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Sweep to side control, or get the underhook and climb to the back


1:14 - 1:30

Why would you choose to go for this instead of a tani otoshi?

How do you not get counter osoto gari'd while doing it?

Is this a legit move worth putting time into?


Lol so no white belts allowed at your wedding huh?

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Would whatever microbes I picked up during training be washed off or killed by the competing microbes in the ocean and the saltiness? *in Hawaii, for clarification *followed by rinsing off at the beach afterwards of course


You would probably be extra dirty. I don't think the ocean is "clean".

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Original Poster-1 points · 12 days ago

I should have clarified, it's in Hawaii, and where I'm swimming I completely trust the water cleanliness

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Sure you’d be clean, if you consider being covered in sweat, fish poop, rotting flesh, fish sperm, and salt, clean.

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Original Poster-4 points · 12 days ago

It's hawaii, and I'm not going swimming in a boat harbour or anything

Love it, it's my main passing game

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No this section is just bjj so there is no striking, but it's still really violent. And it's a part of the beginning class.

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Sounds like your classmates need to chill out, or you need to toughen up. You will need to learn to deal with aggression sooner or later, just make sure you tap early, don't leave your limbs dangling, and don't spaz out

Oh god the diet advice!

sometime the misinformation about diets scare me for our future. especially from fat people, and that's coming from someone who was ex obese. i dropped from 115kg to 67kg, so I've heard some nightmarish advice along the way.

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i dropped from 115kg to 67kg

how did you do it? and what was the misinformation?

yeah i never ever started jiu jitsu with the idea of teaching kids (just wanted to choke a mother) but i love teaching kids. it's so much fun.

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(just wanted to choke a mother)

I'm sure the mothers and their kids wouldn't approve

I think of competing as literally just the opportunity to test my game against strangers, and that’s it. An opportunity to grapple with strangers.

I think you’ll get your mojo back. Perhaps you’re just in a funk?

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If that's all it is, why not just visit open mats at other schools? Probably cheaper and less waiting than competing


Do you know any old guys/people who have been doing it a long time who DON'T use kneepads and are fine? I play a top heavy game and mostly pass from the knees.


I have the Danaher and Craig Jones dvds, and I gained a lot from them as far as entries, control, positioning and sweeping. I do ankle locks, kneebars, and toe holds, but no heel hooks.


Was wondering the same thing as well as I try to minimize using heel hooks and do more ankle locks and kneebars. OP have you checked out the ankle lock mini instructional by Reilly Bodycomb? I'm not very familiar with the name but if I'm not mistaken, he's connected to Eddie Cummings in some ways. It's just $15, digital only (I haven't bought it yet because $15 is like $60 here so I can't testify).

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Original Poster1 point · 21 days ago

I have it, it's alright. I don't feel like I learned a lot of new things from it, being that I watched Roli Delgados set first. His top rock 2 set left more of an impression on me to be honest.

But they will be eventually for him. Heelhooks are always illegal.

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Original Poster1 point · 21 days ago

I'm blue, but yes, that's kind of the idea. I train in the gi, and my gym frowns on heel hooks. I also would like a game that I don't have to feel bad about playing on white belts, or offending anyone when I visit new gyms.

I always feel like I'm about to break my wrist doing this, what am I doing wrong?

I do a reverse-reverse gable grip to finish high elbow guillotines.

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Is that a regular gable then?

Way do u stay away from those?

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The risk of crucifix and guillotine

Lots of good advice here, one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the crucifix. It's worked a lot better for me than regular back control against people with a huge size difference, where I can only barely get my hooks to their hips.

I'm a super feather weight (~140lbs/64kg) but I like pressure passing from my knees and closed range guard (mostly deep half guard).
People would tell you that this game is not optimal for my build but that's how I feel comfortable. I can't really explain why, it's just the set of moves that felt more natural to me.
So my advice is "Don't follow blindly people who tell you to use this or that techniques. Just train and pick what you like."
You and only you know what feels easy, and what feels hard to do. Forcing yourself to use a technique without having the proper physical attributes will be counter-productive anyway IMHO. And we focus too much on weight and height because they're easy to measure, but agility, speed and flexibility will also vary from one person to another.

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I'm 115 lbs, I also primarily pressure pass and play deep half, who says that's not optimal?

Did you miss his (fairly obvious) explanation of why it's good?

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That explanation could have been given in 10 seconds

I've spent a good amount of time stuck in this spot, you sure as hell can put in a half butterfly hook, scoot your hips out a bit if you need to. From there, lift both your legs up and either go for a butterfly sweep or deep half.

Alternatively, Caio Terra shows a move on his half guard dvd where you take your right leg, hook their left leg, and do the bridge and roll mount escape.

Alternatively, go for deep half by kneeing him in the butt as hard as you can with your right leg, getting your arm in, and scooting into position, or switch to regular half and start scooting your hips in a circle counterclockwise while getting your arm in.


Would you ever go for it? It seems from what I hear that people can still walk and put weight on their foot immediately following a toe hold pop, and it's not until the following day that it gets painful.


Rnc for sure, triangle choke. Depends on the angle

The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, the second best time is now.

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What about 9 years ago

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