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SassyandTrashy 4 points

Bro amazon prime is free for a few months if you’re a student. You can make that connect that to twitch then you can connect your epic account to the twitch prime account then you get the skins

subhrooooo 1 point

The problem with the students offers and twitch prime is that it is all location locked to the US exclusively. We dont have anything in India. Everything is Inflated to the point where affording it is onlly possible for only those well off.

UsuallyHerAboutGames 1 point

what are you asking? Are you asking someone to get you a twitch prime skin from their amazon account?

subhrooooo 2 points

Im asking if someone could make an account for me from the US. so that I could have the skin too.

Majinkid14 2 points

I am from Costa rica and i got them skins if you are outside the US try with prime video instead of amazon prime , make sure the amazon account is set up for the country you are in

subhrooooo 1 point

Can you elaborate please man. Thanks !

buffmortisplz 3 points

Just make an amazon prime trial account

subhrooooo 1 point

Twitch prime is available only in some regions man. I tried that and failed. Thanks for the advice tho :)

WhiteMilk_ 2 points

Have you used the Amazon Prime/Prime Video free trial (= 1 month free Twitch Prime)?

subhrooooo 1 point

Yeah I tried but i guess that feature is available only in select regions. Not in india

OptimusPiss 1 point

Even if you did manage to do it you'd probably get banned from Fortnite since everything happens on their servers

subhrooooo 0 points

Yeah, i guessed so. But i got a lot of online friends who have got the skins for free and they did not get kicked So...

-CtX-Z3n0x 2 points

I think my voodoo doll is going to every funeral rn :(

subhrooooo 2 points

Lmao dude. You need to call 911

CosmicFlare54 6 points

I guess my voodoo doll is working in a law firm somewhere

subhrooooo 3 points

Im stressed af and i think some uni guy is taking me voodoo shit ass doll with himself to science school everyday fckn day

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