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spectral948 1 point

It's on Ryan Hall's back attacks dvd

West_of_Lincoln 1 point

This is actually why I ask. In his DVD he goes to the choking arm side and uses the INSIDE arm to hold the back of the head and not the outside arm that I thought was the more common way to do it. So in Ryan Hall's example, uke has their right arm as the choking arm and is on his right side. He escapes by pinning down uke's right foot hook and then grabbing the back of uke's head with his LEFT arm. I have normally seen this done where the RIGHT arm would be grabbing the back of the head.

spectral948 1 point

Their head is usually (or should be) on the opposite side of the choking arm, so trying to grab it with the right arm would be super awkward

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akoli 7 points

We all have our preferred techniques...make sure to land on the side not your back...find a grip you can quick...and learn to side crunch or pirate arms ...Learn the transitions between guillotine to anaconda ... To darce when they do defend you have other options available again to tire and frustrate them ...once you get them down add in baseball chokes ....if not to submit to.crank the neck roll them...that's what I'm perfecting at the minute...renzo put up a nice vid recently of a arm in guillotine using the Ezekiel finish...pretty sweet.

spectral948 2 points

Got a link to that Renzo video?

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spectral948 21 points

Haha, you barely stand on your feet in bjj

Rubixxscube 3 points

yeah, but sprawls f.e are apparently terrible for his feet

spectral948 18 points

you never have to sprawl if you always pull guard, he has a better excuse than anyone

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coati858 1 point

Hello! Thanks for teaching us the wrist-lock (when your back is taken and they are going for the collar choke) at the Solana Beach SubmitTheStigma seminar. It has come in handy more than once when rolling with higher belts.

spectral948 1 point

What's this wrist lock??

spectral948 commented on a post in r/bjj
AllMadHare 1 point

I'm a very new white belt but it's at least reassuring to see that higher belts can have trouble with takedowns too, I'm still very new, but of all the things I've learned, takedowns feel the hardest to get right, it seems there's a lot less room for error during that early stand up game, if I do something sloppy on the ground, most of the time there's some opportunity to try and correct or mitigate your screw up, but it feels like even the slightest mistake during stand up just ends with me in a guillotine or scrambling to protect my back.

spectral948 2 points

You actually can do the same mitigating during stand up, if you shoot a sloppy shot, get good at playing turtle, or pulling guard from turtle

12lbs2go 2 points

Does leanring takedowns hurt physically or have a higher risk of injury?

All that hitting the mats and landing funny.

That's what puts me off learning them. But is it a valid fear?

spectral948 1 point

It won't if you only play in a really low wrestling stance

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[deleted] 2 points

I don't want to be caught in a dark alley with her. Shudders

spectral948 21 points

Who would want to be caught in a dark alley with a 15 year old

King_Darkside 2 points

My 15 year old son?

spectral948 1 point

What would you do if one day he brought home Grace Gundrum haha

spectral948 commented on a post in r/bjj
vandaalen -18 points

This is an absolutely laughable type of argumentation.

OP's buddy got injured either because his partner is a sociapathic asshole or because he himself is a stubborn idiot who doesn't tap when he should have.

The fact that a heel hook does indeed have much less headroom for that kind of personal failures does not make it some life-threatening fiive finger death punch and your knee will not explode if I grab your heel.

The fact that you are even argueing in that direction shows that the biggest problem with them is education. People don't know shit about them and then they they either try them out and end up hurting somebody, or (much much more likely) they are uneducated on that matter like you are and then they end up not tapping when they should have.

I do Luta Livre and we learn heel hooks from day one. In over three years of training and having been at over 30 comps and invitationals both at beginner level and pro level I have only witnessed people getting injured by heel hooks because they didn't tap when they should have. I also know no stories from my coaches or other people where it happened in another way.

I have seen significantly more injuries from armbars for the same reason though, but the difference is, that a stubborn ego in a heel hook will be significatntly worse.

This doesn't make heel hooks more or less dangerous, but being an idiot.

spectral948 14 points

a stubborn ego in a heel hook will be significatntly worse.

And here we have it

Education is a problem, but uneducated people know when they're in an armbar and it's slowly getting extended that shit is getting bad. Uneducated people in a heel hook might not. And everyone starts out uneducated, unfortunately.

vandaalen -4 points

And everyone starts out uneducated, unfortunately.

Which brings us back to the sociopathic dickheads. You don't do techniques to point where you can injure others on people who don't know it.

Technique is like a tool. A hammer isn't more dangerous than a screwdriver because it takes less force to break your thumb with it and a screwdriver isn't more dangerous because it takes less force to stab somebody than to smash their with a hammer.

This whole discussion is just laughable.

spectral948 5 points

I definitely think that heel hooks can and should be trained safely, I've done it.
However, I think that we can objectively say that heel hooks are more "dangerous" than armbar, and deserve the according respect. Using your tool example, the one that is more dangerous is the one that is easier to fuck up with and accidentally cause an injury.

A knife and a gun are two tools that can both kill people equally dead. The gun is more dangerous because it's easier to accidentally cause a tragedy with it, two kids fucking around with a knife is safer than two kids fucking around with a loaded gun. So, handling loaded guns need to be treated with a bit more respect than a knife.

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spectral948 1 point

So they don't have to submit anybody, just not get dominated? I'd have them get really good at a back escape, and proper defensive arm/neck positioning (T-rexing) because they're going to be ending up there a lot. Then, I'd teach them to give up their back in every situation (stuck in mount? Give up the back and keep rolling. Stuck in side control? Roll to turtle, maybe get back taken. Stuck in closed guard? Give the back, then escape.) I'd throw in a half guard sweep, probably old school, since that's where they'll most likely end up out of the back escape. Hopefully the blues and whites they're going against aren't at a purple/brown/black belt level of back attacks.

spectral948 commented on a post in r/bjj
spectral948 1 point

I actually was there a couple weeks ago, did both gi and no gi. It was awesome, super chill, nice people. Most training were brown and under but they were all very good. Average class size is around 10. From the pictures, and looking from the outside in, the place looks super small, but when you're rolling, it actually doesn't affect you or get in the way, unlike another spot I've been to.

hagisan808 1 point

I’m glad you enjoyed our school. I’m wondering if you and I rolled during the nogi class? I was the smaller Asian guy with the glasses.

spectral948 1 point

I'm hesitant to reveal my secret identity on reddit, but we did, haha! I was an even smaller asian guy.

wNCnext 0 points

I recommend you delete this

spectral948 16 points

Why? To protect my ego from people laughing at a bad plan? It's good to know why it wouldn't work, saved me the pain of trying it out myself and losing money.

someroastedbeef 83 points

so you tie up your capital to lose to decay on both sides instead of just betting one direction. sounds genius tbh

spectral948 10 points

I mean, you sell when one is up, you don't hold both(or either) forever, wouldn't you only lose decay on one side?

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