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I think it might be three. You can also take it during opening week and then you'll be do e with it before classes even start

Was it 3 weeks? I tried to block this dull class out of my mind the second I was done with it.

And yeah, o-week is the way to go if you don't have to take the trig review.

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I just remember sitting in a sweltering G3 Schrenk on what should have been my lunch break for far too long. This is because I had to take trig review


I read this book a while ago and it was about a colony ship where people lived on it for generations. They are supposed to be the generation to land, but then it is revealed that they are actually far away from their planet still and will not witness the landing. THEN you find out that this is not the case and that they are close (maybe in orbit) to the planet and have been repeating this lie over and over to keep people on the ship. I think at some point you learn that more advanced human ships eventually came and made it to the planet. I also remember that everyone looked the same because they had been interbreeding for so long. It's a really good book and I'm trying to find it for my friend. Any help would be appreciated!


Non-stop (1958) by Brian Aldiss?

There are so many generation ship books, maybe TVTropes is worth a look.

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It's a more recent book, I think. Thank you though

Woodland Animal Hospital is super great. The staff is very friendly and treat you like real people. It's reasonably priced. Not always the cheapest but it is definitely worth the little extra money for the better service and products.

That's a graduated graduated cylinder!

You would need gallons and gallons of saliva to undo the physical harm caused by having this font

A process gif that shows the final product for an appropriate amount of time? Since when was this possible?

Well-fed and properly socialized dogs generally have no need to kill small game for food (unless they've been trained to do so), but cats are another matter. Being that they are used to bunnies already and if the cat isn't yours, I imagine they are protecting their turf from an intruder.

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This isn't necessarily true. While I agree every animal is different and that no breed is more dangerous than another (my pitty is the sweetest dog I have ever owned), certain breeds, specifically terriers, have a strong prey drive. This drive could lead to them chasing small animals unless they have been trained against it.

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They discussed ending the class and only teaching python as the introductory class. I'm not sure anything has been decided yet though.

They discussed ending the class and only teaching python as the introductory class. I'm not sure anything has been decided yet though.

Love the cap! although I feel like an opportunity was missed to use the center button for the "o"

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No capes, darling. No capes!

We walked to Photograph by Nickelback. You know, a song about dropping out of school and going to prison.

That's spintax. It's a type of language used to efficiently alter messages. Usually to appear real or to create variations of the same message.

Something about the bot software messed up and showed you the unaltered version.

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I couldn't think of the term, but I really like how it is represented as the hosts' speech patterns


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Oh hey, that describes everyone in the room

Drove to meeting on campus. Forgot I drove to said meeting and walked back to my apartment. Didn't realize until the next day when I tried to drive somewhere else

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This seems unnecessarily pedantic, and if you google "sitcom" the first thing that pops up is is a definition: "a situation comedy". So, bad comment.

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You commenting on this comment seems unnecessarily pedantic


So this actually happened today and the ramifications are currently developing. Some friends and I were returning from an afternoon at the park. On the way back, we stopped and got some pizzas. I, being poor however, decided that I would make some spaghetti instead.

So my friends dropped me off with the pizza at my apartment while they went to go get shakes from a different restaurant. Being the nice friend that I am, I put their pizzas in the (off) oven to keep warm. I then began frying the meat for my spaghetti and boiling some water. About five minutes in I had the great idea to heat up some frozen french bread in the oven.

Having already forgotten that I put the pizza boxes in the oven, I set the oven to 375°F, as per the instructions on the bread. Now by this point I have noticed that my phone is missing, but think nothing of it as I have my laptop for any internet emergencies. I simply assume that it is in my friend's car. My friends get back from picking up some shakes, and I go search the car for my phone. Not finding it, I head back in to ensure that my friends aren't messing with me and hiding my phone.

At about that time, the oven goes off, signifying that it is now at a blistering 375. I stand bolt upright as a thought strikes me and I sprint into the kitchen, fearing the worst. I open the oven and there sit the pizza boxes. And on top my poor little phone. I grab it out of the oven as fast as I can, nearly dropping because it is so hot.

Surprisingly, it is still on, but as I hit the home button, it lets me know that it is too hot (ya think?) and powers off. I am now freaking out while my friends laugh in the face of my mighty stupidity. I take the, now melted, case off and set it on the counter with oven mitts. After waiting for it to cool some, not wanting to the glass to shatter, I put it into the fridge to speed the process. It is currently residing on the cool counter-top as I type this and hope against hope that my bout of stupidity hasn't cost me my beloved phone. My cheaping out on pizza and shakes looks like it is now about to cost me several hundred dollars.

TL;DR: Accidentally left my phone on some pizza boxes that I put in the oven to keep warm and proceeded to forget I had done so and preheat the oven 375°F.

EDIT: It still works! I left it turned off for a good long while just to be careful. Time will tell how badly I screwed up the battery, but it seems fine now!


But how are the pizzas?

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Fine, thank God, just popped open the garlic butters

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What type of phone?

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Samsung Galaxy S7

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Anyone else think the light at the beginning (apparently a lamppost) was the explosion being referenced? No? Just me? cool

A light from a lamppost is not an explosion.

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I became enraged until I read your username. Please continue your work, sir/madam.

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"Someday? You said someday. Not today not tomorrow or next week just someday. Someday sounds a lot like something someone says when they really mean never."

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"We should go out for lunch sometime!"

One at my house and one at my kids' house 200 miles away so I don't have to spend 16 hours in the car every time they come for the weekend (there and back to pick them up and again to drop them off).

I could easily see them whenever I/they wanted and that would be so great.

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The most wholesome comment on this thread full of get rich quick schemes and villanous lairs

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