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PotatoBlastr 2 points

If u ever dont know how to open something, open ur keybindings and look around there

springfieldnoob 1 point

Good idea, thanks again.

bluescreen2315 1 point

If you have any questions feel free to ask me via PM. I play on reboot, maybe we meet each other..

springfieldnoob 1 point

Thanks! I'm on Reboot as well lol

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springfieldnoob 1 point

I've been wanting to get into growing peppers, figured this was a good opportunity to ease my way into it.

The gentleman I got these from said if I move them into a garden or into a bigger pot soon, they may grow more flowers this year. Obviously I don't have a garden, how big of a pot should I move these guys into?

Edit: Just read the noob growing guide on the side bar, and it suggested 5 gallon bags. Would 5 gallon pots be ok?

Sobie17 6 points

Just get 5 gallon buckets from home depot and drill some holes in the bottom with a 1/2" drill bit. They're cheap and reusable.

springfieldnoob 1 point

Kind of what I figured thanks!

akolada 17 points

They are called kosher dills because Jews created the method back in the day basically it's making pickles in a salt brine with garlic and dill and some other stuff.

Usually they aren't sweet at all so this is interesting to hear.

springfieldnoob 1 point

I think what I meant to say is that they say "Kosher dill" but don't taste like traditional dill pickles.

moopymooperson 2 points

That third picture is so precious.

springfieldnoob 2 points

He kneads the air all the time lol. I actually adopted Ivan from my local no kill shelter last month. Super affectionate.

moopymooperson 2 points

They really are the best. All my kitties are adopted. BTW Ivan looks like he's soft like a bunny. And he has the same markings as my Bruno

springfieldnoob 2 points

Wow he looks almost identical lol. Ivan is super silky smooth.

ixxxo 1 point

How high filaments can you run in such passive gila without shinies? T2 I assume?

springfieldnoob 1 point

Been doing tier 1 super easily, completing in about 6 minutes. Will try our tier 2 tonight.

bjor_ambra 1 point

You really should have full ddas you get considerably more DPS from drones

springfieldnoob 1 point

I swapped them out for DDA's, they work great.

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deletistsnob 2 points

Out of curiosity what was the price on that flag and anthem T-shirt?

springfieldnoob 2 points

Dang I can't find my card from the Fix with my items. It was in the mid $20 range, almost the same price as the other shirt I got which was $28.

[deleted] 2 points

Looks great!

springfieldnoob 1 point


Profit_of_Tomorrow 8 points

I'd say 1 kinetic rig and 1 thermal rig, with a missile rig for more dps, also, get t2 tank.

Also incursions are better, there better isk and they teach you fleet combat. So you should look into training into those.

springfieldnoob 1 point

T2 tank as in T2 shield modules?

GrassWaterDirtHorse 3 points

Yeah. It’s a 150mil battleship with a lot of fitting room. T2 tank mods give a lot more stats for your money and SP.

springfieldnoob 1 point

Thanks my man

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Bearzerk 2 points

I recently adopted a tuxedo cat, his name is Poki. He is exactly like how you describe Ivan. He was scared at the shelter and sat facing the wall of the cubby the whole time. Ivan is so adorable! Look forward to seeing more pictures of this little dude.

springfieldnoob 1 point

Oh I definitely plan on taking more pictures! lol

springfieldnoob 6 points

Ivan is the most affectionate cat I have ever met. He head butts me so hard and literally flops himself on me. Ivan was rescued from a hoarder by the shelter organization.

I was told that he probably wouldn't come out of his cubby hole at the shelter. After letting him sniff my hand and giving him pets, he came right out and loved on me. The shelter personnel were completely shocked to see Ivan on my lap rubbing on me.

I think Ivan adopted me, looking forward to great times with him. Oh I did the belly rub test, and I passed lol.

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