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I remember having these size distortion dreams. I used to have them a lot when I was little and had a fever. The dreams would be an object or a person shifting to different sizes. For some reason I would cringe so badly every time they changed shape. I just got one for the first time in 12 years. I’m not taking any serious drugs except for pro biotics. I woke up and started screaming and grinning my teeth and started yelling at everyone. I calmed down 2 minuets later. What is this?


When I was preschool aged at night when I was in bed I would allways see translucent beings in my room, like my room would look like a place from a different universe, i could be in a city, or a forest with a bunch of other things, the room has to be very dark so no night lights. Sometimes it would also just have a constant pattern of shapes flying. If other people are in the room they obviously couldn’t see them. But the objects could still go on them, my brothers face was rapped around in a leaf vine and one time I saw a skeleton on my window so I said “mommy there’s a skeleton on my window” she didn’t see it and it really freaks her out today. It all of a sudden stoped and for all these years I thought it was just a normal part of growing but no one I know has had this. Is this common?


A couple of questions, if I may:

  1. Were you awake or asleep? Or are you unsure?
  2. Were you able to move your body while experiencing it or were you paralyzed? Or are you unsure?
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I was fully awake and conscious. it could happen as soon as I turned off the lights and got in bed or when I wake up in the middle of the night. I also was never paralyzed. My ears would also be ringing loudly. And my body could feel light in rare occasions. Today I have sleep paralysis ounce a month when I’m taking an afternoon nap and I don’t hallucinate or hear anything, I just can’t move.

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are any of these on Apple Music?


When I was a toddler woke up one night and wanted to sleep with my parents because I was just getting used to sleeping in a regular bed instead of a crib. This wasn’t the first time this happed so they had one of those plastic safety doorknob covers in my room. This time they must’ve taken it off. When I got out of bed and opened the door, about 5 feet away from me in the hallway was a tall black slender figure that was very thin, all black, no facial feature, a circled head, the arms and legs were really thin and the fingers looked sharp, it made no sound and was gliding as it walked. The way it walked was the most scary part for me. I only saw it for 2 seconds then slammed the door and started whaling and crying. Minutes pass until my mom shows up to my door and calms me down. I don’t remember mentioning it to her, so she just thought I had a bad dream. She then got a role of blankets and put them on the hallway floor for us to sleep together. (For some reason, my mom likes to sleep on the floor because she grew up that way.) My feet ended up being scratched very badly, it couldn’t have been my mom nails and i remembered it left a burning sensation. I’m 18 now and it’s one of the few earliest memories I had. I still live in the same house in Connecticut.

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I should also mention that my house is across the street from an elementary school that is supposedly haunted. A tornado hit the old building in the 17th century and it was used as a morgue. There is a speculation that there was a prom going on during the tornado. During the early 90s , there were incidents of loud classical music playing late at night but when investigated by the authorities, they saw nothing.

I finished a book recently that recounts many cases of sightings of these eerie entities. And the sightings are increasing.

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What book?


One of your stupid Genius Bar staffs updated my iPad mini to iOS 11 while they were fixing my screen without my consent. Now I can’t play Doom so now it’s utterly garbage. But what do you expect from a bunch brainwashed libtard hippies from Yale?

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