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questo è un fake. non ci sono abbastanza persone.

It’s probably easier to just make friends off Tinder in Thailand than find a girlfriend. Lots of girls on there are normal, down to meet up, and just want to be friends and practice English. It’s perfect if you want to meet some locals.

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Am I just paranoid or is it weird that a girl offers to go out to a club after a few messeges?

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Maybe a bit weird. Hopefully she is a girl lol Try to meet her for food. Thai people love eating.

You will always be Number 1, Rest In Peace stefan, the battle is over......😭

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LOL Is that Halong bay btw

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Looks like Krabi, Thailand. Probably Railay Beach.

But ... you live in Naples ...

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In Naples nobody pays for the bus, but then again, the bus never comes.

This isn’t meme economy

Seems like a lot of work. Trying to find all those things would give be hella anxiety.

It’s all about the 💰💰💰

Why give everyone their own rooms when you can just shove two students in the same sized room and charge them both full price

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Then say it’s all about the experience of learning how to get a long with others.

Honestly, as someone who had to live both with a roommate and without one in the room. Living with a roommate is a very important experience that not only makes students feel less lonely in their first year of college. It helps expose them to life styles and people different to their own. Also having a room mate means you can’t sit in the room all day and skip classes that way. Their are forced to be held responsible to something other than themselves.

Source : dropped out of college due to loneliness among other problems

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I think you accurately portray the positives of a roommate experience, but the idea that you should pay extra to learn to share a room with other people is absurd. People who go through economic hardships learn life lessons too but nobody is trying to pay extra to learn those lesson.

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It feels the tiniest amount off center. Just ever so much.

It's mirrored, so I don't think it's off centered. Knowing that it's mirrored took away a bit for me. Still, it's a nice artistic shot.

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What does it mean to be mirrored?

I do not want to google this, but what is female genital mutilation? Like what do they do to them?

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It's weird when conventionally attractive people do stuff like this

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Yeah but it shows she’s funny which is also pretty important

Where is this? Which country?

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Germany, in Bavaria. A day trip from Munich.

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South of Munich?

What’s your engagement rate percentage? FWIW, the algorithm doesn’t hide posts from people who follow you. But if the people who follow you don’t engage with it, it won’t be pushed out in the algorithm to explore/tags/potential new followers. So if you have a lot of ghost followers (bots, dead accounts, people who never engage) that would explain

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If you want to look at my account stats, I’d appreciate any feedback. I am @authentic_traveling.

My honest view: you have some great landscape pics, I'd focus on those and cut out the more personal pics.. People seem to like specific niches, like if they follow you for your awesome mountain pic they don't want to see your ice cream. With 8k followers you should be getting around 800 likes per image. So with your current like rate of 100-200 average, you'll want to get rid of ghost followers down to 1000-2000

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Thanks! So you’re saying you recommend I cut my followers down to 1-2k or by 1-2k? The private account idea is great. I’ve tried doing it the other way with some obvious bot accounts but it’s too time consuming.

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I got a 60 euro speeding ticket (30 ticket and 30 rental car processing fee) for going 6.1 kilometers over the speed limit in a 60 km zone. That’s 3.8 mph over. Fuck Malta.

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  1. Dropped my wallet on a hike, which had my credit card, my remaining cash on hand, and my bus ticket out El Chalten in Argentinean Patagonia. Of course my back up credit card refused to work, so I had no cash, a hostel booking for two more nights, and no bus ticket. Ended up having to borrow money to get a spare ticket on a fancy bus (much more expensive than the local bus I had taken in) and paid the person back in El Calafate, the bigger town.
  2. Not me but my buddy got severe altitude sickness around 20,000ft while climbing in the Himalayas. Needed manual and then heli-rescue which ran up thousands of dollars. Luckily he had insurance, otherwise it would have been an extremely shitty bill to end up with.
  3. I've had to change flights several times during trips. Once, because I wanted to continue seeing this French girl in Argentina. Another time, because I wanted to go shark cage diving in Cape Town and I had a flight booked to Joburg. Though usually airlines are pretty accomodating about just paying a transfer fee rather than a whole new ticket.
  4. I've had to pay bribes a few times. Crossing the border from Ecuador to Colombia by boat - could have been border guards, could have been FARC, who knows. Other examples like that.
  5. Unexpected activities that I never knew I wanted to do. Paying for cholita wrestling in Ecuador. Kite surfing in Zanzibar. Bungee jumping in a few places.
  6. This was many years ago but I had booked a train to a specific town in Rajhastan, India and then after 3 hours at the railway station, I was informed that train had stopped running several years ago. I needed to get to this place by a certain day and ended up paying for a combination of local buses, camel transport (not even kidding) and hitchiked with a truck driver. It was one of the cheapest and most memorable "unexpected expense" experiences I've ever had.
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If I learned one thing in India, the camel salesman was probably lying to you about the train so you’d ride his camel.

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Curious what you all think. I just wrote this piece and it’s a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately as I’ve been traveling quite often in Europe. It would be really interesting to deep dive into some of Ryan Air’s data on this.

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Do you literally repost memes from r/dankmemes back into r/dankmemes?

cosa h o a p p e n a V I S T O ? ! ? !

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I can’t believe he actually said that lmao

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I know fuckin crazy man lmao

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