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Aimnlo 32 points

No. It isn't. No pilot is going to fly a plane that can't be controlled by the pilot. Autopilots fail too. Here's a really high profile example: "Miracle on the Hudson". Do you think an autopilot would've saved anybody? No. It would've tried to hold an airspeed or altitude it couldn't hold without having engine thrust. This is when if the crew hasn't already done so, it shuts itself off. In fact, to turn this around, if the 9/11 hijackers were familiar enough with the flight management system (the "autopilot") they could've directed it to do the same things they did manually.

stinkbom4321 3 points

Mystery on the Manhattan

rekcomeht 7 points

you should put some bolts through there. body weight hanging from those nails will pull out the horizontal portions. you can see this starting on the bottom strip already.

stinkbom4321 2 points

The holds have been glued with wood glue. Everything is rock solid and hasn't moved under my weight (yet). You are right, I should have used screws, but this works for me.

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