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My only critique is your foundation: it looks very pink in comparison to your neck (see photo #14). I guess it depends on your dress - if your dress is higher necked, it won't be so obvious, but if you're wearing something with more skin exposed, I worry that the difference in tones would be more obvious in a darker/evening setting with flash photography

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Goal_digger_25 254 points

My FMIL has been really judgy about the whole wedding. Her husband was "beside himself" over how much I spent on my dress. They think it's "just stupid to spend all that money on a party for her (my) friends and family". They're both upset because there will be drinking and dancing (GASP), and how "that's just not us or FH".

Well, let me tell you something haven't offered one mother-effing penny to this wedding, or fuck, even offered to help me DO anything, and you live LITERALLY two streets over. My mother, on the other hand, is 6 hours away. You've spent the entire planning period worried about one thing....YOUR dress (which happens to look a little toooooo bridal, if we're honest). So, your baaaaaaby boy and I are going to drink our yummy drinks, and dance the night away, in my "expensive" dress. And I might even have our first dance song be "My Neck My Back" just to spite you.

Wow....that felt good. Turned into a little more of a rant than I intended, but whew.

stimulate_my_noggin 12 points

Have I got the cover for you:

If you want, you can walk down the aisle with:

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stimulate_my_noggin 2 points - pick a dress, they can get it customized with their sizing (highly recommend they get measured professionally vs guesstimating!)

thurst29 2 points

I'm surprised how reasonable they're prices are. I'll have to look into them further

stimulate_my_noggin 1 point

Sign up for emails too - they have great coupons. I got a single use coupon last week for $40 off (as long as your final total post coupon is $40+) So I got a $60 dress, added all the customization, so the dress ended up about $80 something. Applied the coupon and ended up with a $40 something fully customized dress. Can't wait to get it!

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stimulate_my_noggin 2 points

Amazon? This one is only 10k gold, but it's pretty!

10k Yellow Gold Dainty Diamond and Cushion Solitaire Quartz Checkerboard Amethyst Rope Design Engagement/Promise Ring(Size 11)

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stimulate_my_noggin 2 points

Holy WOW. You make me want to chop off my hair and get a cut/style/color like yours. You look beautiful!

CherryPeel_ 1 point

that is so sweet, but short hair sucks haha! I've never had very long hair and I do soo much to grow it but it just doesn't grow very much.

stimulate_my_noggin 2 points

Well you look beautiful, and your hair is lovely and thick and I envy you your gorgeous mane :)

(you'll make your him cry at the altar, then fistbump his buddies because he knows he won at everything)

ponypartyposse 5 points

That nose is extra boopable, well done.

stimulate_my_noggin 3 points

He's so chill he'd let anyone boop his nose. Chill or stupid, I can't really tell the difference. Either way, boop dat snoot.

KatanasAndAppleJuice 5 points

Can confirm. Heart has been stolen.

stimulate_my_noggin 3 points

I'm sorry to say that you're not getting your heart back. He et it all.

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mushroom_lady 6 points

Tigger is such a pretty color!

stimulate_my_noggin 1 point

Thank you for noticing! He's got this Amber/red undercoat thing that I think is so pretty!

SpoilerAlert6 3 points

"That blanket is stupid. (I wish I had that blanket)."

-Tigger, probably

stimulate_my_noggin 1 point

Are you a mind reader? Because I'm dead certain that was exactly what Tigger was thinking.

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stimulate_my_noggin 44 points

A friend had a smallish wedding and decided on Whole Foods cake. But what they did was to buy a bunch of different cakes (premade/in the fridge case at WF), put them on pretty cake stands they found while thrifting, decorated with some edible flowers, then used those as the centerpiece for each table. When guests arrived at the reception, their tables were named according to the cake type: Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla.

Instead of having a "cake cutting" cake, they went from table to table to cut the cake and take pics with their table's guests surrounding them. AND they encouraged their guests to trade cakes with other tables. It was a great idea as it really broke down the ice. Within minutes, people were mingling and trading cake slices and chatting and laughing. Plus, I got to try all the cake flavors. Awesome!

Whocaresalot 5 points

They are a very attractive couple! What is best is the calm, relaxed happiness and self-confidence that they project, both individually and as a couple. Were they as good looking when they were young, or improve with age? And, if not intrusive, what became of your biological father? Just curious.

stimulate_my_noggin 3 points

Pops got better looking as he aged...and finally allowed us to pick his haircut. He rocked the Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee modified Asian bowl cut for decades. It was hilarible.

Mom was always pretty, but now that she's grown out her eyebrows (she has that 70's pencil thin look), I think she looks amazing. But she won't go for microblading...yet.

timoseewho 2 points


stimulate_my_noggin 2 points

I promise, there were LOTS of handholding and even smooching in other pictures!

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knh93014 2 points

Finally got the chance to watch this: tears. I hope I get that lucky to have 35 years with my spouse one day. My parents just celebrated 36!

Congrats to them :)

stimulate_my_noggin 2 points

Thank you! I've shown the lovely comments to my parents, and they were very grateful for all of your kind thoughts. Mom asked for the link to share with her friends hahahahbaba

sra6418 9 points

You're right. I cried. That was absolutely beautiful. I loved this video more than I love most wedding videos. You're parents are SO in love and this video captured that so well. I look forward to that in 35 years. :')

stimulate_my_noggin 12 points

They're such different personalities; mom's super outgoing and gregarious. Pops is more introverted/socially awkward. She's loud and brash and expressive, Pops is quieter, more stern. On their own, they're too much. Together, they balance each other out. The older I get, the more I appreciate how well they work with each other. And how much love they still have after all these years.

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ohsnapitson 7 points

Your mom is honestly adult goals for me.

stimulate_my_noggin 1 point

Me too!

Lydjasays 14 points

Life goals! They're pics and video are absolutely beautiful as they're continued love of 35+ years. Thanks so for sharing because it has definitely inspired me to incorporate a photo session into mine and my husband's 20th anniversary trip this coming Nov. 21st.

If I could give all of you one piece of advice is to spend the money on great photos and videos. Unfortunately, our photographer wasn't very good and as much as I loved our wedding, I seriously would have rathered a small intimate affair to afford pics and videos of this quality.

stimulate_my_noggin 8 points

Completely agree re: videographer and/or photographer. I understand that it can get expensive here in the US (my parents were fortunate enough to throw their party in the Philippines where the US$ goes pretty far. )

But I think even if they'd hosted the party here in the US, I would have convinced them to cut the guest list in exchange for at LEAST a photographer.

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