Bakayoko second yellow card vs Watford by HerbalDreamin in soccer

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Give him two yellows for being shit then 😂

It’s snowing! by squatly in unitedkingdom

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I assumed it came from up that way!

It’s snowing! by squatly in unitedkingdom

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Hertfordshire. Took the photo at about 7:10 this morning

Today We're Testing Our Chat Beta by jleeky in beta

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Nope I see nothing like that on the full website. I got an "invite" through the reddit iOS app, with the chat icon in the centre middle of the bottom menu bar, with your message. I tried to reply, but it kept failing

CC /u/jleeky for issue report

edit: see it now

Today We're Testing Our Chat Beta by jleeky in beta

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I got an invite from you i saw it on my iOS reddit app, but can't see how to use it on the actual site when using my laptop?

Post-Match Thread: Watford 0 - 6 Manchester City [Premier League] by robcoo in soccer

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Yeah, you came out much stronger in the second half than the first. City were very good at stifling you, which meant there wasn't much being created by your players - especially in the middle of the park.

Will my first stipend payment be a little extra? (UK research council) by survivalsong in GradSchool

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I was NERC funded during my PhD (was paid quarterly rather than monthly, which was amazing and terrible at the same time...).

You shouldn't get paid "extra", but from that wording it sounds like you will get paid at the end of sept for the period of mid sept to end of oct, meaning you will get a pro rata rate for the additional weeks on top of the standard monthly pay.

And as you're just starting out, trust me when I say don't worry at all about contacting people about any issues. No such thing as too small or big to email the relevant dept about. Think of the phd as a job, and your stipend your salary. Your university will have a finance department that deals with this stuff all the time. Drop an email and they will tell you exactly what's up. That's part of their job after all!