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-4 points · 6 hours ago

Your part of the problem

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Lol what? You honestly can't tell me that insulting someone and calling someone a pedophile is comparable? Nobody would care if Musk had said he's a cunt, asshat, dick, spanner, whatever. But a pedophile? That is not just tasteless, it will damage this person's reputation. And when your reputation is damaged, imagine getting a job. Who would want to employ someone who has been publicly called a pedophile?

-4 points · 6 hours ago

So your saying that because musk called him a pedo guy in an online argument that everyone including his future employers think he is a pedophile now?

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I'm saying that an employer wouldn't want to take that risk "Company XX Employs Brit Who Might Be A Pedophile".

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My [M/19] GF [F/21] is becoming unbearable on her period. I don't know what to do

First off: I know, periods can be tough. You're bleeding from your hoohaa, you have cramps and your emotions are all over the place. But lately my GF of 6 months is getting really hard to deal with while on she's on her period.

Normally, we have a fantastic relationship. I thought my GF before that was great, but we get along fantastically well. We rarely have any differences and if so, we talk about them and we don't fight.

But when she's on her period, she gets depressed. I have depression, so I can deal with it and normally get her out of her dark hole for the day. But sometimes she gets incredibly angry afterwards.

I am in a difficult time right now, because my grandpa who lives 500km away has stage IV lung cancer which spread to his brain. So I take turns with my mum and we drive out there every weekend to help out. I've been here for a week to help, because my holidays just started.

Example of today: She thought she wasn't good enough for me. I assured her that wasn't the case, I explained to her why she can be sure that I love her and that she is a fantastic person throughout. It seemed to cheer her up. I then sent her a funny video of my dog to cheer her up and suddenly she got extremely pissed. I apologized, she told me it doesn't matter. I apologized again, she told me to forget it.

I then wanted to go to sleep and told her she could call me at any time if she needed to talk, I would pick up.

She responded by telling me: "Why? So I can wait for a response only for it to be a video of a dog?"

What do I do? I'm just tired because I try to help everybody and it goes nowhere and between Uni, work and driving 1000s of KM a month, I don't get much sleep.

TL;DR: My GF is unbearable when she is on her period. She gets really depressed and then aggressive. What do I do?

2 points · 1 day ago

Hey OP. I don't know if this might be an option for your GF but I just wanted to mention that I just recently went to the doctor about how my periods make me an asshole (and extremely depressed) and she put me on the pill (combined oral contraceptive/COC). Apparently it's totally possible to just skip the week of placebo pills that would normally give you your period, take COC nonstop and within a few months it's highly effective in stopping/reducing periods. I definitely suggest she go to a doctor either way!

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Original Poster2 points · 1 day ago

She is on Birth Control, but she is taking placebos during her period. I'll try to get her to a doctor. Thanks for the advice!

That wasn't what I meant. I meant talking to a regular doctor.

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Original Poster3 points · 2 days ago

She sometimes feels very down, this is why I am trying to get her to a therapist.

The period related issues are of course for a doctor, not a therapist.

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I always love the “you can’t quit!” Fuck you, you don’t own me!

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I once did that a stage before. I was 16 and had an interview for a summer job for fundraising. It paid really well and involved going door to door. Not the best job, but alright. At my second interview, we did a roleplay where we simulated going to a door.

I thought I nailed it, but I was told I should always push for more money. I asked if they didn't think of it as slightly unethical, since those people were already willing to donate. He told me "fuck them, it means more commission for us". I said I'm not going to do that. He told me that we'll have a problem. I told him that we're done. He was flabbergasted and told me I can't walk out of an interview, especially since I've already signed. Dipshit didn't know there was a clause where the employee could quit at any time for no reason whatsoever (I also think that that's the law). I responded by telling him "Watch this" and simply walked out of the building and went home.

-1 points · 2 days ago

I sync my desktop chrome tabs to my mobile chrome 😥

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That works flawlessly on my Huawei P10 lite, which is a €200 phone

I started to dislike cyclists because they tend to blow through stop signs. I've almost been run over many times walking across streets.

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I use three modes of transport: My car, My moped and my bicycle. I found that cyclists are such massive cunts to pedestrians, it's unbelievable. I have yet to encounter a cyclist stopping at a crosswalk, they always blow through. I just started to yell "cunt" whenever they almost run me down on a crosswalk. The reactions I get are quite funny.

55 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

In all fairness, it just looks like a cool metal thing shaped like a bullet to me, lmao. In America, we have a lot of luxuries, including the average citizen not knowing what wartime weapons and such look like.

We are very blissfully ignorant.

Edit: After being told by some of my fellow Americans that this is not the case, I looked up munitions and such, then realized this thing is over a foot long...I personally wouldn't have lugged that back with me, but I still probably wouldn't have assumed it was a bomb.

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57 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

This boggles my mind. Here, everyone knows that an unknown, old and potentially pointy object is bad news and you should call the cops. We get it drilled into our heads in school.

I mean who looks at this and goes: "Well I better take this home, will look really good between my orchid and my array of Buttplugs"?

Our last war on American soil was the Civil War. Unless you're personally interested in wartime weapons and world history, you aren't gonna come into contact with this information in your daily life.

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I see. Here it is not uncommon that a bomb will be find during construction, which require evaluations. The cool bit is when they do a controlled detonation.


My grandpa started walking around with those antenna things in each hand. What the fuck is that?

I guess he said something along the lines of looking for energy. He walked through his house and came to the conclusion we have to switch bedrooms, so he can sleep in a place with better energy.

What is all this about? I'm trying so hard not to laugh my ass off.

Original Poster2 points · 4 days ago

It's really weird. I was sitting at my PC learning C and he came to me with those antennas, told me that my laptop emmits so much bad energy, while those roads were going wild and almost poking my eye out.

2 points · 5 days ago

Mercifully, the G-Klasse is a proper Mercedes and is built in Graz, Austria, under contract by Magna Steyr.

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Jup, I live there and always see G Class test cars driving around.


[Rant] Wieso wird die Motorbezogene Steuer eigentlich noch immer nach Leistung berechnet?

Ich suche gerade ein neues Auto für meine Mutter und mich regts mittlerweile so auf, dass die Steuer nach der Leistung berechnet wird. Es wäre viel Zeitgemäßer das nach Hubraum zu berechnen, da vor allem BMWs, Mercedes, Audis und dergleichen kaum mit weniger als 200 PS zu haben sind. Und saufen tun diese Motoren auch nicht viel mehr.

Ich hab mehr Spaß am fahren und kann mein Hobby ausleben?

Das ist eben ein Hobby. Davon hat der Staat nichts. Im Gegensatz hat der Staat sogar weniger davon weil mehr Leistung in der Regel auch mehr Schaden bei einem Unfall macht.

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Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago

Aber die Korrelation zwischen Alter und Unfällen ist viel größer als zwischen der Leistung und Unfällen. Wenn schon, dann richtig.

Also als Student, der alleine lebt komme ich mit meinen €700 bequem aus.

Schön für Dich. Als Student ist das Leben halt schon billiger.

Darüber hinaus finde ich, dass die Mindestsicherung gerade so zum Überleben reichen sollte.

Nicht gerade menschenwürdig. Und auch nicht gerade gut für die Sicherheit.

Es sollte ja nur eine vorübergehende Lösung sein.

Und wenns dann doch nicht vorübergehend ist?

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Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

Wieso sollte das Leben billiger sein? Ich zahle genauso Rechnungen, Benzin, Versicherung, etc. Darüber hinaus sind Bezieher der Mindestsicherung zB von den Rezeptgebühren befreit, das bin ich nicht.

Und sollte man Kinder haben, erhöht sich die Mindestsicherung ja genauso. Also das Argument kann ich gar nicht nachvollziehen.

Wieso ist das nicht menschenwürdig? Hier geht es ja um Leute die arbeiten können. Ich hätte kein Problem damit, wenn Steuergelder vermehrt an Personen gehen, die gesundheitlich bedingt nicht arbeiten können. Aber jemand der in der Verfassung ist zu arbeiten, vor allem bei unserer guten Wirtschaftslage, sollte ASAP Arbeit finden.

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11 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

It failed on 28 Apr 2016 at 147,701 miles for: * Nearside Headlamp aim too low (1.8) * Offside Headlamp aim too low (1.8) * Headlamp levelling device obviously defective (1.7.2) * Nearside Rear Direction indicator incorrect colour (1.4.A.2f) * Offside Rear Direction indicator incorrect colour (1.4.A.2f)

Then passed on 28 Apr 2016 at 147,704 miles.

But then failed on 28 Apr 2017 at 155,651 miles for: * Headlamp levelling device obviously defective (1.7.2) * Nearside Headlamp aim too low (1.8) * Offside Headlamp aim too low (1.8) * Nearside Rear Direction indicator incorrect colour (1.4.A.2f) * Offside Rear Direction indicator incorrect colour (1.4.A.2f) (Those sound familiar!)

And again passed on 28 Apr 2017 at 155,652 miles.


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It could be that the mechanic took it for a test drive (they have to where I live for our equivalent of the MOT in Austria) to check for other issues and then just fixed it and the car passed.

128 points · 8 days ago

Similar to Anschluß by WW2. Austria accepted the Germans with open arms, but technically it was an annexation.

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What? That's not true.

Comment deleted8 days ago

Just be smart. A used car is always going to be cheaper than a new equivalent because of depreciation. At the very least, know what to look at and check the car. Or even better, schedule an inspection.

My entire family buys used cars because of the depreciation. In fact, the wealthiest of my aquaintaces always buy used, because financially, a new car is the worst investment ever.

As a massive peteolhead, I'd never ever buy a new car. Also I'm so glad most people lease nowadays, which means there are loads of well maintained, perfect condition cars which are no older than five years.

Buying a car off a lease is usually about the best deal you can get in terms of warranty and up front costs.

If it was a leased vehicle it means it was almost always dealer serviced for the first 2-5 years out on the road at the manufacturer recommended intervals (which are overkill, honestly, but it's often a requirement in the terms of leases). They also usually come with certified pre-owned warranties for the next x miles or years, because the manufacturer knows it was maintained exactly how they wanted it to be maintained.

After 3-4 years a car will depreciate by approximately half of its value. This means you can go out and buy a 2018 BMW 328i for about $35,000 list pricing, or you can buy a 2015 BMW 328i that just came back from a lease with a CPO warranty for $15,000-18,000 right now (those prices are accurate, looking at places like CarGurus and Autotrader).

Using that same BMW 328i example, you can buy the car for $17,000 from a dealer with a CPO warranty. This warranty lasts for 1 year AND unlimited miles after the 4 year/50,000 mile new vehicle warranty expires. This means your "new" car has a 2 year warranty with 5,000-25,000 miles for the first year and unlimited miles for the second year. If you drive a lot those unlimited miles are pretty nice. Then 2 years down the line your car still sells for $13,000-15,000 depending on condition and mileage (looking at 2013 328i prices for comparison), meaning your effective cost of the car for those 2 years was about $4,000 or $167 a month even if you decide to upgrade the instant your warranty was up.

If you bought a brand new 2018 328i and drove it for 2 years, then sold it you'd be buying for $35,000 and selling for about $20,000, costing you $15,000 ($625 a month) to drive the same car, but slightly newer, for the same amount of time. Even assuming you wanted to drive it for all 4 years of the warranty, you'd still be selling it eventually for about $15,000 which would cost you $20,000 over 4 years or $417 per month.

If you buy smart (this is key) and aren't afraid to roll up your sleeves and fix issues yourself, used cars become an even better deal. The reason fixes are so expensive at a mechanic's shop is because you're paying upcharges for parts and the labor cost is usually in the neighborhood of $75-150 per hour (the only mechanic near me that will touch my used Porsche charges $135 an hour and is considered to be inexpensive for higher end import cars). Nowadays with Google and Youtube at your disposal it is easier than ever before to learn how to work on cars yourself and pretty damn complete tool set that even includes a nice tool box with foam cutouts will only run you the cost of 4-6 hours of labor. By the time you change the oil 3 times, replace a belt once, and replace the spark plugs in your car once you've more than paid for the cost of the tools just by not paying shop labor rates and you are still able to tackle any other problems that may arise.

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Exactly! I want to learn how to properly service/repair my car and for this I have just completed an engine rebuild on an old two stroke moped. Now I know, this is a lot less complicated, but I wanted to learn the basics of ICE, so I decided to buy two busted engines and make a working one. Was so much fun

Comment deleted8 days ago

Yes, but according to the rules, this is irrelevant.

Comment deleted8 days ago

Yup. And at least make the enforcement consistent. If the rules are dumb it's still better to enforce them everytime in the same manner.

Original Poster6 points · 8 days ago

Can you code?

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Bist du gebürtiger Schweizer? Ich studiere grad CS und würd nach dem Studium gern aus Österreich abhauen. Ist's einfach oder schwer als Entwickler in der Schweiz Arbeit zu finden?

Original Poster6 points · 8 days ago

Ja, bin ich. Wir haben definitiv einen Fachkräftemangel, ich denke du wirst keine Probleme haben hier einen Job zu finden.

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Okay, danke für die Info. Hier gibt's auch einen Fachkräftemangel, aber trotzdem würde ich gern ins Ausland gehen

52 points · 9 days ago

Yup, I can handle hot weather, but extremely humid and just warm weather kills me. I can't understand why so many of my countrymen enjoy vacations in south-east Asia, for example.

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For me, it's the other way around. I can handle humidity much better than dry heat.

I’ve been talking to my friend all week. As a guy who doesn’t normally watch soccer (I like the game, just don’t follow it. Only have enough time for so many sports!) I may be speaking out of my ass though.

I love how little video review interferes with the game. And I am 100% for “injured” players getting he benefit of the doubt all the time, even in a culture of flops. But you can still have the best of both worlds.

Have post game reviews. If a player is proven to have flopped he gets a fine/game suspension/something. It doesn’t interrupt the flow of the game. It keeps things the same as they are now. But, if the punishment is appropriate, it will serve as a huge deterrent for flopping and hopefully cut back significantly on the act.

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This is done in ice hockey

17 points · 10 days ago

Cool, I didn't realize that was possible in some places. Though for Israel, I believe they can stamp a piece of paper they give you instead of your passport. This is just what I know from friends who've visited, haven't experienced it myself.

Other countries don't stamp at all, I visited Korea recently and we were also given little slips of paper to keep while we were there.

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The US also does this. I travelled with two people to the US who went to the middle East for work and they were questioned extensively.

One of my aquaintaces went to Tunisia for a holiday and when arriving in the US they strip searched him.

I notice that the 'decline-migration' is commonly near a 'decline-deaths'. Looks like if too many people start to die, everyone nearby leaves.

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If this were the case, wouldn't it be the other way round? Young people start to leave, leaving old people who are going to die, rather than make new babies

105 points · 13 days ago


I know this is probably the correct spelling, but I swear most Eastern European languages have words that look like they were sworn into existence by flinging a cat at a stuck manual typewriter.

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"Strč prst skrz krk" is a valid sentence in Czech

He was going like 3 miles per hour and his front looks totaled. Bit weird designing to me.

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Two weeks ago I rear ended another car. My bonnet was completely fucked, because I hit an SUV and it was a crash at about 15km/h. Didn't feel a thing, because of the crumple zone.

You have to look down to hit the button to pull up the voice to text on android phones.

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Not when you have Android auto.

I didn't know that and most old people definitely don't even have it. I wish I did though.

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You can get an aftermarket headunit which supports Android auto. On most cars, the process of replacing is quite easy, on my Civic it would mean pulling half of the dash (still worth it). However on VW group cars which aren't brand new, this process is much much easier.

Original Poster1.4k points · 17 days ago

I was a passenger in a near fatal car accident. I was dozing when it happened, with my seat slightly reclined. If my seat had been three inches higher, I’d of been killed on impact and more than likely decapitated. Literally came within three inches of my life. Thank you, you do the same!

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Just a heads up: Recling your seat very far can cause you to (partially) slip though the seat belt. So it's better to stay in a normal position. Also, make sure your knees are at an angle and not stretched.

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