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to the downvoting warmongers. FUCK YOU

President Trump is such a brave man. I am so proud of him. Also proud of Rand Paul standing up to the warmongering press and congress

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I could feel the healing and good vibes from the press conference and I know Trump is on the right side of history. Unfortunately our entire media from FOX to leftwing news outlets are on the wrong side. They have been exposed as warmongering lunatics

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Strange times we live in. Entire media from FOX to leftwing Guardian, leftwing progressives to NeoCons want confrontation with nuclear armed Russia

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Electoral interference. BS. Did you also buy the WMD story with Iraq. You are the useful idiot being played by the warmongering NeoCons

Fake News is a bunch of cowardly warmongers. Perfect

This is where Rand Paul is a real asset to MAGA. Going after the Deep State warmongers.


downvote all you want, 42K online

Original Poster112 points · 20 hours ago

Update: -331 and counting 🙂

We are being brigaded like m-fucker! Lol pathetic losers...

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Progressives acting like neocons calling for war. WTF is going on

plus all the media including FOX. US media is Deep State

Unfortunately doubtful since it seems the majority skipped right over that. Hopefully we will be the ones writing the history books instead of the screeching liberals.

Holy shit the propaganda is strong today. They're calling Trump treasonous? What the fuck?!?!

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Trump has the ability to expose people for what they really are. Today we see who are warmongers. It isn't pretty. Basically the entire media and most of the congress

28 points · 21 hours ago

It was epic. I was nervous at first because I honestly didn't know what to expect from Putin (even being a Russia bot and all). But through this presser it was clear to me that Putin is reasonable and willing to work with us and Trump for peace. That is everything...

God bless our President!

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Putin has common sense just like us

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Im proud of her for realizing what Trump is doing, and Im a HUGE critic of hers.

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have the same sentiments. Supporting Trump today shows that you aren't a warmonger. Kudos to her

good for you Ann. Please be consistent

truly great statement from a truly great man. Fuck the warmongers in the media and congress

stop downvoting you fucking neocon warmongers

Most profound Words I have heard from a political leader

So statesman like.So proud of President Trump

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