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Hey Nomandate! Thank you for your submission, unfortunately it has been removed from /r/SubredditDrama because:

  • You are involved in the drama. You may only post links if you are not the source of the drama or directly involved in the drama. Do not submit drama you have commented in.

For more on our rules, please check out our detailed rules wiki. If you have any questions or concerns about this removal feel free to message the moderators.

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Ahhh! Whoops! That makes sense.

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looks like /u/br00ce is batting for team trumpgret. censorship isn't cool, br00se. that's the kind of shit i'd expect from T_D

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The post was removed for breaking rules. You may have noticed that we never have submissions here that are simply a screenshot that has no clear connection to the title. The basic format of an SRD post is a link to a comment subthread. Any post that deviates from that will ONLY be approved if it is a write-up and meets all the other standards

A couple things:

1) Don’t Drink Beers, on my internet drama? How did this get here?

B) King Taco > Guisados. Don’t @ me

C) happy cake day scopes

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Original Poster9 points · 2 days ago

wtf it's my cake day?

redditor for 8 years

welp it's been a good run. time to kill myself

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For those of you who don't want to keep clicking I'm going to copy paste some of the comments that get the gist of the drama

el_mero_mero: Fuck this place. Locals don't eat there. It's nothing but hipsters. That why they strategically open their new locations where the hipsters are. There's legit tacos spots in bh, don't promote this garbage

dontdrinkbeers: @el_mero_mero lol jesus, feel free to tag more “legit” places that are less amenable to hipsters, the taco trigger is full SKS apparently

dontdrinkbeers: @drew_buz I guess I fail to understand why this long standing delicious taco spot should be penalized just because moutache waxed fucks on wooden bicycles go there and blast Bon Iver. Btw I saw not a single white person hipster or otherwise there.

el_mero_mero: @dontdrinkbeers born and raised in bh, I'm cuerno de chivo triggered! QUEUE MEME. Long standing? It's been around 8 years, stop it. The mexican food joints on the same street have been around way longer than that, and they have better food. I shouldn't have said hipster, cuz some of the people that go there look like you. Maybe today was yous day. Most legit spots don't have ig. I can't tag em. The only one I can think about is @carnitaselmomo. Next time you're at dry river I'll lead you to the promised land. I'm sure you know enough Spanish to order

dontdrinkbeers: I guess today we learned that taco enthusiasts are just as irritating as beer enthusiasts, so it’s uplifting to know that everything enjoyable has been ruined equally.

dankestofmanks: The presentation looks like what comes after you eat most tacos. #ringsting

guisados: Hahahahahahaha thank you for the love. Thank you for the haters

dontdrinkbeers: @guisados HahHa this post got so apeshit

guisados:@dontdrinkbeers you would think the people drinking and promoting the ‘hipster’ craft beers wouldn’t sham ‘hipsters’. My favorite part was when someone said the most authentic don’t have instagrams.. wtf 😂😂😂😂 dying over here


[Decoden/Crafting] An Instagram seller still hasn't shipped out items that were ordered nearly a month ago, and people are getting mad about it.

[Decoden/Crafting] An Instagram seller still hasn't shipped out items that were ordered nearly a month ago, and people are getting mad about it.

First ever HobbyDrama post so forgive me if it's a little jumbled or hard to follow.

Okay, for some context - decoden is a craft that originated in Japan, which is using silicone and resin items to decorate things. The most popular item to customize is phone cases, and there are many of these businesses on Instagram, that sell cases and also little other accessories.

On June 15th, a shop called 'MilkyMelty' run by a crafter named Esther, had a sale on premade items. Esther also sells art commissions as well as used to sell customized cases, but this sale was for all premade/non-customizable items, as she had decided to stop selling decoden and take a break from the shop.

However, about a week ago, people started commenting on the sale post, that they had direct messaged Esther and were hoping for an update on the items, as it had been almost a month since the sale and she had not posted on either her main or sales account and had seemingly not contacted any of the buyers either. She still didn't reply.

A bigger decoden shop, MoniquesDecoShop run by Monique (...obviously) decided to take matters into her own hands as she had also ordered items off the sale. A couple of days ago she began to post slightly cryptic Instagram stories, saying she had 'tea to spill' and complaining about 'unprofessional businesses'. She posts more personal things than a lot of other decoden shops though, so personally I assumed it was just something unrelated going on in her life BUT today it all came to a head when she made this post and directly named Esther.

Esther finally replied after a month and made this post on her Instagram about the issue. Basically, she said that she's been out of town for this entire period of time (seemingly on a vacation), and she's aware she made a mistake, but currently does not have enough money to refund all the purchases at once because she's spent the money out of town and on bills, etc, saying she doesn't even have enough money to buy water.

Now people are even MORE mad because she apparently had told some people over DMs that they would be getting a refund for their purchases as seen in this screenshot but now she's backtracking. She's also saying that everyone can file a claim with PayPal and get their money back, but people are asking her how she expects PayPal to give everyone the money when she doesn't have enough money in her account and it'll get overdrawn - here. Essentially Esther has just stolen and made off with hundreds of dollars, gone on vacation for a month, spent it all, and now has no money to refund back but also is refusing to ship the products out, and apparently expects PayPal to just... work it all out somehow? She doesn't need to make any more items, just package and ship them (as mentioned, all premade things) and so people don't understand the big issue.

There is also a LOT of extra drama happening between (mainly) two people in the comments, all of which can be seen here but if you don't want to scroll through an entire album of petty drama I'll try to sum it up. HoneySweetCharms, another decoden/resin crafter, comments that it's completely unfair to be making excuses for everything and that Esther is in the wrong, which Esther acknowledges. Esther, however, uses the phrase 'I am at this stage in my life where it might just be easier to end it' which is possibly alluding to suicidal thoughts (as she mentioned not being able to send the items due to mental stress) and HSC is not happy with that. She accuses Esther of manipulating her customers psychologically to garner sympathy and calls it an abusive tactic and her business practices 'unethical and immoral'. Esther replies once more to clarify she doesn't want to divulge more information and leaves it at that.

Then Esther's friend jumps in. Her friend accuses HSC of mocking and bashing her. Then HSC completely goes off and says the behavior is utterly unacceptable and 'disgusting'. The conversation continues in the same vein for a while until Esther's friend accuses HSC of being 'aggressive' and HSC comments (as a black/mixed person) that aggressive is used to negatively describe POC who defend themselves. Esther's friend thinks this is ridiculous and that it has absolutely nothing to do with race, just kicking someone when they're down. HSC continues to call Esther a scammer and liar and says that she will not be oppressed by the other commenter trying to keep her down with racism by calling her aggressive. As of right now the drama in that thread seems to have ended with HSC finishing up with a 'literally stop talking to me and leave me the fuck alone, your friend is a scammer, bye'.

People are also commenting on MoniquesDecoShop's original post saying they have orders from months ago, some from over half a year ago, that weren't shipped at all, including art commissions that were never done and people seem to be getting vague responses when they try to ask what's going on with their order. More people are coming out of the woodwork and saying they haven't received their orders, some from LAST YEAR, which means they're out of the period in which you can file a claim.

Drama is still unfolding because the refunds haven't really been addressed yet but it was so juicy I had to share. If you made it all the way to the end, I applaud you.

Personally, although I do feel for Esther, it's completely unprofessional and businesses shouldn't hinge on your personal life & issues (and if something comes up, tell people instead of disappearing for a month). I also feel bad for Monique that some people are accusing her of coming for Esther when she just made a post so people were aware which didn't seem hostile in any way.

TL;DR: highway robbery (whether intentional or not), accusations of abusive manipulation, racist descriptors, and a whole lotta PayPal claims after an Instagram seller mysteriously disappears into the void with everyone's money and products. the accessorized phone case community sure is wild.

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Jesus christ this is sick. Chris isn't a good person but he's severely disabled, for fucks sake. I actually think he should be in a group home with only supervised access to the internet


Charlemagne confesses to drugging a woman in 2015 podcast

Charlemagne confesses to drugging a woman in 2015 podcast

Audio. I thought it'd be good to share this in light of the rape accusation.

Here's a transcript of the important part:

Charlamagne: Listen man, you just never know... Its a lot of gray areas when it comes to that shit man... a lot of gray area.

Andrew: yes there are gray areas but if you're unconscious you rape somebody, and thats plain and simple, and theres nothing you can do around that, if you're unconscious...even if she's drinking, even if she's tired b she ran a marathon that day... if she passes out and she's unconscious now and you fuck her, that's rape... Now, this is a weird thing that has been said to me by multiple girls actually, uh they go "you know what'd be fun, is we woke up in the morning, and you were like already fucking me..." I'm like, you mean raping you? WTF why you trying to get me caught up? Doesn't that sound like a set up? That's how I'm in jail for 10yrs because of some fantasy that you had. You never had a girl say that? Like how we just wake up...

Charlamagne: I remember a scenario in Myrtle Beach, South Caroline, I got this girl real drunk, and uhm, I fucked, we fucked.

Andrew: ... just that sentence sounds a little fishy, "I got her drunk against her will..."

Charlamagne: Nah I did. Now I didn't just get her drunk I went to the sex store and got Spanish Fly.

Andrew: Oh so you raped her?

Charlamagne: Shut up. Spanish Fly. They sell it in the sex store, I'm telling the truth... they sell it in the Spanish store. I had the fucking... I mean they sell it in the sex store.

Andrew: Why you snitching on you dog? They sell knives in the store too, you can put that to a girls throat, and have sex with her, doesn't mean its legal.

Charlamagne: So I put the spanish fly in the E&J, we drinking the E&J and shit... so in my mind I don't know if this shit really work, but I feel like I got horny as a motherfucker too! Right? Right?

Andrew: You took it too?

Charlamagne: So she was drunk and shit, and we had sex and shit, and like a lot of my boys were trying to come in the room and fuck her and I'm like nah chill out, we not doing that, I'm not gonna let y'all run a train on her, that's rape. So, right, so, so...

Andrew: If its just one on one, its ain't rape. Trains are rape.

Charlamagne: So the next morning, the next morning she wakes up and uhm, we talk about it. And she's like "What happened?" I'm like "We had sex." she said "Ok well I'm glad it was you." Then a couple days later, she's like "Yo are you sure I only had sex with you?" Because one of my stupid ass cousins was going around saying he fucked her, which he didn't, I know for a fact he didn't. I was there with her the whole time. He did not fuck her. He looked at her naked, but he didn't fuck her. Right? So, so, so... I'm telling her no me and you just had sex, nobody else did nothing. So it just was weird that she was like, "I'm just glad it was you." You know what I'm saying, because in mind yea you could have been in a real bad situation if it was another motherfucker there...

Andrew: That's a huge compliment man. A girl just said, "yo at least you raped me."

Charlamagne: I didn't rape her. I did not rape her. I did not rape her.

Andrew: If it was any of your cousins or friends... it would have been rape.

Charlamagne: I didn't rape her, because me and her had every intention of having sex with each other.

Andrew: So then why would you put the Spanish Fly?

Charlamagne: I was a freaky... I'm still a freaky motherfucker but I was really, I was... listen I was... my whole...

Andrew: Wait, was she passed out when you fucked her?

Charlamagne: Nah... she wasn't like. She was like one of those drunks where listen, no listen, no, she was one of those drunks where like, she was like one of those drunks where she was like oh, coher... she wasn't coherent, but she was up, like when your girl... like when you're blacked up like that don't know what the fuck is going on type shit, like she was really fucked up...

Andrew: She was awake and she was into it?

Charlamagne: She was wasted. Yea. She was wasted.

Andrew: Her eyes were not rolling in the back of her head?

Charlamagne: Nah nah nah nah... she was

Andrew: Ok was she snoring while you were having sex?

Charlamagne: It was just weird because while we were having sex, she was... because one of my homeboys used to fuck her on the regular. When I say the regular, the regular... that was his girl. He hates me probably to this day.

Andrew: Wait, so you fucked your friends girl?

Charlamagne: I was a piece of shit. It wasn't his girl tho, it was like a girl he used to really love. So this is the whole story... The girl was white right, and he was black... so this is in Monks Corner, South Carolina... they couldn't really have an inter-racial relationship at the time, dixie flag flying over and shit, right, they couldn't be... it couldn't really go down. So they couldn't really claim each other, you know what I'm saying... but it was one of those weekends she just mad at the motherfucker, and came to get drunk with me, and I had been flirting with her, and we had been talking on the phone, we kiss every now and then.

Andrew: This is your boy's girl...

Charlamagne: This is my boy's... He should have claimed her.

Andrew: Which boy?

Charlamagne: I'm not saying..

Andrew: Do I know him?

Charlamagne: Nah you don't know him. He should have claimed her.

Andrew: Was he at your wedding?

Charlamagne: Hell no. Absolutely not. But its like, we knew it was going to happen but it was just the fact that it could have been really bad for her, is my point. The fact that she woke up the next day and was like "I'm just glad it was you, and just you." was weird to me... that was a little strange.

Andrew: I like the fact that you made yourself a hero in this story.

Charlamagne: I did. I'm the Dr. Dre. I wrote... I wrote this... straight out of Monks corner. I wrote this.

Andrew: Sweetheart they was trying to come in the room... they were trying, after I drugged you and you passed out... they were trying to come in and get some pussy but I said no.

Charlamagne: I did not drug her, and pass out....

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These people sure have a lot of free time.

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if this isn't the petty shit you exactly came here to spend your time enjoying don't even @ me

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Don't post pictures of minors to mock them

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

There not a minor and got there knowing consent. He told me to post this pic

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Good to know, but it's entirely off topic for this subreddit. you were probably thinking of /r/neckbeardrpg

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Thank you so much to everyone for your advice and suggestions, especially those that PM'd me vet recommendations or offers to foster. After a very long and confusing afternoon, I finally got in touch with my roommate and the short version of it is: we now own a cat! (or the cat owns us, I don't think I'll ever be out of the mindset that this is the Cat's Apartment after the power movie it pulled today).

I gave him (didn't know it was a him until about an hour ago) water and food, and made a litter pan out of the materials suggested by others here. After a few hours, my roommate resurfaced (the one who'd been dog sitting in BK) and told me that the mother of the family she was dog-sitting for had recently passed, leaving behind a cat that the family didn't really want and that DID NOT get along with the dog.

With the family's permission, she brought to cat to our place in a carrier, but as the family was unprepared for the cat's arrival at the start of this week (in general and because they were in mourning) they sadly had no supplies or toys for the little guy. When she got him into our place, he had a strange insistence on pawing at my door and trying to get into my room. (I have lavender aromatherapy oils in here, not sure if that could be a factor?)

Being stressed out and in need to go to the store and upset that nobody was home, she ended up making the split decision to leave the cat to its own devices in my room where he wanted to go and closing him in there to keep him from getting lost in the unfamiliar environment of the rest of the apartment - kind of a dick move since she didn't tell me about it, but understandable when she told the story.

She didn't want to ask about the possibility of adopting a pet via text and had been trying to wait until at least one of us was home, but she needed to go supply shopping and the two of us managed to miss each other. No idea why she wasn't answering her phone, but she's...kind of flaky in general. Obviously she ended up taking longer than expected getting supplies, and still needed to haul herself back to BK to feed the family's dog. Time management ain't her thing.

TLDR; roommate brought the cat into the apartment and left him in my room during a stressed out moment, we're keeping him.

IF ANYONE HAS NAME SUGGESTIONS, we're an apartment full of theatre and harry potter nerds looking for ideas.

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If he hasn't started using the litterbox yet, trap him in the same room as the litterbox. This will greatly lower the chances of him creating his own pee spot

I don't favor divisiveness, I just favor a time when the fate of this country was determined by stale and boring discussions and not dictated by tribalistic idolatry and internet memes, and I just don't see the point in insisting that "both sides" are responsible for it.

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Original Poster8 points · 11 days ago

In an ideal world, both sides could come together and negotiate despite our differences. In the real world, Trump has no interest in bridging the divide or compromising. Divisiveness is the the core of his political strategy. Even if a few supporters have a passing interest in compromise, the man who they support will never change, unless it's for the worse. After all, how many supporters has he already betrayed with his suppression of legal weed?

The only way to fix the country is to break the power cabal by voting Republicans out of office. Unless your Trump-supporting friends are going to change their vote, reaching out to reconcile is a terrible political strategy.

25 points · 12 days ago

And I imagine his pro-Trump audience is behaving in a much more civil fashion. All 6 of them.


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Original Poster15 points · 12 days ago

I do actually think this was hilariously naive on King's part and I'm enjoying the salt and the memes. I sort of couldn't find any pro-trumpers, so there must be very few that follow him

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You can be critical of a nation without implying that its people are backwards savages. Don't flamebait

The most pretentious part of that curation you made was the reporter who put a fucking umlaut in the word reestablish.


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Read the New Yorker style guide to become ultra triggered. They make EVERYONE use umlauts

Who said anything about saving humanity

Christ, this sub sometimes

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It's right above you in the comment you did not read because it was too long!

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-2 points · 16 days ago


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Nuked this comment and everything below because it of all the slapfighting

Original Poster21 points · 17 days ago

One particularly unhinged message from ‘McCormick Foley’ contained a violent threat that he said was addressed to antifascists as well as federal agents, both of whom he said he wanted to “challenge to a fight…til one of us are not moving.”

When asked how many people he could bring to the rally to act in a security capacity, ‘McCormick’ responded that he could bring “7 to 15” people made up of his Vanguard America group and “maybe a few hammerskins.” When asked “how many are vets?,” he quickly answered “quite a few actually”, and also added “We are paramilitary + neo-Nazi.”

‘McCormick’ aka ‘Fred’ left the Facebook Messenger chat on June 2 due to a disagreement over security plans for the event, was re-added to the chat on June 14, and then removed from the chat again on June 25.

Fb messenger is the pinnacle of opsec

Didn't Carney say he would veto it? Is there any way around that? majority or something?

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Fuck Carney that spineless little piece of shit. Makes me want to move back to Delaware so I can support whichever Democrat will primary him

It's kind of embarrassing to watch how people who don't like the fact that their preferred presidential candidate didn't win view themselves as a resistance movement against some evil regime.

If they really were a resistance movement against an evil regime, they definitely wouldn't publicly post that on social media signed with their real names. That's not how evil oppressive regimes work.

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This is an excellent argument for making a rule here about off topic grandstanding, thank you for your fascinating contribution

Pretty sure nothing is offtopic in a thread about gamergate because everything is related to gamergate sooooo ???

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Anita Sarkeesian did 9/11

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RIP FLYTAPE: our favorite vaping r/conspiracy mod

Flytape is a legend, both for his antics during and after his reign as an r/conspiracy mod, especially his incredibly cringey podcast video where he wore a bird mask and vaped while gossiping about reddit powerusers he didn't like and somehow still managed to be boring.

So what pushed our hero to delete his account? It started when he made a shitpost about Justin Trudea's eyebrows and the r/conspiracy mods deleted it. Flytape then took to r/conspiracy again to call out the mods and declare his righteous indignation that they dared remove his post. For this, he was given a 3 day ban. The injustice was too much for flytape to bear and he deleted his account. Q will avenge him.

I now present to you a catalog of flytape's greatest hits

Why does Flytape merit this respect when there is currently a post in this sub about internet drama surrounding someone else's death?

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Original Poster1 point · 21 days ago

This here is a thread for celebrating/shitposting about the deletion of an account. What I was saying is that if flytape had died, I would not make a thread whose express purpose was for celebrating it and mocking him.

Yes, we linked internet drama surrounding Sagal's death, but I did not post a thread for celebrating it titled "Insane person dies, let's remember all her antics! Goodbye lolcow!"

For the most part people in the thread were being respectful, and I kept an eye on it so I could delete any misgendering and such


The yelp page of the restaurant that kicked out Sarah Huckabee Sanders has become a battle ground

Here are the reviews. Yelp is removing lots of these but a bunch still remain. At one point they were being bombarded with reviews that had pictures of swastikas. Lots of fake reviews for and against them.

There's also plenty of salt in the discussion section

Yelp: the newest platform for political justice and destroying liburls! They also do restaurant reviews on the side!

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