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If you absolutely have to rehome your dog your best bet may be to advertise at nearby veterinarians offices - it's a good first sign that they use a vet for any pets they already have. Since you state the dog is friendly with other dogs this could also help in making sure they go to a home where they will have some company and playmates.


I am studying for my CCENT on my own and will be doing all the labs on my home iMac and was wondering if anyone else has tried doing it all on a Mac? I tried GNU3 but it says I need vmware to run it. Are there any good and preferably free alternatives to packet tracer? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


I've had it for around 6+ years.

Check your local Dollar General if you're in America! They still have it for $1 a can. I found it last month and thought I was seeing things!

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Holy crap I hope you’re right! - I used to get them at Walgreens but I thought I looked online a few years ago and they said the company that made Jolt cola doesn’t do it anymore - off to dollar general!

I think you're right. But if you go check their site now, I believe it says Dollar General is actually one of their exclusive retailers! I hope you can find it! It tasted just how I remembered!

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I just got back from the Dollar General near me and they do have Jolt Cola - Thank you!

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I’ve used in the past and have always been very pleased with their service.

Original Poster2 points · 4 months ago

Says it’s closed for maintenance 😐

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That’s a shame but hopefully they’ll be open again soon.

I'm not sure if it's the tinnitus that changed while asleep but I do wake up often and the first thing I notice is my tinnitus got really loud compared to when I went to sleep.

I'd say for me the best piece of advise would be to always have a white noise source whenever you're going to be in someplace quiet. Silence seems to amp up the T to an uncomfortable level.

It would be awesome to have a visual representation of my username! ?


I have a typical car key with the large transponder plastic part on it. I have yet to find any keychain or key organizer that will fit both normal house keys and the larger and usually longer car key with the transponder plastic attached to the key. I like to have a p-7 suspension clip so my keys hang more in the middle of the front pocket but those larger keys make it awkward.

My current EDC. Front Left pocket: p-7 suspension clip holding car key and house key Kisetsu Aki wallet Change Small pocket knife Right front pocket: iPhone 6+ in otter box defender case microfiber cleaning cloth


A keyring.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

I find that the typical circular split rings make the larger transponder keys feel bulky in the front pocket.

I don't currently work with a lot of code but I do take a lot of notes for writing and other purposes so I've given a lot of thought to note/documentation organization so here is what I use currently: -Simple Note for general notes, ideas, quotes, etc. The Simple Note Mac and IOS apps work really well together which is a must for my needs. Markdown is supported as well. -Drafts for IOS for quick capture of anything that pops into my head while I'm not in front of a computer. -The native Notes app on Mac and IOS. The last update of these apps added a lot more functionality to these with lists, pics, etc. I've started keeping a single Note window in the bottom corner of my desktop broken into 2 sections - Today and Scratch. Essentially any important task I need to do goes into the Today part and anything I'd need to remember for a short period of time (order numbers, contact info, etc) in the Scratch pad section. This has become more and more useful since I've starting doing it that way.

If possible try to visit the place during the times you will be coming and going - work, school, etc. on weekdays as well as weekends. This could help give you a sense of what traffic patterns will be like around the area.

If possible visit the place while it is raining - it could save a lot of hassle spotting any leaks before moving in.

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