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stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/politics
katieames [score hidden]

I have a sinking feeling it's just some War on Drugs cyber initiative.

stupidstupidreddit [score hidden]

Not involving SDNY. Plus, Sessions would never give that up to Rosenstein.

stupidstupidreddit [score hidden]

In this theory, advanced in two widely cited anonymous blogs, Guccifer 2.0 was the DNC posing as Russia posing as a Romanian hacker.

I'm the dude posing as a another dude pretending to be a hacker dude!

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/news
brownbranch76 3 points

Correct me if I’m wrong but under the War Powers Act doesn’t the president essentially have authority to start a war without congressional approval?

stupidstupidreddit 16 points

This congress wouldn't lift a finger to stop trump even if he didn't have such thinly veiled legal cover.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/worldnews
FarewellAddress 3 points

I don't even think those are things that most congressional republicans would generally support, would they?

stupidstupidreddit 12 points

Congressional republicans have been champing at the bit to tear up the Iran Nuclear deal from the beginning.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/politics
2_Spicy_2_Impeach [score hidden]

Even in the other sub they’re concerned about Bolton. He wanted to go to war with Cuba over WMDs(intelligence was proven false), championed Iraq having WMDs, wants to attack Iran, and wants to attack North Korea.

Good fucking luck everyone.

stupidstupidreddit [score hidden]

They just haven't heard from the propaganda bots yet how they should really feel.

huskies4life [score hidden]

Get ready for war with Iran. The GOP has been beating the propaganda for a long time.

Don't like it? "You're not supporting the troops" "You're not patriotic"

stupidstupidreddit [score hidden]

None of our allies will pull out of the Iran Nuclear deal with us, but he'll do it anyway. And this probably kills NATO too.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/politics
TheRealBallchynz [score hidden]


Holy shit, are actual people like this? Being foreign it blows my mind that so many people have been sucked into that mindset

stupidstupidreddit [score hidden]

I don't think it's just America. The illogical, fearful far right are surging around the western world. Germany, UK, France all saw gains made by far right parties from 2015-present.

LincolnHighwater [score hidden]

I wonder how much of this has been due to foreign influences...

stupidstupidreddit [score hidden]

no puppets.

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stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
stupidstupidreddit 43 points

Old Manley field house.

Also, WTF is this? I feel like this is something I would see on redlettermedia.

There's so much meme potential here, it's outstanding.

Edit: man I miss those old run and gun big east teams.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
tribe98reloaded 36 points

What kind of asshole hates the color purple? Easily the best and most underutilized color in sports.

stupidstupidreddit 7 points


tribe98reloaded 9 points

For most underutilized? Yeah, I’ll give you that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a major sports team wear pink outside of promotional events, which is a shame. Pink could make a nice accent color for jerseys in my opinion.

stupidstupidreddit 5 points

The only major sport I can think of where you'll regularly see pink is Golf.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
StevvieV 12 points

Trae Young wasn't on the NBA's radar last year. He was the 23rd ranked prospect meaning he probably goes to college so why should he now be forced to play a second year instead of being able to go pro?

stupidstupidreddit -1 points

Then if he wasn't on the NBA's radar he probably wasn't on any agent's radar either. I don't see the issue. Agents don't have an incentive to funnel players to school when they could convince them to go straight to the draft and get paid.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/atheism
DoglessDyslexic 190 points

The courts have upheld the use of the motto ostensibly because it refers to a generic deistic god without specifically endorsing a specific religion. In practice however this tends to be entirely motivated by Christians trying shove their religion down everybody else's throats, which the more they do things like this, the less they'll be able to defend it in court. Hopefully the FFRF is already submitting FOIA requests for all correspondence and discussion notes related to this bill.

stupidstupidreddit 28 points

In practice however this tends to be entirely motivated by Christians trying shove their religion down everybody else's throats,

It's primary season. Republicans all over the country are rushing shit like this, and blatantly unconstitutional anti-abortion bills, through their legislature so that primary voters know who are the real 'mericans.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
RunisLove 9 points

Full Tweet:

Whoever takes the Pittsburgh job will have another hurdle to climb. Source told ESPN Pittsburgh has just two officials visits left until Aug. 1. Kevin Stallings and his staff used 19 their first year to sign 11 guys, 3 last year to sign 2 guys. Rules are you get 24 over 2 years.

This is on top of the fact they currently have 8 players from last year's team who have requested releases from the program.

stupidstupidreddit 2 points

Some of those guys who requested a transfer might not go if they like whatever coach gets hired and if the coach likes them.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/politics
Res__Ipsa_Loquitur 19 points

The fact that he says the will help with an upcoming arms race makes that seem unlikely. He seems to be contemplating working with Russians against someone in an arms race.

stupidstupidreddit 13 points

The told him about the aliens.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
dunedog223 9 points

I agree with you

Unlike many UW fans I understand the inevitable will happen with Hopkins and Cuse but he has no reason to go to Pitt if he wants that job.

stupidstupidreddit 2 points

Pac12 is definitely a better league to try and establish himself right now as well instead of the bloodbath in the middle/lower end of the ACC.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
allezrafa 2 points

no chance they should be below cuse.

stupidstupidreddit 5 points

This sub has no clue about Syracuse player NBA success because they only know about current players (which usually means only Melo)

  • Sherman Douglas - 12 years
  • Hakim Warrick - 8 years
  • Jason Hart - 9 years
  • John Wallace - 7 Years
  • Danny Schayes - Fucking 19 years
  • Derrick Coleman - 15 years
  • Dave Bing (not a Boeheim product) - 12 years
  • Billy Owens - 11 years
  • Rony Seikaly - 11 years
  • Etan Thomas - 11 years

That's not even close to a complete list nor including active players. Wesley Johnson, Tyler Ennis, Jerami Grant, Melo, Dion Waters, are all significant contributors on their teams. And we have 4 or 5 guys still on their Rookie contracts.

allezrafa 3 points

The list of players since Melo is...well it is grim

stupidstupidreddit 0 points

What? Grant and Johnson are doing fine. Warrick was after melo. Waiters was after melo and he signed a 50 million dollar contract this year, he's just recovering form surgery. You have no clue what you're talking about. Plus the rookie prospects that no one has any idea if they'll work out or not.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/politics
savuporo 426 points

Which pretty much makes this a non-event. There are like dozens of lawsuits filed against the guy, no ?

EDIT: correction, hundreds. The count of federal lawsuits was 134 as of last May ..

EDIT2: wow. Interactive pain ..

stupidstupidreddit 49 points

This is a lawsuit being brought by D.C. and Maryland's AG's. It's not going to go away.

stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/CollegeBasketball
stupidstupidreddit 106 points

You forgot "You have to get the ball into the middle of the zone"

Critical500 33 points

Except this time it’s double... because they say that in every Duke game now too

stupidstupidreddit 3 points
stupidstupidreddit commented on a post in r/politics
Roughly126Badgers 31 points
stupidstupidreddit 6 points


CovfefeForAll 319 points

So, Ben Carson's wife is part of the deep state?

stupidstupidreddit 22 points

Have you heard Ben Carson talk, at length, about anything other than brain surgery? There is absolutely nothing deep about that man.

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