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Boy surprises his stepdad who raised him with adoption papers for his birthday. by ListenHereChap in aww

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Dealing with a racist team by Hardcoretroy in wrestling

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Agree 100% Op is gonna just get himself more upset and frustrated if he tries to change how people think and act. I had a few teammates like him and if they srarted that shit around me then I'd just get up and leave.

Bill Gates doesn't play m8 by OraleAmigo in funny

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You mean MSFT. MFST is a penny stock.

Just moved to Miami! 😄 Now how do I make friends here? by currentlyvacationing in Miami

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Those old dudes can be a blast to hang out with! But yeah, for a girl it might be better to work somewhere with people your age. Malls are a decent place to make friends as well. I know I made a few friends that were in your situation (I was also in that situation myself) by going to a bar close to where I live. And I'm not talking about a crazy club or bar with loud ass music. Just a little place with good food and cheap drinks. The people there are a bit more laid back and not as "fake" as some I've met.

Just moved to Miami! 😄 Now how do I make friends here? by currentlyvacationing in Miami

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Do you work anywhere? Usually the best (easiest) way to make friends once school is out is at work.

Name a More Iconic Duo. I'll wait. by JohnnyMinnesota in minnesotavikings

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Sure, just credit my username here. I don't really use twitter.

Left: Vikings running back Latavius Murray. Right: Donald Trump. Both listed officially at 6'3"/235 lbs. by dareeza in pics

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I wreslted in college with a guy that was around 5'10" 220 lbs but a solid rock. He was not only considered obese but had to cut more weight for his rotc scholarship than he was healthily allowed to for wrestling. (He had a low body fat %.)