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Aw she looks like my cat, except she’s a long haired cat. Everything else is the same

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Does she also mew croakily ? :)

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She has made all sorts of noises!!

Basically, antidepressants take about a month to fully kick in and see effects. Even up to 6-8 weeks in some cases. 2 weeks is still pretty early to see much change.

But if there is still no change at all by 1 month then speak with your doctor and they may want to switch to a different class of meds.

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I agree with this, and your doctor should have told you how long to give it. I know it’s so frustrating, but hopefully it’ll work, and if not, something will!

Have them do some blood work to check your B12 levels

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! Do not miss out!!! Please!! There were so many people on my trip who weren’t religious at all, and some who never even practiced. Don’t miss out on this AMAZING opportunity!!!!!! 😀😀😀

There’s a dance partner for ya!

Awww poor baby!!! I hope he feels better real soon. I wish I was there so I could help him, but I know he’s in good hands! 😉 oh gosh he’s just too cute... I gotta look away now

They certainly are. Hell, any and every moment we have of happiness is :). I hope you are experience some today, always remember you deserve it!!

I’m not sure that I have one, but if I had to say, I’d say some shade of blue that reminds me of the ocean. May I ask what yours is?

I think that she used it brilliantly 😂 haha too cute

Oh my gosh I think I just died and went to heaven!! She is just too cute!!!!

I love this... it’s so magical

Don’t forget to capitalize the first letter of each word beginning a sentence. Generally try to avoid starting sentences with “and.”

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I didn’t write this, but yes when writing sentences that’s the correct way to do so. I think as far as with poems, the start of the next line can be an “and”, but it should have all been capitalized. I’m not too sure though. I just really enjoyed her poem, and I hope you did too.

OP is this an original quote by you?

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No, it is not. It is by Kat Savage. In my opinion, a lot of her poems are very meaningful.

Omg!!!!! Cutest little babies!!!!

The orthodox jewish community near my town. They just bring trashyness with them and they're spreading to other towns.

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Trashyness how? What do you mean exactly?

All their homes and yards are unkept, they drive horribly and get away with a lot of stuff that people not part of that community would be pu ished for. Money related things ( which some have been caught but they'll probably still get away with it overall), and because of tax breaks and stuff that they abuse no money goes to their over populated town to fix the roads or expand it to actually handle their population. Their just an overall not fun bunch to live next to and no one wants them in their town. Mind you as a community their bad, individually their mostly nice.

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Hmm that’s interesting, I just didn’t know. Where is this? Maryland?

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I live on the western slope... Paonia, Hotchkiss area. It’s absolutely stunning here!

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Very cool! I actually was just out in CO for the first time this summer, but I was in Denver and Keystone area.

Precious precious precious!!!! 😍 I am melting now

Awww she’s so adorable and I love the name Mushi!!! Lol 😊😂

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My cat.

I moved 4 hours away from my family with my grilfriend, and around then my depression started creeping in, as psychological things do in your early 20s.

We found a little kitten outside, barely 5 weeks old. Way too young to be away from it's mom.

We took him in, and cared for him. He had so many fleas, the poor thing. Those fleas were HUGE to the little guy. I spent all the time I had with him.

After a few days, someone was looking for their lost kitten. Some ghetto looking guy. I carefully handed over Tuck (as I named him), and the guy picked him up with ONE hand, quite unstably. I was horrified, but kept quiet. I told him everything he needed to know to care for it, how to get rid of the fleas safely, etc. Broke my heart seeing the little guy go.

My girlfriend saw how much he helped me, so the next day we went out and adopted a little kitten, who I named Sammy. He is my absolute best friend. He sits in my desk chair with me every day for hours, and I let him despite how uncomfortable it can be at times.

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My cat as well

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