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spacejunkie451 commented on a post in r/Damnthatsinteresting
spacejunkie451 324 points

Anyone else think the light at the beginning (apparently a lamppost) was the explosion being referenced? No? Just me? cool

literal_chemist 7 points

A light from a lamppost is not an explosion.

spacejunkie451 9 points

I became enraged until I read your username. Please continue your work, sir/madam.

spacejunkie451 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Donny_Do_Nothing 282 points

One at my house and one at my kids' house 200 miles away so I don't have to spend 16 hours in the car every time they come for the weekend (there and back to pick them up and again to drop them off).

I could easily see them whenever I/they wanted and that would be so great.

spacejunkie451 4 points

The most wholesome comment on this thread full of get rich quick schemes and villanous lairs

Cologne17 1,489 points

READ THE MENUS! I one time had a customer order a Turkey Club WRAP, but he only said Turkey club. This is in the 'WRAP' section of the menu and we only have it in a wrap, not as a sandwich. I bring the food out and the customer got mad and said "this isn't what I ordered", to which I was very confused and looked through my pad to see what I may have did wrong.

I saw I wrote "TC" (Turkey Club), so I knew I didn't do it wrong. I went back out to customer and advised him that what he ordered was a Turkey Club WRAP and we don't have it as a sandwich, but we can put it on bread, if you wanted us to do so. Customer refused and said he doesn't want it or anything else. Got an 8 cent tip on that bill.

TL;DL - Customer didn't properly read menu and ordered something he thought was something different, and I got a shit tip because of it.

spacejunkie451 359 points

Or when they come in and just make up their own menu item or combo of smaller items and expect you to be able to just make it work

spacejunkie451 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Nobodygrotesque 1,224 points

Buy orange juice and the waitress comes by and asks "would you like some more?" And I say "yes" at least 3 different times. I get the bill and find out that refills aren't free -___-

Edit: spelling is hard.

Edit 2.1 : I think people are missing the focus on the story, the fact they didn't tell me it wasn't a free refill when asking if I wanted some more and no it wasn't on the menu.

Edit 3: ok I get it a lot of people never been to a place that has free refills on juice but no need to insulting.

Edit 4: I know it wasn't fresh squeezed, it was Minute Maid or Tropicana, naw I wouldn't expect freshly squeezed OJ to come with free refills.

spacejunkie451 4 points

As a server, I try and let people know whenever they order their drink if it isn't obvious. Alcohols I don't, but we have a very popular strawberry lemonade that charges for each refill, so I try to make that clear in a polite way as soon as they order. I then reinforce it if they ask for another.

WishaniggawoodsTX 4 points

This seems kind of shitty. “Pretend to like someone social, so that you can mooch off of their social status”. Just be yourself and seek out other people with similar interests lol

spacejunkie451 3 points

I wasn't saying to pretend, I meant to make a friend you genuinely like who could bring more people you may like into you life

DarkStryder360 1 point

And then they get a new job and move 100 miles away..

spacejunkie451 3 points

Long distance friends work too!

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spacejunkie451 commented on a post in r/mildlyinteresting
spacejunkie451 27 points

Assuming that I am right, and that the bulbs are methyls, that would be 4,5,6-triisopropyl-2,3,7,8,9,10-hexamethylundecane.

Or I could be wrong. Either way my Organic Chemistry final is tomorrow.

Edit: triethyl to triisopropyl

babadum 2 points

Isopropyl instead of triethyl.

spacejunkie451 1 point

You're right

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