick tracts are short evangelical gospel tracts, originally created and published by American publisher and religious cartoonist Jack Chick. ... Although many of Chick's tracts express views that are generally accepted within Christian theology, several tracts have expressed controversial viewpoints.


soupsnakle 1 point

man just find some pdfs of the things for yourself. Or when/if i get time ill share some with you.

Its propaganda. Hateful, fearful, racist propaganda.

edit: to clarify the comment i was replying to said "mark of the beast" and this was a theme in chick tracts. That before the rapture Satan would take the form of a powerful political figure and he would require every person to have a chip of barcode, or "the mark of the beast"... tberes many marks of the beast * sigh*

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soupsnakle 5 points

what a small detail to latch on to in the midst of a much broader topic. Unsubscribe then and get fucked.

edit: like seriously the mods are on people all the time for titles maybe they just haven't caught on yet and therefore haven't flared it as an altered headline/title? And you're huffing and puffing so fucking dramatic.

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soupsnakle 5 points

while i chug into the dark clouds please kindly chug a metaphorical dick

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